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3 great ways to be healthy: The Lord reveals


3 great ways to be healthy: The Lord reveals


This post talks about 3 great ways to be healthy which the Lord had spoken to me about


Point 1:

We must eat well; check the food you always eat.

To always have good health, the Lord advised that we should always be careful of what we eat or what we allow into our systems.

When shopping for food, you should be able to check on the packages of these foods to know what they are made up of.

Thus, we are to check to see;


– What sort of ingredients they are made up; then you will have a fair knowledge of what you are allowing into your system. Is it safe for consumption?

-Secondly, check to see whether the food or the product is expired?

-Will you be allergic to that product? Does the product have side complications or effects?

-This should also be the same as the water we drink.

It will be better to cook them by yourself, because you cannot trust or expect others to do things safely for you. If the food is cooked by you, you will probably be a bit more careful than all the others, as to what you put inside your food anytime you cook, so as not to damage your health.


Point 2:

He advised that, we are to cover our nose when you go out there on the streets. He explained that today, the air we breath is extremely polluted and so can easily be harmful to our health.

This can create a lot of health problems for us. When these toxic gases go into us, they exchange much of the oxygen levels within us, reducing our lifespan through low circulation of Oxygen levels.  Now, from the two points, imagine bad food, bad water and toxic gases making way into your systems all the time, it will reduce your lifespan.


Point 3:

Finally, Guard Yourself from the Heat of the Sun

Now, the third advice, according to the Master, is for all of us to be careful not allow too much sunlight or sunburns into our system or coming upon us.

Too much, can fetch you a lot of diseases and distort your normal temperature. It can make you itch, sweat and feel very uncomfortable. You can as well have skin rashes, some types of boils and skin burns.

According to Him, due to the sun’s high intensities, we are to be careful not to look directly at the sun for this can harm our eyes. Therefore, we also need to protect our eyes. In all, you are to cover ourselves from the heat;

a) By covering yourself properly so heat does not burn your skin. We are not supposed to expose too much of our body parts directly to the sun, through inappropriate dressing.

He had explained that we must wear light reflecting outfits in the day, such as outfits which have light colours;  light colour outfits include yellow, ash, white, etc.

Now, during tte nights, when the weather is much colder, we are to wear mostly dark coloured clothing; these clothing include deep brown coloured outfits, or red, deep purple or black outfits, to maintain heat in our bodies.

b) By we wearing quite loose garments, so heat does not stay too long on our bodies, which could induce itching and sweats, making us feel uncomfortable.

Wearing tight dresses wouldn’t allow air  to pass to get or pass through the pores of our skin, thus affecting the health of our skin cells.

Our skins need fresh air and fresh water to make them ‘alive’ and healthy all the time.  This is the reason why we are to check those outfits which obviously prevents much air and much water from getting closer to our skin pores.

Basically, the Lord had explained that most of our outfits or dresses must wisely be moderate in size (that is, in the medium mark), as well as moderate in their thickness, in relation to your  size.

Today, if we take the Lord’s advise seriously, we will live longer.


Thank you.

Prince Akogo.


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