The Origin Of Hell: The Scientific Reasons Why Hell Exists As A Place Of Spiritual Death & Darkness


The Origin Of Hell: The Scientific Reasons Why Hell Exists As A Place Of Spiritual Death & Darkness


At the beginning of God, there was a Spiritual Energy World or Realm and this realm was the only realm that existed. There was not a physical realm. There was no sun, moon, dark matter, no solar system, no stars, no man, nor animal, nor clouds. Nothing physical was in existence.


How the Energy-Spiritual world or realm existed before the Universe

An energy realm existed before time begun, because according to science, energy can never be created nor destroyed. If energy can never be created it means energy always exists naturally.

However, when we say something is a realm or a world we mean –an atmosphere of energies or colliding charges being static or in motion in a body or vacuum.

So the titles ‘REALM’ and ‘WORLD’ are qualifications of the same thing. They are both atmospheres of great release of powerful energies, made up of atoms (i.e. positive (+) and negative electrons (-)).

Hence like the physical realm, the Spiritual realm too where life actually originated, is equally a charged realm of powerful energies, having positive (+) and negative (-) electrons, flowing on, within them.


What is the Evidence of the Existence of Energies, and Charges, In The Supernatural or In This Spirit Realm?

Now, what is the ”Proof,” that there were energies and charges in the eternal realm or in the spiritual realm too, just as we have on the Earth?

The Lord (the Holy Spirit) who revealed these things to me through the years of divine encounters said to me that this can be proven by Science.

He said that, if I should check, scientists have found out that our human spirits (the human spirit and soul) contain electro-magnetic energies and these electro-magnetic energies are made up of positive and negative charges (+ and -).

Now, if the human spirit which is a spiritual ‘body’ has these charges, then the Spirit realm it had come from (which is, out of God’s bosom), has or had these charges as well.

The Bible says, God breathed Man (Man’s Soul or Spirit) into a clayey body. ( Therefore, the Soul and Spirit of man were from a living God who’s a Spirit living in the Spirit realm). Hence, the Spirit realm, from which the soul and spirit of man had come from has charges as well, because we’ve noticed strong electromagnetic charges (of positive and negative charges), from it’s soul and spirit.

Meaning, God Himself is a Charged Being or an Energy Body. (In fact, that’s why God Himself ‘A God,’ which in esoteric language means a ‘A Supernatural Power, Energy, or Force)-meaning that, He the Living God, has Charges or Energies!

Hence, there are both supernatural charges from where man’s soul and man’s spirit came out from, which is what Scientists have found.

Yes, so all over the Spirit realm it’s indeed true that there are spiritual or ‘Supernatural’ Energies or Charges (+ and -), such as we have in the Physical World (Realm) too.

So did the Holy Spirit had to explain this to our human or logical minds.


Two types of Energies Existed In The Eternal, Or Spirit Realm

Now, according to the Spirit, two types of energies that existed in this Spirit realm were/are electromagnetic and electromotive energies, exactly like those we see here in the earth realm-a realm above hell. Thus, the Spirit realm too was also or is also a charged realm.

Yet, though the Spirit realm was and still a charged realm, these energies, forces or powers were of spiritual or supernatural nature because they don’t exist in this realm.

Other characteristics of the Spiritual Realm:

Moreover, apart from this energy-characteristic of the Spirit Realm, this Spirit-Realm before Time had other characteristics as well.

Now, according to the Holy Spirit, below were and are some of the characteristics the Spirit realm was made of. Hence, apart from a world of Supernatural Energies,

  1. It was a long vacuum that was Empty. (So it was a void/ vacuum/ a Space): Now, that was because, Emptiness of Nothingness, by appears, is like a long hollow region of thin vapour in which nothing exists or fills it up.

Hence, though there was Energy in the realm, the Energy-realm was a hollow region, and the colour, or the appearance of this energy-hollow region was a region of blackness of darkness, just exactly like how Space, was before it was filled up with something by the Lord.

Thus, we can say that it was full of Dark Energies.

Actually, the realm of Hell today is an Energy Realm of Dark Energy Matter; yet not in the Physical Realm but in the Spirit-realm, somewhere below the nothingness, which is below this Earth.

2) Secondly, the darkness was not just darkness, but this darkness was made up of gases or thin vapour which was flowing in the realm, but not to any particular direction.

Also, the reason for this particular nature of dark gases of the realm, was because of the thin vapour,  while thin vapour is also a Second Symbol of a Realm of Emptiness of Nothingness. (Emptiness of Nothingness, was also as Thin vapour of the hollow region, flowing in and out of the Hollow Region or Space Region, of that Realm.

3) Thirdly, there was Death Energies (Energies of Death) in the Spirit realm, fused together with the dark energies (the Dark Energy Gases), of this Hollow or Space Region, of this realm!

Now, how is that so?

Let us find out more as we read on.

Providing Scientific Reasons Why Energies of Darkness and Death Pre-existed in the Spirit Realm Before Time & Space

The Holy Spirit provided reasons why this was so and He had said that just like on earth, these are also based on Scientific reasons; hence, by explanation, we will know why dead energies and dark energies were existing in that hollow (empty) regions of the realms!

So, now, let us, find out how, an ‘Energy of Darkness,’ got into that pre-existing realm, in the first place~

Scientific Reasons why it was/is Darkness

Now, because it is a realm, and we said that, a realm is a vacuum, in which energies or charges flow through, it means that there were also charges (negative(-) and positive(+) which were fused together or were in flow in and out that realm!

So then, though the realm carried electrical charges, which were both positive (+) and negative charges (-), they could not also produce light.

This unveils that, the simple reason for the absence of light in the realm lied in the fact that the inherent opposite charges or (+ and – ) were not in Perfect Balance, which was the reason why, though these were qualities for the generation of light in that realm, they could not come together to generate light, for the realm!

Thus, If the positive and negative charges were in perfect balance, Spiritual light energy would have been created in these dark energy gases of this Hollow region, since it takes these same positive and negative charges/electrons to generate light in a given realm, in any given Space or Vacuum.

Therefore, this darkness of the ‘Gas Pit’ prevailed since Eternity before Time had originated.

Why Death, was also in the Realm, in fusion with this Darkness.

We also said that there were dead-energies there, infused with the darkness, or infused with the dark vapourizing gases, in that empty or hollow region!

How was that so?

This was due to the Low Energy Nature of the Place. Therefore, the low energy level was and is the reason for ‘Death (Death Conditions) present in this place.

We can explain this with Science as well;

For instance, in science, we know that conditions of death come about when there are very low-energy levels flowing in a given body, and as well, when the inherent charges (e.g x and y chromosomes) are not perfectly in balance.

When our human physical energies are too low out of too much starvation or fasting, we could down and die. Thus, death comes about because our energies are too low.

Hence, the importance of eating and drinking water when we are thirsty, are for us to boost our energies high, so that we can strengthen our muscles to live on, and then not faint.

Thus, the energies of the realm were or are very low indeed. And also,  it was because, the charges are not also in perfect balance for reactions to be present; and so, it resulted in energies of both death and dark conditions of the Spirit-realm.

Hence, in this Hollow Region, or the Empty Pit, are not only Dark gases but Dead Dark Gases.


 Why there was Spiritual Gas Energy there

We said that the realm of gases was as a result of the fact that Emptiness of Nothingness exists there; Emptiness of Nothingness, by appearance will be like gases vapourizing in and out of any given space!

These Gases there are inflammable and are then turned into fires of hell, by forces of Darkness! In it are souls of women, men of both children and adults who are crying in that hollow or eternal place; There, there is weeping and gnashing of teeth going there forever in that pit of darkness, and death! (As a result of their sins and their conditions of spiritual-death energies-called sin-in them, they are also cast there).

And in fact, the word ‘Spirit’ is also the word Gas too. In addition, as it is a characteristic of gases or vapour, that they do not move to any specific direction but fill up the volume of the Space they flow into, so the Spirit world was and is filled with nothing, but those Dead-Dark Gases, of the Realm!

Hence, the lack of a perfect balance among the inherent charges led to a low-energy level being unleashed throughout this realm, in order to produce dead-dark Gases of a Hollow Spiritual Body, or Pit.

The Names the Bible Calls the State of this Spirit Realm Which Was Existing before Time.

If you should look at the above characteristics which existed in the realm before Time, compared to what the Bible actually says Hell is, you will know that they are the same thing!

Now, according to the Bible, Hell first and foremost,

  1. Is a place in the Spirit realm (Thus, a Spiritual Energy Realm).
  2. It is a realm/space in which there are absolute vanities-according to the Bible-(the emptiness of nothingness).( And we’ve explained how these vanities or the emptiness of nothingness came about!)

Thus, the titles ‘Emptiness and Nothingness’ are two titles that mean ‘the place of the vanity of vanities.’ Hell, as we know, or according to the Bible, is the place of Vanities upon vanity-and there’s nothing good there, to write home about!

In other words, there will not be any inheritance from the Lord, to all the souls who find themselves there-thus, they’ll have Nothing!

  1. Now, according to the Bible it’s also called the Realm/Place of Spiritual Darkness, (or is called the kingdom of everlasting darkness)(And we’ve explained how the Darkness came up there-through Science).

And there is no light there, (hence there is no heavenly light seen in there-in which we’ve also explained why these heavenly lights, are not found there!)

  1. It is also called the Realm/Space/environment of Spiritually Death (thus there is the absence of Spiritual-Life energies in hell)
  2. So it is a spiritually dark and dead pit or realm or world/vacuum/Space. The vacuum or the tunnel of this outer darkness is what is actually called The Deep Pit, Pit of Hell or the Bottomless Pit!

What is the meaning of the ‘Bottomless Pit?’

Now, according to the Lord, Hell’s end, (which is, the end of its tunnel) is always described by the Bible as a B-O-T-T-O-M-L-E-S-S Pit; and this is because its end is full of vapour/gases and so there are no solid to shield its end.

We know that gases are not solids or opaque objects, so they can be penetrated through. Hence, Hell’s end does not have an enclosure. Thus, Hell’s tunnel (void or tunnel) goes so deep down without an end.

That is why the Pit is called the Deep Pit (Void/Vacuum/Space). It is a world with no limit or without an end. Thus the spiritual energies of darkness and death will forever fill its tunnel region, from eternity to eternity.


Why He chose the Name ‘Hell’ for this Place.

We are told that in Hell, there are intense weeping and gnashing of teeth from the souls of human beings who had found themselves there, because of their sins or disobedience to the instructions of God.

Now, according to the Lord this place called ‘Hell’ was given the name ‘Hell’ by Him, because the place or ‘the realm,’ has several bad or negative (thus hellish) conditions against the ‘energies’ of your soul!

The word Hell means,

‘Bad or negative conditions’

Today, we often use that term a lot, especially when we are going through some very serious troubling conditions or situations.

Now, If someone says, ‘I am going through hell,’ he means, he is going through bad or negative or some ‘hellish’ conditions.

Now, let’s see how God Himself described this Place when He was talking about it in several places, of the Bible


They will bring you DOWN TO THE PIT, and you will die (A Spiritual Death) in the heart of the sea, PIERCED WITH MANY WOUNDS (Bad, or Negative Conditions)

Ezek. 28:8 NLT

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of THE BOTTOMLESS PIT and a great chain in his hand.

Rev. 20:1 and 2 KJV


…Throw this useless servant (useless/vain human beings) into OUTER DARKNESS, WHERE THERE WILL BE WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH

(A series of Hellish Conditions, seen here)

Matt. 25:30 NLT

So, you see that throughout the scriptures mentioned above, we are told or informed about the grave conditions of this place in which our going there or not, would be determined by great sacrifices; whether to live in acts that would lead us there or in acts that would not lead us into that place of pain!

It is a place of pain, but there are no pain killers, like we have here, as God had also warned men of!

So, are we willing to make the sacrifices to escape that dead-dark pit of hell, despite our odd situations here?

So, Why did God Choose the Name ‘Hell?’

The sort of ordeal, which people go through there, is what has made the Lord call it, ‘Hell,’ which means, ‘Negative, Bad, or Uncomfortable Conditions.’ As you can see, the people who find themselves there find themselves in excruciating pain, because there is

  1. No life there
  2. And there is also no sight of light there
  3. In that realm of the emptiness of nothingness, is the region, where nothing or emptiness exists!

We know that the devils have taken advantage of the gaseous nature of this place to make fires of the hollow region, or the pit with such inflammable gases, to burn up vain souls of men!

(This is actually why God is preventing us from going there-He made Christ His Son go there for us so that we will never go there, to be with the devil!)

We know that, by the Adamic sin, we were all destined to go to this vain or empty place, because the fruit Adam ate contained energies of that place-the vain energies of sin.

And so, unfortunately, Adam also had us all (the whole world inside of him) before eating this forbidden fruit! Perhaps, if he had given birth to children of righteousness before eating this forbidden fruit, we as his children (that is, the world) wouldn’t have been affected at all!

Unfortunately, He ate the fruit before he started giving birth to children, so then passed on the characteristics of the vain life (sin), into men!

On the other hand, the Holy Spirit explained to me, that while Hell has a place of ‘hellish conditions,’ God had made a place of positive conditions called ‘Heaven,’ which is where God is now-the direct opposite of Eternal Life and Life-the place or region or the realm, where God and the charges are well balanced!

Therefore, He explained that ‘Heaven’ has an opposite meaning which means,

‘A Place of fine Conditions’

Now-why is God telling us, to go to Heaven?

Well, unless, He loves us and desires to save our souls!

And He truly does, because He’s called His name and nature ‘Love’ and ”Salvation-” Jesus!

The Lord has a great knowledge of this place and He’s telling us to escape, by accepting Christ as our Lord and Personal Saviour, and never turning our backs to go follow the paths of vanity, into that empty dark pit of hell!

Therefore, anytime the souls of men sin, they’re threading on the path slowly to the place of hell!

To be frank-It’s not that He’s the one punishing us to go there but we are the ones who don’t love ourselves enough, as He’ll do, to advice ourselves not to go there!

Therefore, if Satan is fighting hard and wants you and I to go to Hell then He really knows what He wants you and I to go there to experience, by causing us to take God and His Words for granted!

Often, we rather walk on as fools and blinded-but seeming to be smart and wise with a vain life-but, in the end, will foolishly lead our souls to hell! In short, we simply give ourselves away on a silver platter to the devil-as how Esau succeeded in losing his birth right, just through a pot of food!

Moreover, if God as well as Jesus is forcing you to go to Heaven, then you know by love, what they’re trying to tell you to go and experience there!

With the balls placed in our courts of our wishes, we should chose where we would want to go in the realms; for after all God knows that, we’re all old enough to take personal decisions for ourselves!

Hence, the first and foremost reason why Christ has been calling you and me is not actually for you to come to God and serve, but first, for you to be informed and to get your soul to escape from this Eternal Realm of Darkness, through ‘Self-Counselling.’

Yet, know that it would take the life of Christ before you can come out of that place since He’s the One who died for you to replace you from forever going to Hell!

Yes-we already know why the Thief called the Devil is doing this; because He hates you and He hates God! He’ll come with an Anti-Christ to oppose all who loves God, and wants to go to Heaven-

Hence, that is why these ‘devils’ would give everything for your soul so that you don’t end escaping the dark realm!

This is why they’ll keep on blinding men and will as much, give you the whole world, to win that priceless soul, to find himself in hell!

Honestly, when we’re living evil before God we’ll go to an evil place and when we are righteousness, we will go to a righteous place, where there are better conditions, for those who lived better lives, as Christ did!

Therefore, our end will justify our means!

And our means, could also justify our end!

Yes, we should not play with God’s words and take His words or teachings for granted, for He loves us that’s why He’s doing that!

He has laid the ball in our fore courts. It’s about how we play the gave before Heaven and Hell!

Therefore, the above scientific reasons which God’s Spirit had given to me was to explain to us that no matter how we like it, HELL, which is also known as the place of OUTER DARKNESS AND DEATH exists, and in fact, the majority of the people in the world for not taking Him seriously, have ‘carried’ themselves there! It’s now left with us to now make that important decision!

Therefore, what we don’t believe by faith can also be proven by our everyday Science!

Meanwhile, let’s not forget, that THE BOTTOMLESS PIT also exists as the furthermost part of Hell.

You should not let any devil among men deceive you!

It is also the furthermost place of Spiritual death or darkness, or better still, as a place of spiritual damnation where God according to the Bible, is thinking of damping the devil for all the evils he’s committed against us.

Yes, we should escape from this place of Spiritual Darkness and Death and there shouldn’t be any excuse why we should take things like this for granted. I have told you and will keep letting you know.

Remember, our end will justify our means and should check our ‘means’ which is leading to our end!

I will end here just as Solomon had ended it; ‘that we should obey God and fear His commandments,’ because our ‘means’ will determine where we may find ourselves in the Eternal realm, whether at the place of ‘fine Conditions or at that evil place of Hellish Conditions!’

As for here, it is just a matter of time; then, we all will be no more. Then we will rise up to be accountable to the One who fills the Heavenly realm, from its North to its South and from its East to its Western Region!

‘And, it could be right now.’

Therefore, repent, and take not the Cross for granted, because Heaven’s gate is opened but for a short season!

And the short season is right now.

Take hold of that opportunity, while it lasts!

To God of Our Salvation-Blessings!


Prince Akogo.


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