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Two ways you can save at Home


 Two ways we can save at Home; the Lord reveals

Point 1

One way we can save at home according to the Lord is to learn to manage our income by setting up a management system on your gadgets and on their usage (that is, Management of Our Utilities)

Therefore if you have people living with you, you better let them know how they can save the electrical current by putting all gadgets off when not using them.

Hence, by doing so we will not be spending so much on paying for utility. Thus, it may take a very long time for the utilities to be exhausted at our homes.

Point 2

Similarly, the watching of programs, or the listening of programs which will not be of benefit to you is also a waste of current.

Thus, not everything you should be using your current to watch on T.V or listen on radio or you should be using your computer to do,  such as playing too much games, too much watching of movies and other computer programs.

They are all producing a waste on your time, your energy and on your monies as the days go by.

Hence, you must protect both the time and the destiny of your children and as well the resources of the house such as the gadgets and also the current from being used for the wrong purposes (that is) businesses, which are not beneficial to the development to the entire home, your health and your growth, or will not lead you into positive results.

Hence, using ‘very productive resources’ for unproductive activities is a waste in general. Maybe by the time you would want to use them for their actual tasks for which you’d bought them they may not be available any longer-and that’s a waste of time and resource, such as money.

Especially, we are to control children who use their valuable time for watching any kind of program on T.V; they must obviously learn how to come out of the ‘wastefulness,’ of throwing things around.

So then, when your children are not handling the house’s resources properly teach them to do so. And when they are also abusing them rebuke them ( You’re disciplining them).

Later, they will grow out to be doing the same things just as you are doing: Similarly, let it be with all those who live with you such as your men servants or your maidservants as well: yes, show them or teach them to use home resources for the right purposes as well.

Then we will be having much control over things if we didn’t use to have much control over them!

In doing all of this, we would be saving more, on our monies, and on our utilities, so then, they could last; we will not be throwing, away money, off-guard.

In other words we don’t have to be paying frequently for bills which we’re not supposed to be paying for!

Yet, in all of doing this remember to have a happy home, one that one can call a loving family!

You all must come together to manage the resources at home, so you can enjoy more in the futre!

Thank You.

Prince Akogo

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