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3 Things To Do To Go Forward In Life: God Reveals

3 Things To Do To Go Forward In Life: God Reveals


As the Economy has began to be difficult, the Lord began to show me some things that we must do to liberate ourselves from the pain that we go through.

So then He’d told me to write on these things for us to do, as He gave these posts to show us what we must do to come out of our Economic and financial troubles.

Some are great counsels from the Lord to help us on issues of stress Management, Home Management, on Personal Development, Marriage, Relationship, Your Business Growth, or Development, on Your Health, Being Happy and others.

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This post talks about 3 things we need to do to go forward in life, which the Lord has given, as a Word of Counsel.

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Point 1

You have to Educate Yourself.

One way, according to the Lord, to move forward in life is to Educate Yourself. However, you have to educate your way in sound doctrine. Lies, will not fetch you anything good. You’ll just keep going round, not heading to the truth. This is one reason why people’s lives are still not going anywhere, though they have been learning or have been studying for ages!

So, its not about learning but its about turning your ears and head to studying the things that are right; only then will your life surge forward. Of course the Word of God is the tool that can change your life and will make your life go somewhere to become fruitful!


Point 2

The second point the Lord raised was, for us to ‘Work.’

Yes, work is very important if you have to move on in life.

You can’t go anywhere in life, if you do not devote yourself to the habit of working. Yes, you can only achieve something in life if you are sure to devote yourself to the habit of working,  after you have finished learning, or even while you are still learning or studying.

According to Him work has many advantages which would cause you to go forward in life.

It will

  1. Cause you to ‘Make it in Life,’ that is, it will cause you to earn everything you deem to earn in this life!
  2. It will cause you to get money, the medium through which we get our needs; work will help you get food as well as other economic resources and help you obtain Financial Security in Life. So, love to work and make it big in life.
  3. Work will also help you do better in Marriage. If you do not work you and your family will go hungry. Hence, when God had also given marriage to Adam and to Eve, He told both of them to ‘Work.’
  4. Work, helps you to manage your time well and wisely.
  5. Work helps you display your wisdom, amongst others; it makes you think very well.
  6. It will also help you get some colleagues as working relationship.
  7. Make you strong; so then it will build your muscles strong and make you healthy, thus will build your health!
  8. It will help you burn some fat.
  9. Having a habit of work, which makes you go out and come in makes you overcome boredom in life. Yet, a lazy man feels bored, when not working!
  10. So then work will give you a purpose (a meaning) in life!
  11. Work makes you solve a problem: Work therefore makes you become a leader in the work or in this art of work you’re trying to solve!
  12. Work makes your life and stay on Earth very meaningful; because that’s why we’ve been called to do by God our Father!
  13. Work makes your life stable and balanced in this life; but you must school first.
  14. Work makes you become ‘happy’ from the things you earn from it.

Hence, working will truly make you move forward in life. The fuel to make you move forward has work as well as education, as some of their ingredients.

So, study hard and work as well. Hence, that’s why the Bible says we should work. Yes, moreover, God the Lord told Adam to work. So then work is of utmost importance, that is why God has commanded all men and women to work.

Yes, while the men are at the work place doing something, the women have been counseled by the Lord, to do their parts of the work, so that they become help meet for the men. Being a helpmeet, for the man, makes you, benefit, from all these things.

One who does not work always remains broke in his life.

So then, with in view in mind, what we need to do in life is that, we need to work. Yes, we need to find something to do. Doing a ‘job’ does not mean you should go and find something and do-it means you should create something yourself by which, you will give solutions to the world around which needs it.

And being diligent at it would yield you all these results you want to get from it. Moreover, as you are diligent at it, it’ll cause God bless because He loves the people who work; as we do this, it means, we’re being faithful and obedient to His commandments.

So we must remember to work to acquire all the benefits work provides us humans!

Point 3.

Learn to Speak the Truth and live a Good Life:

Now, the other thing which will also make you go forward in life apart from learning and finding yourself a job to do, whether you creating it yourself or you are doing it with someone,  is for you to learn to have a good character, in this life!

Now, while, doing a good job and learning would make you go forward in life, it is also important for you to add up this other ‘most important virtue to it,’ which is to ‘have a good character, or to live righteous or to live a virtuous life!’

Living a  righteous or a virtuous life will cause us to be recommend to many people in higher fields in life. It could as well cause you to be recommended to a job. Surely-it will can cause many people to trust you and as well believe in you and prefer you to others others, who perhaps have those other qualities as well!

You will also earn to be trusted by your peers, your partners in the business sector, even by your customers and many more people. You will be respected in society and that will additionally make you happy in life. This absolutely true because for both God and man these are the kind of people we like to work with, or perhaps, come near to, everyday of our lives!

So then, do not join the bad companies or you’ll suffer many consequences and will end up facing many negative things in life. So, stay clear from everybody’s business.

However, if you’re one of those people who are froward or bad it is going to cause many people who are supposed to like you, to distrust you! Thus, it would cause many people to leave your side. This is the fate of many politicians who failed to deliver trust because of a dubious business they had put themselves into. So, stay clear, and be safe. Everybody leaving your side can cause you to be stressed up and it’s because there’s going to be intense rejection.

But good character, including speaking the truth will make you glad and can cause you to gain promotions and as well open you to giant opportunities, both in systems close to you and abroad. Therefore, a good character largely determines our up-wardness in life.

So then, if God is telling us to do things that are right, in many ways He is actually also telling us the strategies which will cause us to win it even in a time, when the economy is down and they are kicking others out of work.

You will definitely find a reason for them to keep you.Yes, even because of your actions and deeds others can be laid off so that you stay.

We have seen this in many areas of life. Hence, your behavior also helps you to ensure job security as well as promotions in every field of endeavour.

Besides all this, a good behavior will let you attract a good wife and beautiful children from the Lord; for He can trust that when He gives you these children and wife, you can take care of them in a good and upright way-according to the very character you have!

In all that, in your family you will be counted as a worthy and a trusted person. And they will like to ‘hear’ your voice in any matter. They will trust your sound judgment or your sense of judgment more and will seek counsel from you, as though you’re one who speaks the counsel of the Lord.

Why not? You are a role model to them. Please, never should you break that trust they have in you because of the way they now see you. Never learn to practice evil or they may change their mind you and eventually will finally lose everything you’ve gone up to gain through trust.

Therefore, don’t let any of your friends influence you negatively. Rather, you should influence them and lead them up in the right ways.

In other words, the main reason for Character is not about being morally upright for God but it is much about you, finding yourself in the places of recommendations and moving on in life since as men, we mostly live and feed on relationships and contacts! Thus, if you cannot put trust in yourself how can somebody, entrust something to you?

So, do not think that it is God who is actually the One preventing you from enjoying a bad deed.

It’s a lie from the pit of hell!

For where God is, He’s rich and very safe and so as a very Good Counselor, He’s giving you tips and tricks so you can stand out in life in such a way that, you will also be recommended by Him too and by others!

He’s showing you strategies to become rich and also to be recommended by others- for is that not why we all trust and recommend God to all others at any place and also at any time?

Thus, today everybody knows that God can be trusted-but what about you and I?

So, He is actually showing us what He had been doing to became Rich and Pure and Safe, so much that everyone has the assurance that He can recommend Him to all others.

So do the same and let your life move forward and it will shine like His. It’s possible we can do the same, through His grace.

Therefore, you being good and as well trustworthy will indeed pay off and will reward you dearly, but the froward in any type of business endeavour will be destroyed, down-cast and trolled away!

Hence, while working or doing a business and educating yourself are important, make sure that you put a ‘Great Character or Personality’ on. The journey of the 3 will make you very successful in  life-at the workplace, in the community and also before God, because God and men, are searching for people with these qualities because, with these, they can already count you as successful!!

Hence, success starts from the little-little things you change about your life.

Yes, these 3, education, work and as well character move together. Of course, these 3 will always move you forward and will ensure a true life of ‘personal development.’ However the neglect of one could bring all the others down altogether!

keep the 3 up!

Point 4

Now, finally, the Fourth thing that will help you to move forward in life is to learn to be happy in life:

You surely need to be happy in life without depending on anyone. Learn to appreciate. who you are and believe in yourself, and think Great Things about yourself.

Don’t let anybody destroy you; don’t let anything destroy you! This is what God says I should tell you.

Don’t let anything perturb you. Seriously, boredom will surely make you retrogress in life.

So finally, in your quest to educate yourself,  to find or create your work, live a good character and to speak the truth, also learn to be happy in life, even when nobody is around you!

Tell me, how will you retrogress if you’re to put yourself in doing these things?

Rejoice always and find living waters in a thirsty land!

God bless you.

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(Prince Akogo; called to be Pastor and Teacher).











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