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Overcoming Diabetes & Other Sugar Related Diseases


Overcoming Diabetes & Other Sugar Related Diseases

(Revealed By The Lord)


According to the Holy Spirit one of life we keep breaking as world is called, the ‘The Rule of Balance.’

This Law or Rule of Balance is also known as ‘The Law of Wisdom.’’ Though, there are too sides this Rule, there is only one we will be able to study now.

Now, according to the Lord, concerning what we mean by saying that man is imperfect in most of His ways, we mostly mean that most of his time, man loves to do things which are out of balance. Yet, everything beyond balance is never ever perfect and would destroy an economy! (This is not how God delivers His Economy in Heaven!)

These things pose problems to our humans lives, and have been the major cause of world problems, be it education, social, management, political, health, marriage, relationship, transportation problems, financial; name it.

The root cause of the world’s problems is that we are out of balance and have been endangering our lives with it since the world begun.

Now, on the other hand, everything well balanced, is Perfect. Now, according to the Lord, the things which are actually balanced are done in MODERATION.

That means that, anything beyond a proper balance system (that is, Moderation level) is imperfect. Thus, this will fall in either the TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE range or parameter.

On the hand, the things that are balanced are in a ‘NOT TOO HIGH/MUCH OR NOT TOO LOW/LITTLE,’ level or moderation, hence, fulfilling the Law of Balance, that is, the Knowledge or Law of Wisdom.

So how do we know that? Now let’s digest and see what happens when things are done imperfectly or two high/much or too little/low?  Let’s look at these examples:

The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels


Too Much Intake or Too Less Sugar Intake

Too much use of sugar or too less use of sugar in our foods, are not good for our human bodies. Every human being by now knows that too well. For instance, we know much sugar or excess sugar in our body is what causes Diabetes. And Diabetes will cause the decapitation of parts the human body, and it can also lead to death. Death leads to separation of family members.

Most of the time, most people who may survive this problem for even while, when trying to them, spend so much money. Huge budgets from their accounts go into this kind of problem solving, draining them.

This brings a very high cost of living to both the sufferer and the family that the sufferer belongs to. Yet it, means, all these monies, which could have been spent on something productive, are being used continually for the treatment of this type of disease, for the rest of the life of the person. That means, diabetes will drastically reduce the lifespan of a human being.

All these problems come about because the sufferers, allowed too much sugar intake in their bodies, and it was not supposed to be the issue.

Moreover, we know how Diabetic treatment becomes extremely stressful, when trying to solve or manage the condition, since according to doctors, it cannot be cured, except managed.

Nevertheless we like these too much sugary stuffs.

We like to produce and manufacture them on a daily basis; these include fizzy drinks, sweeteners, the Icing on cakes, the candies, the hot chocolates and sweetened canned foods.

Of course, we have been consuming them on a daily basis, and so doing, introduced so much sugar into our systems. These too much sugars in our lives, goes beyond moderation level, and leads to what has popularly been known as Diabetes!

What about too low sugars?

On the contrary, when we are with the habit, of us consuming too little sugars, it would result into too little Glucose or sugars in his bodies. This, on the other hand, will of course lead to a serious medical condition called Hypoglyemia, as identified by doctors.

When one is faced with Hypoglyemia, the symptoms realized in a sufferer includes frequent tiredness, general body weakness most of the time, light headaches, confusion and excessive hunger, blackouts and death, as a result of excessive loss of energy, since importantly the body needs a sizable amount of energy, given by glucose (or sugars) to perform and function perfectly, with a progressive step.

With low sugar or glucose level, which will lead to low energy-level, you are loose like loose at the ends, like a puppet. This looseness, will result into general body weakness, and at a point you may fall down and die or have an instant black out!

Moreover, the problems which are well associated to Hypoglyemia, further lead to stress-stress is a killer!


Stress alone is known to have about 250 sicknesses or diseases related to it, and stress has been the ‘silent killer’ of so many people, as shown by medical reports.


Of course, we that some of the serious known stress related problems include Heart disease. Asthma, Obesity, Headaches, Depression, further Confusion and Anxiety, Gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.


While one may not die instantly out of stress, two most common problems of stress are that, stress reduces a man’s productivity drastically due to an increased level of confusion and a psychological feeling of unhappiness and induce restlessness.

The restlessness and a psychological feeling of unhappiness will further lead to more stress, to slow down the disease hypoglyemia or Diabetes, which both come as a result of going beyond the extremes-Too much or too Little.

The above, of course, means that, you are not getting your body in a stable condition through too much or too little use of something; for the body will react against anything too much or too little for it.

Then like a chain reaction, the reduction in productivity level and restlessness are also what causes us not to achieve our goals.

To Solve This?

According to the God’s wisdom, if you want to avoid either Diabetes or Hypoglyemia, being the two known diseases at the extreme ends, then stay in the center zone, that is, the ‘ Not too much or Not too little,’’ moderation zone.

He added that, instead of using sugars, despite this sugars may be even be brown sugars, yet, in terms of a quality should go in for honey, instead. Yes, use a controlled or balanced amount honey in your meals instead.

The benefits of honey are innumerable indeed.  A pure Honey is a better medicinal property to your body and supports your body temperature, which is usually warm.

Besides, Honey is known to contain flavonoids, antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of some heart diseases and cancers, saving your energy level and your life in total.

It is important that parents give honey to their children. However, instead of parents giving sugars to their babies or children, they should rather give them pure honey.

White or refined sugars are dangerous to our health! These have been Too Refined to take out essential nutrients which are vital to the body, thus going beyond the moderate parameters.

Similarly, honey is very great for aged persons, as well as the youth and children. We know that aged persons grow weak faster, but honey will be able to save them. So they are actually supposed to be taking them. For children, apart from maintaining their health or energy levels both well balanced and perfectly, it is not going to destroy their teeth.

Taking honey, but in the right proportionate measure, will strongly support our lives, so that we all can grow old and with vitality.

Thank You!

Peace & Love To You!

Prince Akogo


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