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 3 Things to do to Overcome Stress in our Lives: God finally reveals


 3 Things to do to Overcome Stress in our Lives: God finally reveals

There are ways we can reduce stress upon ourselves these days, and the Lord spoke to me about 3 more of them, after the first one I wrote! Now, below are these 3 new ways the Lord spoke to me about!

Point 1

Don’t Stay too long in the Markets

The Lord said to me that, one of the places we go in our world which causes us to harbour a lot of stress in ourselves, is our markets.

The activities that go on there causes a lot of stress unto us (unto our bodies, or unto our souls).

According to the Lord, one of the reasons is that there’s a lot of noise pollution in the markets, and sometimes the arrangement of the place, and several swift movements going on there, amidst the noise (the confusion) could easily make you so tired, easily stressed up, which can make you lose up some strength or energy!

According to Him, when we go to the markets we should not stay in the markets for too long.

Thus, to prevent this we should only go there once a while to get the things that we need and as well, when we get there we are to make sure we get our things in bulk quantities so we don’t have to go everytime, which will cause us to stress our bodies or ourselves! Therefore, by depending on our bulk products all the time we will not always be there.

Point 2

Don’t Walk in the Sun.

He also said that to avoid stress we should learn not to walk in the sun during the day. Yeah, He said we should also learn not to walk in the heat of the day!

Now, according to Him when we are trying to go out there and the sun is scorching so badly we should try to find a safe place to hide, say under a tree, or a place which has a safe shade to hide; and then afterwards, when the scorching sun’s intensity come down then we can go on.

This is because walking in the sun causes a lot of heat to enter into us, and this causes us to have a lot of stress that can make us feel so miserable (unhappy) and tired right on the inside.

Point 3

We are not to wear tight Garments but to Wear Quite Loose Garments:

Thick Garments, having, little or no pores are one of the dresses which cause us to sweat, itch, and enables you and I to absorb a lot of heat upon your body, and in the event also makes us feel very uncomfortable!

On this point, the Lord had said that we should learn to wear quite loose garments on our bodies. Some of us like to wear dresses which are so thick or which are so tight on our bodies, and that can’t be good for us in these times when the sun is scorching upon everyone so much!

And these as well are the reasons why heat, as well as sweat, often comes with dirt and uneasiness upon our bodies these days. Therefore, by we frequently wearing loose garments (these quite loose garments) we will also avoid the sweat and heat which so induces upon us these- stress, boils, itching and other diseases or sicknesses, which we so often face!

Hence, check the weather always, and know the kind of dresses you should wear always, before you out as well!

Thus, as we do these they will help us overcome stress in our lives, friend.

God bless you!

Prince Akogo

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