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The Lord on our Marriages: Letters to the Church (Part 1)

On Marriage and Relationships


The ‘Letters to the Church’
The Words from the Lord-PART 1


Prince Akogo, a servant of the Lord
To the Body, of Christ
The Elect:
Greetings to all.
Thanks be to our Lord Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, who constantly shares with us spiritual blessings in everyplace.
To the Elect Body, which is the Church of God.

The Lord has finally Spoken:

From the 15th of September, 2017, the Lord began to minister to me words, in which He spoke to me to title as ‘LETTERS TO THE CHURCH.’
These were a set Solutions from the Lord to help the Church breathe life back into the things which are dead. Some of these solutions were in a form of instructions, while others were a form of rebukes from Him. However, the purpose is to help the Church get back on its feet. The Letter addresses various bodies of the Church, to tackle certain issues concerning the Church. I have hereby broken them into subcategories, while putting them into points, for all to be able to understand.

This is the first letter to address the issues, affecting our marriages, in the Church, while the others follow, addressing other various issues of the Church as well.
The following, are the points He raised.

To Marriage, and the Family-From the Lord

*A woman must not talk in public if she knows that her words are going to provoke her husband. She should wait when they are going home, then she can talk with her husband, so that nobody hears whatever transpired between them. You must not make people know about your troubles or your private/personal issues.

*Similarly, if a man should notice that his words, are very harsh towards the wife, and he notices, they are beginning to provoke her, he must not speak , to let her be provoked in public, but he should also wait, when they are there in secret, then he can bring up the matter, and with consensus building, they must thrush the issue out. He ordered, that by no means, should a personal, or home problem be brought in the church, or in any away of the public; it is not for the public, or the people of the Lord to know.

*Secondly, in everything, there must be consensus building between the husband and his wife, concerning the things they discuss. However, the man is, the head of the house. Yet despite the fact that he is the head of the house, He must love his wife; as Himself, laying down His life for her, as Christ did, for him.

*And for all quarrels, offences, and problems, that will accrue in the marriage:
for example, If a woman realizes that her husband is doing something against the house, or against her wife, which she does not like, she should come to the Lord, her maker and pray to Him. Now, when the Lord looks at the matter, and realizes that it is true, He shall speak to her husband, on behalf of the woman, and this will be in many ways in which the Lord shall do so. The motive of the speaking is for the man to consider what he has been doing towards his beloved wife. If the Lord has explained things to him, and then realizes that surely, he has done something wrong against his household, or wife, and then should repent, then the Lord shall forgive him; then he shall go back to his wife, to make amends with her, so that there shall be peace, and no quarrels in the marriage.

But after the Lord has risen up to speak with him severally, and for some number of days concerning his behavior, yet, he refuses to repent, then the Lord shall also come against him, and punish him severely, and this shall be, on two accounts:

1. For disobedience to the voice of God, because, its an offence to God to disobey God’s voice ( as Israel sinned, by disobeying God’s voice, on a constant basis, and the Lord rose up and punished them).
Also, for doing something harmful, or saying something harmful or bad to his wife which has, offended her so much.

*On the contrary, if the man also realizes that his wife has done something wrong against him, and it has offended him so much, yet she has refused to repent from her sins, he must seek the Lord, the giver of wife, by calling upon the name of the Lord. And if in that action, when the Lord also realizes, that surely, the woman has done something wrong, or said something wrong, against her house, or against her husband, the Lord shall speak to the woman, in many ways, which also, the Lord has many ways to do so. If she hears the Lord’s voice, and is made to understand, that she went too far, then the lord shall forgive her. If she also returns, and make amends with her house, or her husband whom she stays with, it shall be given her. However, if she refuses, the Lord shall punish her, on the same two accounts.

‘I am their father, and I will solve their problems, because they did the marriage in my name.’ This was what the Lord said to me.

Now, here comes the warning: both of them, must never take the law in their own hands!

In case he does, and he takes the Law into his hands, and in the course of the quarrel, he stubs, or kills his wife in that process, the Lord will come against him, and would require the Blood of his wife, from his husband. He said, ‘It shall be in the same way I required the Blood of Abel, from Cain’s hands, and therefore, I had punished him for his sins.’

*Similarly, if she did not also obey my voice, yet, in the course of the quarrel, she stubs, or kills her husband in like manner, then the Lord shall come up against her, to require the blood of her husband from her hands. It shall also be like in the day of Cain, and Abel.
This was because,

They did not consult me, to call upon me, to solve the problem.
They took the law, in their own hands, and therefore, hurt on another in that process. As their God, am supposed to require for their blood.
He or she, shall be punished for the offence.

But importantly, and in every matter, there must be consensus building, and peace must prevail.

So, the Lord will come into all marriages as a third party, in their marriages.


*Secondly, if a woman has an issue with her in-laws, it is required from the Lord that, she seeks the Lord, concerning the matter in prayer. And when the Lord considers the matter to be right, He would speak to her in-law, in many ways that He is able to also speak to people. If they repent, He shall forgive them, but if not He shall punish them, because, the Lord considers the matter right, and they did not hear the Voice of the Lord.
They have also not repented from all that they have been doing against her, which has gone on for years.

Similarly, if the man also has issues with her in-law, he should also likewise, speak to the Lord, for the Lord to speak on his behalf. When the Lord considers the matter, and knows he is right in that matter, likewise, He shall also speak with them for them to repent, and to change from their ways, or He may come up against them, for not obeying the Lord’s commandments. This is because, all Marriages constructed before God, in which God comes in as a third party amongst men, first belongs to God, for the Father’s assignments, not for in-laws.

*Similarly, if also, in-laws have any issue against their son or daughter in-laws, and offered them sound advice, but they did refuse, they should hand it over, to the Lord, the third chord amongst son in-laws, and the daughter in-laws. Also, when the Lord considers the matter, and knows that they are right, they shall also be dealt with in like manner. The Lord of the House shall speak to them. Now, if their son in-law or daughter in-law should consider his or her way afterwards, and should repent, they must forgive him, or her.
When they refuse the Lord’s voice, after some time, the Lord shall come after them, for disobedience to His voice, and for disobeying to an elders voice. The Lord shall come after them.

In laws, who are likewise son in-laws and daughter in-laws to someone else, must also love their son in-laws, and their daughters in-laws. All marriages belongs to the Lord, not theirs.
In-laws are not first third parties, first their God, is their third parties.
However, they are to pick these children up, and love them just as themselves, and as their sons or daughters, and by all time, seeking the progress of this marriage, just as they do have.
Therefore, whoever should take the law into his own hands, but does not consider his way, and what the Lord considers right, He shall be punished by the Lord because the Lord hates DIVORCE.


*According to the Lord, if a man sleeps with more than one wife, ‘ Then in the last day, He shall ask you this question, ‘ Which of the women, did you present to Me as wife?’

Similarly, if a woman, sleeps with other men, aside her husband, then the Lord shall ask her too, in the last, day, ‘Which of them, have you presented to Me, as husband?’
Whatever they did for all those other women, or all those other men too, are not recorded in Heaven in the works of marriage.
And so, there shall be punishment, for all manner of sexual sins, which the Lord considers as sinful before Him.

*According to the Lord, the average Christian wedding, must not have too many people so that so much money, or resources, would be wasted.
The Lord said, it should be about 30 people in which there must the relevant people must be there.
For instance, how can we have weddings, and the father and the mother of the bride and the bridegroom, are not there, nor a pastor of the Church?

Thus, He meant that, we should not bring in too may extended family members to the Wedding, nor too many of friends who don’t play any important role in the Wedding. If possible, and you can reduce it, do it, but the average people who matter, must be there. The marriage is for the Glory of God, not about the average money you should spend.

The Lord also said to us that, the marriages conducted today, are like ‘Vulture Marriages’ before him. These marriages do not bring Glory to Him; because the daughters of Zion are not being virgins, before taken to the altar. Neither, are the men staying virgins, before taking the women’s to the Altar. Hence, the Lord called the ‘Vulture Marriages.’
According to Him, the pulpit and stage represent His Throne. In other words, they are the symbols of God’s Throne. Therefore, they represent God’s glory.

*According to Him, some of the marriages also do not bring Him glory, because, even though He had said that, if a man finds a wife, He’s found a Good Thing, they are not finding the rib, He alone can give to them.
Now, what that means is, Adam had his own rib removed and was used to create a woman for him.

He said, it was
God who removed the rib.
And Created the Woman
Then thirdly, it was God who brought her to him.
He did not choose the woman by himself-in the Church!

So All this must reflect, in the woman in whom a man must marry. Thus, we should not choose the woman like worldly people do.
Now, for lack of prayer to Him, many, and many, do not get their correct spouse (which is their rib); But the Father, who gives the best rib, has been also waiting!

*Thus, this is also why, many marriages FAIL; then you hear them say, ‘We were meant to be with each other’’ ‘Fool.’

How can you say ‘We are not meant to be with each other?’’
It means, you had no idea, of the right rib.
It means, you are not the good Searcher, and so she whom you chose, didn’t connect to your rib, or he was not the rib, you connected with. O, foolish man. Do you think marriage is for Children?- When it must be for the Glory of God?

Then the Lord added and said, ‘The Price of Divorce must be paid at the end, when it is time for the Judgment, since the marriage did not bring any Glory to God.’

Then the Lord said, ‘I hate Divorce.’

All this has happened because, you are not the good Searcher; but the Lord God, is the Good Searcher. Then the Spirit of the Lord added again, by saying that, when we sleep with people we are not meant to, we shall equally give an account, of it.

It means that, you are not supposed to be in marriage and be fooled, like that.

Hence, we are supposed to chose someone God by Himself, has chosen for us, not what we by ourselves, consider as husband and wife.

Good wives, and husbands, come from the Lord; not by human perspective. There are many mistakes we make us men.
Surely, how can you truly know that amongst the billions of men’s ribs, this is the right true one for you?

Was it by the looks? Others, also have beautiful looks. Or by their monies?

They are clouded motives. For God, has also given to other men the same-perhaps, more. These are our selfish motives.
Hence, these do not fit the standards.
Adam found a wife, a good one, because God was the one who brought her to him. He had not gone looking for her by himself; He could make great mistakes.
Yet, for lack of prayer, we do these things, waiting for God to bless those we bring to him.


*Then He added that, If a man brings a woman from the world before Him, it is not legally binding before Him.
He will by no means consider this marriage legal. And that means whatever happens to them, God cannot forbid. Also, the opposite is also true.

But, this is different when they were married, before one of them did repent, and became a Christian. In that case, this is different; And the statement of Paul will apply here…

If a Christian man has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to continue living with him, he must not leave her.

And if a Christian woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to continue living with her, she must not leave him.

For the Christian wife brings holiness to her marriage, and the Christian husband brings holiness to his marriage. Otherwise, your children would not be holy, but now they are holy.

(But if the husband or wife who isn’t a believer insists on leaving, let them go. In such cases the Christian husband or wife is no longer bound to the other, for God has called you to live in peace.)

1 Cor. 7:12-15 NLT

*A woman, must not marry a man, whom He is spiritually older, or matured than. This is why He expected His men to first come to Him and to know Him, just as in the day of Moses, when men where coming to Him, mostly every 3 times in a year. He had dealt with them first, and they had dwelt with their homes, according to the directives of the Lord. All this is because, a home is a spiritual place, which must be governed by a wise man, a wise spiritual person, who walks in the council, and ordinances, of the God of His Home-as in the Day of Adam. Hence, the home is a spiritual place, and a spiritual father, must rule it, even just as He commanded His servant, Abraham. Hence, the Lord said about Abraham;

For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just, so that the LORD will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.” Gen. 18:19 NIV


This was exactly what the Lord expected, from all families, exactly, as He spoke to Abraham. Anything apart from this, is not legally binding before God. Now, what He means by ‘not legally binding before Him,’ it is not accepted before Him.

*In addition, God added, that the relationship among the youth are not legally binding before His presence, since the couples are not married before Him, because they are having affairs which are to be reserved for the legally married couples. Therefore, their knot is 2, without God, who should be there to make it 3.

The Lord added and said; ‘My Covenant will not bind such marriages.’ The bed, which is under such condition is defiled. The Lord explained and said; ‘It is like a woman (a whore), who has been picked on the streets by a man, and without a legal marital contract, just goes for her and sleeps with her, and when he’s done, he leaves her alone. ‘Marriages ’ conducted under such conditions, are outside the Will of the Lord, and are also punishable by God, the Father.’

Yet, if the marriage is legally binding, then know that the people are not 2, but 3, with the Father inclusive-and they, are His children. And so what happens is that, the Father, comes in to support them, anytime they have a problem. He would solve any case they have.

However, when you are not married, and you do the things, you have not been commanded to do as a Christian, then these shall be the stand in which you shall stand.
– In any trouble which these non-legally binding ‘couples’ shall find themselves, He shall not be there. His presence shall not be there, for He is not in the knot.

-If a man kills the wife in the event of a heated argument or quarrel, or by beating her up, He the Lord, shall not have any defence for the wife or for the young lad.
On the other hand, if the wife, kills him in the heated argument, or through the quarrel, He the Lord, shall have no defence for the man or male child.
However, when a person kills another under such whole conditions, there are three sins they have committed. They have committed the sin of Fornication, Sexual Immorality, and Murder, even before the Lord. They are offence before the Lord.

Moreover, His protection would not be there in any trouble they may find themselves, be it

Marital Issues.
Any Abuse (be it physical, emotional or psychological)
Direct/Verbal Assaults
Problems of Childhood.
Child Control
Parental Issues or external Issues
or any more

These are only physical states, but, spiritual states have not yet been spoken. Through the sins they’ve committed, they have exposed themselves to attacks, which might happen to them, wherever they may live in. All these, are because, they did not obey the Lord’s commands, and so they shall bear their own grudges.

Then the Lord added and said that, though sometimes, He goes out to protect them, because of His mercy, however such protections will not last.
In such cases, the protection is not based on what they did in the ‘marriage,’ but its because of His mercy.
Even the devils know about it, and would like to fight God on it.
Now, the Lord warned, and said that, ‘there are no girlfriends/boyfriends relationship-the term we’ve been using), accepted in the House of the Lord. These relationships, are not legally binding before Him (the Father). That is why God, does not give it such full protection, and also full blessings, hence, a reason for the current economic suffering, in the midst of such people.

Hence, the Lord said, that they (parents) should advice their children, not to do these, for their own sake.
These were standards for the early Church.

Finally, the Lord added and said,

‘He who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit, of the Lord is saying.’


Letters to the Church-End of Part 1

(For the Part 2 of the ‘Letters to the Church,’ please, Click here).

Prince Akogo,
(A servant of the Living God).


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