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How Space & Its Energies Came About

(The first part of this post is to show how Space came about, with this also given to me to me by God. but if you have read it in any of the posts on this site you can skip it to find how something had come out of nothing. However, with this particular post i suggest you start from the beginning). Thanks

When Vapour,  which is energy, should move in a specific direction, it creates a random pattern which is a form of intelligence, and this same pattern or intelligence will soon or later be destroyed by the same vapour or energy, when in its eternal flow, comes back to destroy the same random pattern or intelligence it first created. This may either be instantly, sooner or later.

Hence, the first production of intelligence was a positive action (+) and its second action of destroying its own intelligence, either sooner or later makes it negative (-). Hence, this same energy is able to have both positive and negative intelligence within it.

This makes energy an unleashed power with positive (+) and negative (-) behaviours or intelligence, thus giving it a proton (+) power, and also the power of electrons (-) to exist in it.

So, it means energy can actually create itself and destroy itself again (according to one system of understanding; and actually God told me that energy can also be created too. He is able to create and form one).

Now, the continuous cycle of producing its own intelligence and destroying its own intelligence, by enabling  the positive actions to be crossed or cancelled out by the negative action, will cause nothing to exist, and thus making the realm Null (0).

The null-ness is what creates the vacuum or void called Space,  with nothing existing in it, except vapour.

Why will Vapour fill the Space up? This is because Emptiness of Nothingness, in appearance, behaves as Vapour or vapourizing gases in an out of a realm. And so vapour is also known as Null (0) or a Void too.

Hence, the same vapour which  fills the Space, is the energy with positive and negative charges (protons and electrons (the atoms) due to its positive and negative intelligent behaviours.

So that why Energy existed in Space before Time, but as Nothing or Null-ness. That is the reason for Space (the void) still having energies and charges flowing through its realm as vapour.

In addition, the realm called Space will also have  a ‘Hole’ in it, in which nothing but only an energy of vapour will exist within it and also beyond it. And the hole will be a hole without end, or a deep hollow without an end, in the same realm.

Hence, apart from the vapourization of gases, a hole or tunnel without an end will also be a second symbol, which would indicate the emptiness and nothingness existing in the realm of nothing.

Another reason for which this hole, which would exist in Space would have no end or limit, because its end shall still be of gas (the vapourization of gases). Because gas is a penetrative material it would create unending hole in Space.

Hence, the hole will be like an endless hole (being called the black hole).

Apart this reason, the hole will be eternal, thus endless because, the hole would be filled with energy. As we know, one property of energy too is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Hence, if energy cannot be created nor destroyed, the gaseous energy which appears as vapouring gas, can’t be destroyed, and thus will cause the realm to be eternal.

This therefore explains why there is a endless hole called Black Hole in Space; later on, we shall understand why the hole will be black.

(Thus, if something should exists beyond the universe, it is nothing, and beyond the nothing is nothing as well; beyond this nothingness, will also be nothing as well).

So then, what would exist beyond the universe would be energy, that is, (the vapourization of gases), and it would be nothing, and would be endless according to its nature

So yes, the black hole is another sign of the null nature of Space, where nothing exists.

Moving Gases in Space

As Gases do not move in any particular direction, we see these gases (vapour) moving within the whole realm of Space according to its direction.

In summary, before everything came to be, this was how Space was, and had created a hole within itself, called (The Black Hole). It had been a realm with t vapour (nothingness), as result of the fact that, whatever is created, ended up being destroyed, by atomic behaviour.

Vapour created the emptiness of nothingness, and nothingness generated the empty hole called the black hole, which is is a vacuum or void in Space.


How the realms and Energies of the Realm or World Came about


When something is said to be a Realm or a World, it is understood as –an atmosphere of energies or colliding charges being static in a body or vacuum or in motion in this body or vacuum.

Therefore, Space is indeed a REALM or a WORLD too. It was and still is a physical realm or world of powerful energies and charges, thus, having positive (+) and negative (-) electrons flowing through this realm.

Source of Electromagnetic,Kinetic, Electromotive,  and other forms of Energy in the whole Universe.

So, initially, we saw how the electrons (of negative and positive charges) had come about to exist in the emptiness of Space, and to have even created Space. They were the ones which had created Space as an empty body, seen today by us.

This means, as these electrons are in continuous flow as vapour or gas throughout the realm, these electrons would create an electro-motive energy fused with kinetic energy (electron in motion energy) to be present everywhere they had flowed throughout in the universe.

Moreover, when these same electrons are in motion, they would be getting themselves sticked to each other, thus, also generating an electro-magnetic energy (The electrons-attaching to themselves – energy).

This particular important kind of energy, will as well fill the entire realm of Space. These three energies will flow together and entirely as vapourization of gases; yet this same vapour is the same emptiness of nothingness to make up ‘Space.’

Hence, the above reasons are the reasons why we have Kinetic, electromotive and electromagnetic energies (the forces which are also responsible for radiation) in Space.

Of course, these are fundamental energies flowing through the realm of Space. They had existed with Space as One before Time was separated and generated.

The power (vapour), flowing (moving: kinertic energy), in fusion or together with  the electromagnetic and electromotive energy will also flow into, out of, and also through the black hole; for this would be because, the hole was created out of the same energy, to become the sign of nothingness existing in the realm.

Hence, these energies were also the reason why Space is called a Realm or a World because of the flow (current flow) of positive and negative electrons or charges.

Thus we can have ‘Space’ to be called the Earth Realm or World.


The Sources of all other forms of Energies and their diverse Nature of Space gas

Now, the Electromagnetic, Kinetic, Electromotive Energies, being the primary Energy filling up Space, did have the properties to create other kinds of energies too, to fill up Space.

For example, electromagnetic, kinetic energy together with electromotive energy are able to create other forms of energies and forces.



  • Potential energy-when force stops an object and causes the body to rest in Space. kinetic Energy can cause a moving body to stop
  • Centripetal and centrifugal energies of Space-forces away and toward the Sun as a result of electromagnetic force fields.
  • Force of Drag and Pull-When forces move a heavenly body along through the forces of kinetic energy
  • Gravitational force (also induced by the kinetic, potential and electromagnetic energies)
  • Inertia- is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion; this includes changes to its speed, direction or state of rest. It is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant velocity. Resistance can be caused by both electromagnetic and kinetic energy
  • Sound Energy-when opposite currents collide under high speed (e.g. to generate thunder). We know that Sound Energy is caused by electromanetic and kinetic energy as well.
  •  (Radiation) These are created by Electromagnetic energy+ Gravitational Energy)-Radiation is the type of energy which radiates lights


All these energies come with force and power. A Force is created out of energy or by energy; same as Power. However, sometimes they are used interchangeably.

These 3 energies, will combine together to form all forms of energy existing within Space and Time. This is because of the intelligent behavior of atoms that keep flowing through Space.


Diverse Gas Productions

Apart from several types of energy and forces, many diverse kinds of gases would also be formed as well, according to diverse state of their energy levels per moment of time, either high or low, and also according to the nature of how the currents are balanced within them, together with other factors.

So the reason for diverse kinds of gases existing in Space is because of these same energies as well which together as vapour.

(We know that the Gases of Space are ionized, which means they contain charges). However, where did these gases of Space got these charges from?

Of course, they are from the same charges flowing through the realm together with the vapour, which in itself is gas. They have been flowing as ionized gases, throughout the realm of Space or the universe from eternity.


That was how God explained Space to me, when I met Him. God is a Scientist and indeed Chief of all Scientists.





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