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God’s advice to the Church: Letters to the Church (Part 3)


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The Letters from the Lord to the Church-
(The Words from the Lord). (PART 3)

The Letters from the Lord to the Church-
(The Words from the Lord).


Prince Akogo, a servant of the Living God).
To the Body, of Christ
The Elect:
Greetings to all.

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, who constantly shares with us spiritual blessings in everyplace.
To the Elect Body, which is the Church of God.

The Lord has finally Spoken:

From the 15th of September, 2017, the Lord began to minister to me words, in which He spoke to me to title as ‘LETTERS TO THE CHURCH.’
These were a set Solutions from the Lord to help the Church breathe life back into the things which are dead. Some of these solutions were in a form of instructions, while others were a form of rebukes from Him. However, the purpose is to help the Church get back on its feet. The Letter addresses various bodies of the Church, to tackle certain issues concerning the Church. I have hereby broken them into subcategories, while putting them into points, for all to be able to understand.
These were the Third Points raised, by the Lord on the ‘Letters to the Church’

To The Elect Body, once again, Peace!


The Church.

In this third letter which was personally driven towards Church Leadership, the Lord gave instructions, which is to help the Church get back on its feet;

The following, were the things raised by Him:

*On the first point raised here, the Lord had mentioned that, He expected the leaders of the church to judge their people, because as their fathers, they should have been concerned about rebuking their children as well, when they are doing things wrong, which is outside God’s Will.
The Word of God is not just theoritical. But also, has a practical manner of rebuke, for life is more practical. He said that Paul and even Christ, the Lord Himself rebuked many of the churches and His followers respectively. Paul rebuked many of the churches when they were practicing serious traditions, which were not according to the manner of His Church doctrines- like the Churches of Galatia. The Galatians were now moving from the Spirit walk, into a fleshly walk, just as we see, today. Similarly, Christ the Creator of His Church, rebuked the Apostles He walked with (the disciples), when they were behaving ‘foolishly,’ sometimes. Yet, some of the current churches are watching, as some of their members are fooling themselves. They do not knew that they have right, to rebuke them.
Apostle Paul knew, that he has to present to the Lord, a faithful Church, without blemish. And the way to do that, was to sometimes rebuke the Church. He knew, his works did not have to go down before the Lord requests for his fruits: so he knew he had to expect good fruits from his labour, by following the Master’s plan to rebuke the sheep.

Well, which teacher does not rebuke the wayward children, of his class? Which (biological) father, does not rebuke his children?
But they (some) have watched, as they have allowed as some of the traditions of the world, creeping into the church, to destroy up the virtues and standards of the Church.

This is why the Lord, The Master of the House, expected the churches, to be rebuked by their local and regional leaders, whom He had set over them. They were supposed to rebuke the people, so they don’t bring bad or evil things, into the body of Christ. Rebuke, is to deter someone from doing bad works; and rebuke, is to deter all others, from doing the same kind of bad works.Now, rebuke may be painful for now, but will be rewarding, later.

The Lord said, now, in the absence of rebuke, He the Lord had to come and do the rebuke. Remember, read the Bible carefully, that there were rebukes for all the five Church ages. The Lord does not back down on rebukes, if He had to get the work done right-because of His investments into the Church. Hence, rebukes were part of Christian leadership, and Paul and Peter had done the same.

However, the Lord said, it would be quite painful, if He should come and do it, by Himself; that is why He calls on Church leaders, to stand up by rebuking.

Rebuke them in the way they dress; and in the way they speak. Rebuke them in those Ministry, so they get up on their feet. You should rebuke them in every way that is never condoned by the Lord, before the Lord comes!
However, you must rebuke them through the way of love.

As leaders, don’t we know, that the Lord rebukes as sometimes?

And so we must rebuke, the flock, who has been won to us, by the Master. Surely, He wouldn’t like to lose any of them. We are watching over the Master’s properties, and cannot expect them to be destroyed. We must save the flock, and win back all what is lost.


*The Lord then complained a lot, about the Preaching in the Churches. He added and said that, ‘The Message, and the Ministry, is Lost.’ By this, He was referring to the Message being ‘The Cross.’ He said that the actual Message and Ministry He’s given to us, is the, ‘Message of the Cross.’ Then He added, saying that, He would prove it to me;

The Lord said, that when He started Ministry, all that He was preaching about was His death on the Cross, which was to bring Salvation to humankind, whom He has created out of His own Image, and Likeness. Also, all the books, written by the Prophets and the Teachers before Him, where about His Death and His Resurrection, which would bring salvation to mankind, to first the Jews, and then to the rest of the age: that is what He died for.

And then He added that, the books the Apostles all wrote about, were on His Death and Resurrection, together with the works and benefits of His death, and His resurrection.This were the pillars and foundations before the Church, in the day He also set the Church up, and also, amongst the first Church age.

Hence, it was the Cross, which became the center of their Message, and the Center of their lives.

‘They were not afraid of My Cross. They were neither ashamed of My Cross,’ He said.

He said that the Churches must go back to nothing, but the Cross. ‘The only way society would be changed, is for the men of God, to go back to the preaching of the gospel, which is, ‘Christ, and Him crucified,’ hence, to do what the Apostles did, which ultimately, was the joy of their lives and their Ministries, by which they caused nations to repent, and to come to the Christ.
They also never lived for this world, they lived for the cross alone, and where joyful, of its powerful salvation, which it had wrought for them, from the power of dark slavery.

It is by preaching of the Cross, that the world would become a better place again.
The Cross, will cause sinners, to find a need to change.

It is also by the Cross at which people would tremble at God’s fearful Judgment, which shall surely come to pass. It is at the Cross, they run to seek the refuge, of the coming wrath of God, after this dispensation of Grace, which its end has come.

By the cross, sinners who live a sinful life in all the societies, come to the cross to change. And this brought the revival, in their communities.

Were we not all saved by His Cross? Were we not begotten by it? Hence, it is the Cross, that would save Humanity.

The Lord had said, that in the absence of the Preaching of the Cross, sin has been drawn with a chord, by the soul of sinners, and they are dying-both physical, and spiritual deaths.
Sin, has been introduced back, into the world’s societies. Therefore, many are perishing in their societies, out of sin.
As, well, sin also causes, God to withdraw His blessings, because, sin is a reproach, to a nation-which is what the Bible says.

So, it is by the preaching of the Cross again, in our societies, that moral decadence within our communities and in our churches, with the world at large, would be changed.

It is by the preaching of it thereof, that sinners all over the world, come to bow at His name, and they receive salvation for their souls.

But for the lack of this Power Message being preached around our Churches nowadays, it has led to increase of sins, and deaths, both in the Church, and also outside His Church, because the ‘Church, where God’s Voice and Cross is, is the Light of the World,’ meaning, it is where ‘The Solution to the Church, and the World, is from.’

Hence, the very long absence of the Message of the Cross, which covers our shame, and heals our wounds, and closes down our scars, has led to the gradual opening of wounds, un-forgiveness, jealousy, covetousness, bitterness, rage, selfishness, making us lovers of ourselves more, more than lovers of all others, lovers of money, than people, and increment of diseases, as well as deaths, in the World public sector.

For lack of the preaching of the Cross in the churches, sin has crept back again into the walls of the church; which is also finally attracting God’s judgments, which means, it’s the leaders, which would suffer more, for to them, much, is committed. Christ, is coming for a Spotless Church, not a blemished One.

By the preaching of the Cross, the nations are changed.

He said that. imagine all the pastors in the world, every month, for just one year, preach on nothing but on the Cross of Jesus, together with its benefits, for just one good year, or over, our societies would come back, back into the light again;-Yes, societies would be changed, because people will fear, will put value on their lives, and would run to have their sins washed away.

He said that, the Lord’s judgment, shall definitely come; thus people, must be changed (repent). However, when He comes, He’s not coming to take sides; He’s coming to take over.

‘It is by the preaching of the Cross, that I will do Miracles. My people lived and did Miracles, because, they preached My Cross-everywhere they went.’

Even, God the Father, lived in Christ, and did His miracles, because the Cross was being preached to both the Gentiles and the Jews, by Him. So Salvation came by the Cross, and sins of people, were crucified on the Cross.

When the first Church age and their disciples were blessed to begin Ministry, they first preached the Cross, Lived the Cross, and ultimately died for the Cross. Some of them, like Peter, was crucified in an upside down position, on his cross. Paul had His head cut off, because He preached the Cross of Calvary-the Message and Center of Christ’s coming, to the Earth.

It was the Cross that brought persecutions, and they had to flee. They had no message, except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. The Preaching of the Cross, everywhere, was the center of their Messages, and hence, that became the center of their Ministries too. Thus, the Cross, was both their Message and Their Ministries, till all of them died, and till each of them won the throne, in Heaven.

They succeeded because of it. Christ, and His Cross, was where all their Church Ministrations hanged. Christ, and His Cross, is what the Church must hang around on, today. Hence, the Message of the Cross, should be the Foundation of the Church’s Message, as well as the Church’s Ministry, as Paul, Peter, and their Christ did.

Yes, these Apostles preached the Cross their entire life, in wherever else they went; until they died on weapons.

Indeed, their message was the Message of the ‘Cross,’ and the Ministry they had from He the Lord, was a preaching of the Cross of Calvary, which they lived for, throughout their lives.

The Church is not a social club, in which the people take the attention, and not Christ Jesus. A Church therefore, which has its Message, and Ministry, other than the Cross, and the Christ, is not the Church of Christ. This is what you will know, about the Churches, which belong to God, and those do not belong to God. So, we are not supposed to overly respect or celebrate people, as though they are the ones the Church belongs to, other than that, they would find themselves, taking the glory of God-which is with a much greater risk.

Remember, that the Apostles, did not consent to such glory.
Infact, they thought they could be, the base people for the world, and could lay down their lives to save the Church, and the World, altogether. Hence, to them, they had become the off-scouring of all things. They expected rubbish to be dumped on them, and not the glory, of anything.
In Ministry, we do not preach what we feel we want to preach, because we like preaching; but we will have to feel to preach only what the Lord wills for us to preach-which is the Message of the Church. In the Church, no one is celebrated, except Christ Jesus, and Him Crucified!

Then He added and said that, as a result of this sickness, many of the shepherds have abandoned their Message and the Ministry, of the Cross-they are beginning to preach something else, leading their Churches into Traditions; abnormalities, which are not of the Lord, while the souls of the people are perishing; on the way to eternal fire. Hence, their societies, have not been affected positively, in the Power of His Cross.
No wonder, the Power and Joy, the Lord gives has run low, because the due purposes or responsibility of a Church, has not been fulfilled.

Hence, the Message of the Ministry is Christ, and the Cross; nothing more, nothing less should it be, again. Everything else that must be preached, must forever and ever, hang around the Cross, and should mention it.

Today, the Cross Message is not in the Church. We must get back to it. If some pastors, have been preaching the Cross, they wouldn’t have any need to go to medicine men, to get powers to do ministry, because the Cross, has its own Powers already, being invested by God Himself, to do the works of their Ministries, in the vein the Apostles realized.

So, the Bible had said, that when Paul and the Apostles were doing Ministry, and Preaching the Cross, God was in them, and also amongsts them, doing mighty Miracles amongsts them, so amazing that, shadows, amongsts their bodies, could heal them.

Well, did not Christ say, that Signs shall by no means, be left out, amongst those who preach the message of His Cross, everywhere?

Signs and the Wonders, followed them in such abundance, which has never been seen. And joy filled their Churches, because of it. The Joy of Christ, was the only strength they had.

Well, they did not worry about the signs, but how to get more people, or to reach more people, by preaching them the Message, which is also the Ministry.

Why do some Pastors not realize this?
Unless they are preaching something else, God’s Power will not reflect (move) in both that Message, and their Ministries. Therefore, this is why some Churches collapse, and would become like a wilderness, having not power, nor joy, in a modern era.
Praise, be to the Lord.

*Regarding the false prophets, the Lord added and said, ‘Leave the tares to be, for they are fighting the Master of the wheat, not the wheat. When the day comes for the harvest, The Master of the House, shall come together with His angels, to gather the tares, which have mixed up with His wheat, and burn them!


*Tithes and Offerings:

‘Why are some people crushing the faces of My People? The tithes is for the Lord, and not for men.
Do not use My name to make money for your yourself. I require to have all that was taken by My name. They belong to me, not yours.’

This was what the Lord also said to me. And by this, He was referring to tithes and offerings, which come to the Church, which would attract judgment upon those who misuse the offering and the tithes, and the first fruits. By this, He was specifically speaking of leaders; of course, some.
God considers it as robbery, which must be duly paid back for.

Therefore, we must be careful for how we use His tithes, and offerings, which are for Him.

While rebuking the leaders, who practice such habits, we must also be diligent, in paying our tithes, and our offerings, because, they belong to the Lord; they don’t belong to us. You must see it like a reward to God, for all the things He has done for you. Hence, if the tithes, and the offerings do not come, the Lord knows.
It means, He did not get any reward from you, ever since He did that work for you.
Meaning, that the next time your problem should come, He may not rebuke the devourer for your sake. You will have to handle it yourself.

This is why, many of us are suffering, now, because we have spent the Lord’s tithes, ‘The Lord’s precious ‘Thank You’ Rewards’
And if the Lord, did not receive the tithe, and offerings that must come, just because someone stole it (whether a leader or the member), He the Lord knows.
He has a record of all things personally, because He can’t trust everybody fully.
Therefore, we must give the 10%, fully back to God, for our own sake!


*(The Worshipers who Lead The Church)

The Lord said, ‘Do not give the Church Choir to boys, young girls, or to be given to the children?’

According to the Lord, we must not give the Church choir to the youth/boys/young young girls/ or young me, but they must be for matured people in Ministry.

So, they are not for boys, girls, children and for a youthful population, in the Church. That is not ministry.

Hence, by He saying matured people in ministry, He was not also referring to, people who were 60 years of age, or people among the aged class. He was referring to, the Church Music Ministry being made for Pastors (who are matured in Ministry, whom He calls Priests).

He meant that, they must be for dedicated pastors, spirit filled, people who are prayerful, sanctified in ministry, just as the Pastor himself does. In other words, even if he or she is 5 years of age, but the Anointing of the Lord is upon the Child, and very matured in faith, he can do this work of ministry. But by no means, should the Church Leadership be given to babes-no part, of the Ministry. Therefore, all those who lead the people must be matured in Ministry and with Faith; hence, you should not judge their ministry by their physical age.

According to the Lord, many people who stand before the Lord, to minister to the people, are not spiritual, nor holy, nor are perfectly dedicated to the services of the Lord. Thus, they do the Lord’s work in slackness, affecting the fruits, the Church brings.

According to Him, their lack of maturity or perfection, is causing many in the Church to fall, also.

The Lord said ‘These people do not have what it takes, to lead My people.’

Secondly, He complained that, some of them, have begun introducing worldly lifestyle, wrong indoctrination, as well as worldly traditions, and trabalism, into the lives of the people.

He said that, ‘This has caused My People to fall.’

Importantly, the worship leaders,who lead the people and should be Holy Spirit filled, and spiritually inclined, and they must also be matured in faith, are to be priests, who were Spirit-filled, not by one of the eyes.

Concerning these leaders, they must be God’s priests, who are able to hear, from the Lord’s Spirit-concerning the songs that must be sang, at each day of service. This would encourage perfect sacrifices to the Lord, not the ones done by their flesh.

He told me, that they must not pick up songs, just from the internet or radio and then to minister before the Lord, which is just because, they need to get a song to minister on Sundays. Thus, they are to spirit filled, upon whom, God’s Spirit of Praise, and Worship, rest, just like David. Hence, all their choiristors, must be also spirit filled.

This is the standard given by the Lord, to choristers, Worship Leaders, and to choir leaders.


*He said that, likewise, the leadership of the church must not be for babes, but for leaders who knows the Will of the Lord, and who have faith, and can sacrifice.

They are, by position, priests who minister before the Lord in His Sanctuary, so they must be filled by the Holy Spirit; they must learn to walk in the Will and Counsels of the Lord.

Here, He reminded of me of the priests who were in the courts of Moses, worshiping and praising the Lord, in the Tabernacle of Ministry. They were people who knew the Law, and the Word of the Lord, from their Master
And they were people who bowed on the threshing floor of the Temple and Worshiped God. And they were not exposed by anyway.
They were dedicated to all the priestly services, who were given assignments, to parts of the work.
Hence, these priests must be pastors, Spirit filled too, who know the Word of the Lord, they also go on waiting, and are prayerful, and can rightly divide His Word of Truth. Hence, like the priests, who minister in the Choir, they must also be Spirit filled, matured in faith, and in all Spiritual matters.

He said that, we should remember that, the sons of Aaron, who ministered before the presence of the Lord, were called Priests-that means, they were called Pastors.

He added, saying, ‘They had to be Spirit filled ‘that is’ Anointed before I allowed them to minister before My Courts.’

‘They were to keep their garment clean, as well as anointed, to represent their separation from, every manner of sin, and from the Worldly structures, and systems of this World.

Also, their High Priest (Senior Pastor), was holy, and was equally anointed, and was made to wear a turban on His head, with God’s inscription, ‘Holiness to the Lord.’
Thus, this High Priest, indicating the Senior Pastor, was also to be Holy to the Lord, well dedicated to the Lord’s Service.
Thus, He had to keep, or Preserve Himself in Holiness, before the Presence of the Lord God.

‘They were wearing clean whites robes, were ministering my glory of righteous,’ He added and said.

Aaron, who was standing in for Christ, ministered as a shadow, showing the kind of leadership God wants. He was anointed, indicating that He was equally Spirit filled.
Likewise, all his servants too, were equally anointed, indicating that, they were also spirit filled, to do the Ministry. (Anointed Priests).

Thus, it is only the Greater ones in Ministry, that must serve the younger ones, not the younger ones, the Greater.

The Lord, is doing this to keep a standard, so that no manner of fleshly or ‘low class’ ministration, would retard the progress of the Church in anyway, because this is also currently, an issue, the Church is also facing.

This is why He expects matured people to be in the Ministry, occupying all Church positions, that is, ‘Everybody who must lead or, Walk on the Stage.’

Since people will not vote for immature people to lead a nation, so people must not choose, immature people to lead His stage. And as well, the Pastor, who must be Spirit filled, should lead all of them.


*To Help the flock and the Shepherd, continuously

The Lord, had also complained about ‘Waiting,’ by saying, ‘Where is the Waiting, in which they used to wait upon me?’

The Lord Himself went on many waitings, with the Apostles, teaching and training them, for His work of Ministry before He left, so He would have people, who must lead and die for the sheep.

But now, He’s realized that, today, a lot of His pastors, have also stopped going on waiting, with their shepherds, who will lead, His flock.
How would they lead, and train them, to carry the Work of His Ministry, which is also part of the work, a pastor must do?

It would have helped the leaders, to develop more, to help their entire Churches. Hence, It must never cease.
Those who often don’t come for such classes, but want to lead the Choir or the Church, are those who most of the time, are immature, carrying worldliness in their sleeves. Yes, they are not trained, nor have their swords sharpened, to work in the ministry.
Hence, they are to specially, and mostly go on waiting with the church leadership, sharpening their swords to cut well, for the Lord would be with them.
Therefore, this also helps the Church with good successors, when those in leadership have left. It would also help the Message and the Ministry, strong, and stable, so that the Ministers wouldn’t lose the flock, nor their shepherds.
Possibly, a good shuffling of Church leaders would do, while we wait to train those whom according to prayer, the Lord has chosen.

‘As I told Aaron, never would I never pardon them again, if their nakedness should be exposed before Me’-this is what He said.

This is why earlier on, He said the Choir must not be babes in Christ, but for Matured Ministers in Ministry, irrespective of their age. We should take caution, from Eli, and his children, who were priests who had ministered before God’s Courts, but they were ministered with death, because God’s altar, was polluted by them.
We know that, Christ, our advocate has been making intercessions for all sins, but that doesn’t mean it would last, because, the Father, is as well not getting perfect worship and sacrifices all the time.
Hence, He must rebuke us, of that.

The Lord had given me 3 dreams, in which we’re to be careful, or He may come and rebuke us, as His people.

Hence, we must take the Lord’s instructions to correct them.

Also, these instructions are for us to come, into repentance, so that we breathe life back into the things that are dead.

Of course: we do not say everybody is practicing any of these sins, and so to those who know their strength should keep strengthening it, and to those who also know they fall short in some measures, should also give it a boost, according to the Lord’s instructions.

Hence, these are for us to strengthen the leadership in  the Church, as we also get His Message and His Ministry right back on track to change back the societies.

Pastors, and their Wives:
Pastors must not treat their wives any how in Public,
This how the Lord God stated that they should behave in public, as well as all married couples.
I wrote it part 1, and I have copied and brought it here, because this has the same standards.

*A woman (a pastor’s wife in this case) must not talk in public if she knows that her words, are going to provoke her husband (the Senior Pastor). She should wait when they have reached home, then she can talk with her husband, so that nobody hears whatever transpired between them. You must not make people know about your troubles or your private/personal issues, as a family or Church leaders.

*Similarly, if a man should notice (the Senior Pastor) that his words, are very harsh towards his wife, and he notices they are beginning to provoke her in public, he must stop , so that she does not become provoked, in public; but he should wait, when they they are in secret, then he can bring the matter up, and with a true consensus building, they must thrush this issue out.

He ordered, that by no means must a personal, or home made problem be brought into the church, or into the public; because, it is not for the public, or any for any of the Lord’s members to know.

*Secondly, in everything, there must be a consensus building, between the husband and his wife, concerning the things they must discuss. However, the man is the head of the house. Yet despite the fact that he is the head of the house, He must love his wife; just as He Himself, by laying down his life too for her, as the Lord showed us, in example.

They must respect and love the wife of their youth. The Lord God says that He hates divorce, in marriage. The Pastors and the Leaders, must solve all marriage problems within their homes.

The Lord also said that His People have Devalued His Word. The Lord Emphatically said to me, ‘My People, have Devalued My Word.’ He said this with a little bit of offence.

The Lord said to me that, all the answers of life, are in the Word, and we should not give our lives backs to His Word. The world where we go is not His Word.

I was surprised when the Lord, to prove before me, that the answers are in His word, opened my eyes to see, that there is Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Astronomy, Economics, Politics, Government, Geography, as Well as Business, and all the Courses that we study in school, in His Word-which is the Bible.
I was surprised. These things have never been told us!

So, then I have written much on Space Science, Governance, Economics, Geology and Geography, and Psychology, with His Word, or by the use of the Bible only, on this site!(See, more at our Homepage). There I understood what He was saying! The Solution is in the Bible; its in the word of God. Believe you me, all the courses we study in class, are in the Bible, with a much indepth knowledge-its not in man.
So, seriously, in the world where we are go, there is no solution.


*This was the last point raised for the Church leadership, and it was for how the Church must handle prostitutes.

If there is a prostitute in the Church, they should bring her to the Church, and to ask her whether she would want to go back into her prostitution or go in for God. If she chooses to go in for her prostitution, then let her go, but if she chooses to be with God, then she must stop all her adulterous behaviors, which she is committing before her God, the entire husband of the Church.
She must stop all her adulterous and promiscuous behavior, and then, she should be brought back to the Church.

Now, to Him be the Glory and Honour.

‘He who has an ear to hear, should hear what the Spirit of the Lord, is saying,’ says the Holy Ghost.

Letters to the Church (End of Part 3)

To the Elect before Him. Grace and Peace.

To Read the Part 1 and the Part 2 ‘letters to the Church,’ please click here.

Thank You.

Prince Akogo

(A servant of the Living God).

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