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(The first part of this post is to show how Space came about, with this also given to me to me by God. but if you have read it in any of the posts on this site you can skip it to the next sub-heading). Thanks

When Vapour,  which is energy, should move in a specific direction, it creates a random pattern which is a form of intelligence, and this same pattern or intelligence will soon or later be destroyed by the same vapour or energy, when in its eternal flow, comes back to destroy the same random pattern or intelligence it first created. This may either be instantly, sooner or later.

Hence, the first production of intelligence was a positive action (+) and its second action of destroying its own intelligence, either sooner or later makes it negative (-). Hence, this same energy is able to have both positive and negative intelligence within it.

This makes energy an unleashed power with positive (+) and negative (-) behaviours or intelligence, thus giving it a proton (+) power, and also the power of electrons (-) to exist in it.

So, it means energy can actually create itself and destroy itself again (according to one system of understanding; and actually God told me that energy can also be created too. He is able to create and form one).

Now, the continuous cycle of producing its own intelligence and destroying its own intelligence, by enabling  the positive actions to be crossed or cancelled out by the negative action, will cause nothing to exist, and thus making the realm Null (0).

The null-ness is what creates the vacuum or void called Space,  with nothing existing in it, except vapour.

Why Vapour fill the Space up? This is because Emptiness of Nothingness, in appearance, behaves as Vapour or vapourizing gases in an out of a realm. And so vapour is also known as Null (0) or a Void too.

Hence, the same vapour which  fills the Space, is the energy with positive and negative charges (protons and electrons (the atoms)) due to its positive and negative intelligent behaviours.

So that why Energy existed in Space before Time, but as Nothing or Null-ness. That is the reason for Space (the void) still having energies and charges flowing through its realm as vapour.

In addition, the realm called Space will also have  a ‘Hole’ in it, in which nothing but only an energy of vapour will exist within it and also beyond it. And the hole will be a hole without end, or a deep hollow without an end, in the same realm.

Hence, apart from the vapourization of gases, a hole or tunnel without an end will also be a second symbol, which would indicate the emptiness and nothingness existing in the realm of nothing.

Another reason for which this hole, which would exist in Space would have no end or limit, because its end shall still be of gas (the vapourization of gases). Because gas is a penetrative material it would create unending hole in Space.

Hence, the hole will be like an endless hole (being called the black hole).

Apart this reason, the hole will be eternal, thus endless because, the hole would be filled with energy. As we know, one property of energy too is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Hence, if energy cannot be created nor destroyed, the gaseous energy which appears as vapouring gas, can’t be destroyed, and thus will cause the realm to be eternal.

This therefore explains why there is a endless hole called Black Hole in Space; later on, we shall understand why the hole will be black.

(Thus, if something should exists beyond the universe, it is nothing, and beyond the nothing is nothing as well; beyond this nothingness, will also be nothing as well).

So then, what would exist beyond the universe would be energy, that is, (the vapourization of gases), and it would be nothing, and would be endless according to its nature

So yes, the black hole is another sign of the null nature of Space, where nothing exists.

Moving Gases in Space

As Gases do not move in any particular direction, we see these gases (vapour) moving within the whole realm of Space according to its direction.

In summary, before everything came to be, this was how Space was, and had created a hole within itself, called (The Black Hole). It had been a realm with t vapour (nothingness), as result of the fact that, whatever is created, ended up being destroyed, by atomic behaviour.

Vapour created the emptiness of nothingness, and nothingness generated the empty hole called the black hole, which is is a vacuum or void in Space.

How the Dark Energy Matter Had Come to Existence

The reason why there is Dark Energy Matter covering Space even though there are electrical charges flowing through it, is actually because these electrical charges (+ and -) flowing through the dark matter, are not in perfect balance , so that they would create light.

So, as a result of the lack of a perfect balance between inherent charges of the energy body filling Space, darkness or dark energy matter (vapour or gas), has filled it up. In order words, for the lack of a perfect balance, the vapour or gases which fills up Space, has the Colour of Blackness or Darkness, hence, what we call a Dark Energy Matter exists, filling up Space!

As a result, the energy which fills Space’s Vacuum is rather and actually made up of Dark Gases in motion, and it has filled the whole of Space’s vacuum, from eternity. Hence, the world’s appearance or nature is still a world or realm of a dark-energy matter or Dark gases in motion, moving from one place of this eternal realm to another.

In this body or realm of dark energy are electrons, which are moving and attracting each other, hence the reason why we see Electromagnetic Energies flowing through the Dark Matter.


             This Dark Matter contains Dead Energies.

Secondly, apart from the effect of darkness covering the whole realm, there are energies of Death too in fusion with the dark energies. The reason for these dead energies is also because of lack of perfect balance between opposite charges or energies in the realm.

How do we know that? For instance; Life, as known in Biological Science Studies, comes into existence, when the opposite charges, ((x (+) and y (-) chromosomes) also join to form a perfect balance. That means that, an imperfect balance of those energies (chromosomes) creates Dead Energies.

Moreover, in the human Spirit, there are both positive (+) and negative (-) energies to give it the energy of life, because of the presence of electromotive and electromagnetic energies inside it. So in other words, apart from light, it as well takes positive (+) and negative (-) energies to generate life.

When there are no perfect balances among the inherent energies and their charges, it will constantly result in low energy levels being unleashed (which is the current nature of dark energy matter), instead of a high energy level, for the generation of both life and light energies to occupy the realm called Space.

Hence, low energies were unleashed constantly due to lack of perfect of balances in this flowing body. These low energies will thus produce death conditions in the realm of dark matter.

And actually, Low energy unleashed is what will bring the dead conditions (death), when there is imperfect balance. Low energies in any body are what bring about death to the body. For example, when a man’s physical energies are too low, he can fall die and die. That is why he has to eat to boost his physical energies to be high enough, in order for him to continue living.

Thus, the Dark Matter which occupied Space (the Void), and still occupies Space, is not only made up of only Dark Energy Gases in Motion, but is in fusion with Dead Energies as well, because of the more supply of negative energies, leading to an imperfect balance of charges and energies.

Hence, the realm had been a realm of a Dead and Dark Energy Matter, creating itself through atomic intelligence. Thus, the Energy which existed before Time (before Time had been separated with the Sun and Moons) was a Dark Energy Matter. Hence, the Dark Energy Matter, which is made up Dead-Dark Vapourising Gases filling Space, pre-existed every heavenly body which we can see in Space.

That was why the Bible told told us:


 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and DARKNESS WAS ON THE FACE of the deep.

Gen. 1:1 and 2 NKJV

                          How the Big Bang Came About

Now, because the dark energy matter is comprised of vapour or gases in Space, and so as vapour or gas, it has the ability to move, we see some movements in the dark energy matter.

Hence, as Vapour or Gas by nature, this form of matter can travel outwardly, in, out, and towards the ends of the universe; hence, we sort of see an expansion in the energy-body of this universe. This expansion, of dark matter in flow, is what is termed by us as the ‘Big Bang’

Now, this dark matter is called an ‘energy’ matter because; the matter is the same vapour energy of Space, which has created nothing, in order for it to be called Space. However, it is vapour or energy which moves. And as vapour and energy are capable of expanding, these dark matter of the universe expands as well.

That was how God explained these things to me, when I met Him, while He was showing to me a lot of things about Space and the Universe. God is also a Great Scientist and the Chief of all Scientists. To Him also be glory and honour.

Prince Akogo

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