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By Prince Akogo

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Why I Wrote This Book

(The Introduction)


While the Economy has become a bit uneasy for many people these days the Lord then gave me some instructions in the form of counsels to show us, what we should do personally to calm down the heat which we so often face these days.

He said that, the things we need to do are not only to be done on the side of business but had explained, that there are both external things (things done outside the home, that is in the business), and as well internal things (things we do at home) that will add up to make us come out of our Financial or Economic troubles.

Hence, this book you’re about to read were a form of counsels the Lord had given to help us resolve our personal financial or economic problems as far as our welfare in life is concerned.

These points here in this book involve certain basic ideas you really have to understand if you really want to make it in life.

However, the points here had come out of a personal story I have.

As a Pastor, recently, I asked the Lord ‘what we can do to come out of our current financial and economic troubles.’

Then He said that I should pick up pen and paper and write down these points. And upon His instructions am supposed to put these points in a book, and share them with the world.

(Well, little did I know that He was about to give me these points).

And this was after about 11 years of Divine Encounters in which the Lord had revealed Himself to me, and had given me His Golden Book of the Mysteries of Life and of His Secrets to write from. For those of you who might have followed my writings you may know I’ve written concerning a number of these encounters with the Lord in my posts and books. Therefore, my intention here is not to go over these encounters, but to show you some of the fruits, that had come from those encounters; one of these encounter-fruit is this book.

So I wrote these points (this book), upon God’s Instructions, after He had given me counsel or understanding about His secrets.

Indeed, the Lord’s points I must say have personally changed my life as I did not know them at first or by myself, which now, are making life a lot easier for me and helping me to know what I had to do, to come out of financial and economic trouble, or to set myself on the journey of becoming wealthy in life!

According to Him, we are to follow these steps or points so that we can come out of these financial and economic troubles in these very last days.

These are actually a series of points or steps, you need to follow, which in the process, will help you come out of financial and economic troubles, bringing us or leading you to the place where we should become rich, or prosperous in life.

I believe that, if you’re rich these points will make you richer, to stabilize yourself in your wealth and riches; and if you’re poor they will make you to become rich. And if you were also once rich and became poor, they will also make you become richer again, helping you to have a much more easy or comfortable life in this earth.

The best part is, the Lord said to me that if He was on earth, these are the things He would have personally done amongst us here.

So you can trust that they are indeed good points.

Hence, follow His step-by-step instructions so that you can come out of your financial and economic troubles and to escape the current heat, so that you can become very successful and wealthy in life again.

Yes, follow His words of (divine) Counsel to become financially sound.

To me, upon my observations anybody, and I repeat anybody who applies them will indeed come out of his financial and economic troubles.







Table of Content

(The Introduction)


Step 1

‘Quick Financial Security and Home Management Tips’


Step 2

Gather Your Coins & Thorn Paper Monies


Step 3

Stop Paying for Menial Jobs and Services now!


The Secret about the Economies:

‘How Our Economies take from Us’


The Cost of Production on the two Levels


Step 4

Change the Strategy of Business









Step 7

Change Your Mind about Money

(Focus on RESOURCES!)








Step 1

‘Quick Financial Security and Home Management Tips’


Among the several lists of points (which obviously comes with explanations) which the Lord had raised, the first He’d told me to write was, to first get some money, go to the market and to get ourselves some primary food stuffs in bulk, and then carry, or bring these food stuffs or these food products we bought to the house.

Secondly, after you have gotten these food stuffs from the markets, make sure you also go and get for yourself enough water which would last you quite for a long time. (Sometimes, the government has already been giving you this).

In other words, the first step to come out of our economic troubles and become financially rich is to make sure we provide for ourselves these basic needs or necessities of life in which the main ones are:

‘Food and Water’

Hence, the Lord instructed that we should get ‘FOOD AND WATER’ as the first basic necessities of life because these are what our bodies first needs as human beings, or are needed by an average human being.

He explained that, to get Food and Water are actually equal to, ‘first basic human-life necessities solved.’

And so by getting them you’ll relieve yourself from a lot of stress from these current economic hardships.

Hence, with whatever money you have on you now you’re to go to the market to get these 2, in abundance.

When you have done this your body will never feel hungry or thirsty again for most of the time. We know that both of these two, when not available can always make life uneasy for us and for our children and everybody else that is living around us.

Well, they make us feel sad or unhappy or stressed out and can even lead us to death or depression, especially when we don’t have enough of them available.

Hence, in order to first trample on the hurdle of economic poverty you must do these two things as the first step of God’s instructions.

Yes, for whatever you will do provide these things first at home and as well, with whatever income you get please go to the markets and get yourself these things irrespective of the fact that you’re single or married).

So in order to do this, it means that you have to go to the markets (especially where the prices are relatively cheaper) and to buy them in BULK, in order to fill your house with them.

The Lord as well adviced, that we should make sure we get varieties of them (of these food products or foodstuffs).

We know that some of them are sealed in containers, in glass bottles, plastic packs, gallons (e.g gallons of oil), boxes (e.g noodles), jute bags (rice, or maize) and as well beverage bottles. However, He had also explained, that you should get the ones which are organic because of your health, so that these ‘products’ you are about to eat for a long time, will not become harmful to you.

There are some of those which can be kept and stored in fridges or freezers, and there are also those which can be stored too in packaged boxes.

Just make sure you clean well where you’ll keep them so they end up lasting for you for a long time, and as well not becoming a health threat to you.

Now, the reason why they are in these containers is so that they can be preserved for a long time.

Thus, this is what we’ve been adviced to do, that is, to go to the market, to get all sorts of food stuffs in ‘BULK’ which must be organic and as well, can be preserved for a long time.

(Yes, don’t worry, sometimes you may not have all the money on you to get all of them in bulk, but just try to get the ones which are in bulk ones you know you can afford, and yet, should be the basic ones).

Example: Rice, Oil, Water, Indomie (Noodles) etc.

If you can’t get their biggest sizes just go get their medium sizes or as well and their three-quarter sizes.

Yes, with time you’ll be able to increase their yield.


The Lord’s reasons for doing that:

So why is the Lord telling us to do these things, but won’t tell us to go get some loan or to do a business as the first step, or something else which we’ve often been made to believe to be the first set of things to do, in order to come out of our financial and economic troubles, or to get to be wealthy?

Don’t worry, because you know you can trust God, that unlike men He uses the things that are not so respected nor very wild to men to confound their wisdom, and to use them rather as the basic ingredients to change both our social and economic lifestyle.

Now, below are the following reasons He obviously provided:


First Point:

According to Him, we are to realize that we don’t always get money, nor does money always come, to us these days; neither will money be coming us each and everyday.

And so, there will be some days, when your pockets will be so dry and you may not have enough money, or any money on you. Moreover, there may be days when the business you do is not good, or you haven’t actually sold much at all!

Thus, if you do so these foods will have to cover the ‘lean periods’ which you’ll face for a longer time due to no money or lack of business growth, on your side!

Thus, when you have done these things, you may have some lack in some specific areas, but may not feel the heat, unlike the man who has never saved or had invested into any of the basic necessities of life which include any of these varieties of Food Stuffs and Water in abundance, and was as well going through the same lean periods or the same hard times or seasons with you, or as you!

Hence, you’ll be able to feed your home as well, in that period.

‘That is wisdom in itself,’ and that is how the wise and the rich people do it.’ And you must also tackle these issues like them, and do it in the same way!

Therefore, it doesn’t really matter your salary ( which is how much, you earn), but first, do these things to get yourself out of the current economic, or financial troubles, or the current heat which is blowing around strong nowadays!

So brother, though you may not have so much money, you will not feel the heat so much or mostly all the time when you begin to save for yourself, basically food and water in their abundance and at all times, mostly for a longer period.

This is actually like ‘Joseph’ saving food in a store house to wait and handle the economic lean seasons which had happened in Egypt, and He was considered wise because His God, had given him the first wisdom to save a lot of food first at home (that was, Egypt), and to wait towards the lean seasons on that fateful day.

Thus, it is the same wisdom that God is letting us know and telling us to do here as He’d done with Joseph and then making Egypt become a store house of food and plenty and they were not feeling the heat as other nations had faced who had later had become slaves to Egypt.

They started depending on Egypt for bread, for long periods of time in which Jacobs sons had to go there to also get some food from themselves to survive!

The Lord explained that we cannot grow economically, either as individuals or as a nation, if we do not do some good and enough savings, not actually on money, but on Food and Water, which are in themselves the primary necessities of life hence the need for us to now tackle the issues of food crisis in our homes now, before the economic weather gets perfectly heated.

In fact, He explained that, if possible the whole nation or even all the nations of the world must do this by first investing in food and water security, to save the economy from getting economically ‘destroyed!’

Remember that aside everything, saving enough food down was the first wise strategy God had given to Joseph (in a time of Economic famine), and it is the same thing He’s doing with you, or us today.

Now, that is the first sign of solution to redeeming ourselves quite quickly from the economic hardships.

It works and it always does.

We know some people do this, but not all of them do it at all times.

Secondly, after people have been able to do such a thing, they don’t know what else they need do to get themselves out of economic troubles or from economic hardships, and to lead themselves into getting rich!

Yes, I know that when we all do this, it will bring first Food and Water Securities to our homes!

So as Joseph, we must be wise likewise in this particular time of long-lean periods.

By doing so, you can satisfy your body for a long time even when there’s not much money-coming into our hands or in the system.

You will not go hungry, or you will not be asking, or begging people for bread or by asking them to borrow you some of their home saved-products, or money.

You will not be begging on the street, which is because you’re very hungry or thirsty, and that is piling up on you a lot of stress in the economy!

Thus, the absence of food and as well water, begin to cause a lot of people pile down stress in their lives, but the sure presence of food and water is the primary factor that releases joy and happiness into the soul of a human, because of their sure or perfect availabilities!

You may say ‘but Food and Water is not everything?’

Yet, I say to you that ‘getting food and Water being the first primary thing we survive on, is to a high degree ‘everything,’ and should be the first basic things you need to invest your money into, as a security, before any other thing comes into place, or into mind.

It will relieve you of you economic troubles, even when you don’t have so much money.


Point B:

The next important reason is that, you are going to cut down the price at which you buy them from a retailer near your house, since wholesalers in the market often reduce the cost at which they sell them, but the retailers near our homes increase the price in order to make more than enough profit, while often times, they are exorbitant prices, all at the expense that you’re not going to the markets to get them for yourself.

So what if you go to the markets and get them in bulk for yourself?

‘Look, if it’s possible, you should open what I call ‘a very huge provision store’ in your house, but one which is not for sale.

It’s for you and your household, to eat for a long period of time, say like six to eight months or more, just as the Lord told Joseph to save much more for him to cover the longer lean periods!

Sure, you can start gradually, if you don’t have the means but can later increase the yield as you save more to get yourself much more money!

Now, this is also going to save you a lot of money, so that you don’t go about spending money on something, you already have at home.

Thus, you don’t necessary have to go about buying them since you already have them at home.

As you begin to do this, all the monies you also begin to gain or get during that duration or period, you should begin to put them into savings!

Thus, the longer of time in which you’ll be saving much money will much be determined by how long these products or the resources, that is, ‘the food and water’ you bought will last you!

Hence, it will be much better if you invest more into food and water so you have more. (After all, you will not be buying them around again).

Hence, the strategy of God is that, since you have enough food and water, you will not always be dependent on spending money or much money on anything else you may be needing!

You’ve become a lot more self-reliant in this sense and you’ll overcome the periodic increase in prices of market goods and services in the future, which if you’re not careful, you’ll not be able to afford if you’re waiting to buy them in the future!

So then, this time round too, there would be much money enough for you to save unlike previously when you did not have much stored food at home, and hadn’t bought them all in bulk, or hadn’t have enough.

Basically, you’ll be begin to save a lot more than at first. But strategically, the more produce (the bulk products or produce) you have, the better you should be able to save more money during this period!

Thus, to begin to gain some money for yourself, you don’t just do that without providing for yourself first, a back-up at home.


Point C

Thirdly, it is also going to save you enough profitable time-which is also very good, because time is money. You time, plus your resource (the abundance of food and water), should help you improve and should help you start or re-start your life, on a good note!

Hence, if you should go to markets to get for yourself only small produce or food products, you may end up running out of them so quickly, and so you will have to go by buying them from retailers near you who may end up taking more money from you than usual, thus affecting your savings, which will eventually cause financial or economic burdens. Hence, each time you need something you will have to go and buy from them, because you are in short of them, but at high costs, thus will eat up more into your time or savings, which you can obviously use for other things!

So this is why it must first be in bulk, if you should go out there to get them from the markets.

And while any of them is going down in size or in quantity make sure you top them up quickly.

The Lord had said to me, ‘Immediately they begin to reach ‘half’ but not ‘quarter, ’you should begin to top them up.’

And sometimes, when they are not even down yet, but you indeed have some money, you can just ‘Over-fill them out!’

What do we want?

Is it not an overflow-an Overflow of His blessings?

That is why this is the first step we must all take, so that we can all get good food securities at home or in our homes.

Certainly, these can be both done by married couples or bachelors or spinsters. You don’t also need to be schooled before you can do this. You also don’t need to be in the wealthiest Country before you can do this to save yourself, from the hard economic hardships!

Now, as you do this, psychologically, you will begin to feel ‘okay’ that is, ‘a bit rich’ in yourself.

Now, you wouldn’t think you’re out-rightly broke, because you have food in their various forms in which you’ve preserved at home. Secondly, you have water in abundance! This means, whether you have money or not, as for food and water which we naturally can’t do without in each and everyday, you’ll always get them.

So as you do this, you will first become okay, that is ‘happy’, then you will start getting yourself rid of the stress.

The problem with our world today is that we like to buy everything as though, money is the goal to everything.

So then, this is the first quickest SOLUTION to liberate yourselves from the pending economic pain.

Remember, they must be in bulk and they should last you more than a month.

Thus, the more monies you can save in that period will be determined by how long this food and water should last.

So, do a lot of management on them as well. Have you ever come to the place where you tried saving money for a long period of time but then, quite sooner than expected, you went back for the money again and then started spending it?

It was because you never saved, or never had much back-up, at home for you to depend on. That was actually why you went back for it.

But if you had first gotten yourself enough back-up before you started saving, it would have been much easier for you to save since you wouldn’t be depending on the money.

So, the best and easy way to start saving is to have enough back-up, such as, bulk food and water and other basic items necessary at home before you start saving, or else, you may end up having a need and going for the money to use them on these needs.

Therefore, you cannot start saving comfortably unless you first save a lot of food and water and some other basic things which usually take up your money on a daily basis so they don’t end up calling for your savings.

Hence, the secret about comfortable savings, which a lot of people don’t know is that:

Never start saving your monies until you first have a back-up of the things that try to take up your monies almost on a daily basis, so that you don’t end up breaking your oath and going for the saved money, to get yourself these things all over again!

However, if also you have had them already you wouldn’t have to go for the money.

This a secret most people don’t know, so they find it hard to be faithful with savings.

Yet, savings could have been faster and could have been done in a more comfortable way, if you should do things this way, preparing your back with economic resources, before going into it, so wouldn’t be interrupted!

This was also what the Lord told me!








Step 2

Gather Your Coins & Thorn Paper Monies


Secondly, the next step we should do according to the Lord is, we are to start gathering and saving particularly our Coins-afterwards, and ‘to protect’ and keep them in very good safe boxes.’

This is a bit different, from the point upwards. This point has to do with some types of monies we forbid to save when we’re actually beginning our journeys to save to overcome our challenges of economic problems!

Yes, this was also an issue the Lord told me.

Well I don’t know, what has happened to some people; because they don’t have paper money or sometimes have paper money, they throw away a lot of their coins, having no value for the coins and they actually think that the only money they should save is only fresh or neat paper notes or their paper monies.

Most people are shy of coins and when their coins should even fall down on the ground or they see coins on the floor or on the ground, they also refuse to take them up.

Well, is it some kind of ‘foolish pride’ these people are having?

Certainly, we cannot be rich if you keep up with this ego. A people who do that cannot build for themselves mansions.

Certainly, most people behave foolishly towards money, and that is why they’ve ended up becoming so broke or so poor.

On the second step, the Lord said to me, ‘As Paper Monies must have a safe the coins too must also have safe.’

I think you must create a safe for your paper monies and for your coins as well.

The Lord added and said,

‘Thorn paper monies showed never be thrown away. They can be saved or changed at the bank.’

I have realized that over here in Ghana or in my country, if you have a thorn paper-money or note, you can take them to the Oil filling Stations, and they could as well change them for you; and you could as well change them at the banks too.

Practically, I have actually taken a thorn paper money to a filling station to be changed for me; and gladly I was happy they did!

This means there is no money which is actually in bad condition, or spoilt!

All monies are good, thus, have a good behaviour, towards them no matter how they look like.

Don’t be shy of anyone after today, my brother or sister. Gather all your coins and paper notes or monies, and take them to the bank to save them.

Don’t be shy of the people sitting down there as tellers.

These monies will as well be helpful to you, probably, just by tomorrow and surely not even in the long future! (The Lord adviced us to do this).

Do you actually know that it takes coins to rather build a multi-million dollar house down?

It takes a lot of coins (mostly without paper money) for these poor churches to end up putting down a multi-millionaire or million-dollar mansion or building, where they go to live in the future?


See why Jesus did not prevent even the old woman from giving her last coin, and was also impressed of her giving even up to her last penny?

So think about it: If coins are accepted in the Kingdom of God where there is already plenty, and best riches of life, how much more your house which currently has nothing, or currently living in less?

For God knows He can build a church with even these coins.

So from now onwards, you must actually change your attitude about these monies called coins. Don’t only value the paper notes or monies.

You should take it from me, if you are rich and you start mishandling or misusing coins, you will soon become broke and become in need of things.

Yes, take this from me. In fact, this is how actually many people have become so poor in that way! For surely, the builders we often reject often become the corner stones!

Even more so, the Lord particularly had shown us a lesson of learning to take even coins from the ground as He told us this important parable which tells us that, He Himself will do it if He should come into that situation or should come into contact with a penny, or a coin:


“Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses ONE. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it?

And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the…”

Luke 15:8-10 NIV


So, the woman was glad to pick the coin. It was one coin. So, you must be able to pick just a coin of yours which falls on the ground too, without fear or shyness! It’s your coin, and that’s what matters!

So she had found her coin by diligent search, while leaving the other 99 coins down in her safe box or in a safe place.

And when she had found that single one she took it with joy. Look, you should now be looking for your coins just as you’ve been looking for the paper notes. You can go and leave the 99 silver coins you have in a safe place, and come back to look for the lost coin. They’re part of the legal tender.

Yes, rejoice over each of them, when you find them.

Please, don’t say it doesn’t matter; ‘I don’t actually care about those little pennies!’

Yes, some basic, minor and major things can be solved by them!

It may still add up, and save you some monies by tomorrow.

Now, begin to add your coins and your thorn paper monies which you have actually changed at the bank or filling station to the sum you’re beginning to save at the bank through the practice of step 1.

By doing this, you lose nothing to anyone, so that you gather all that which was lost.

Treat your coins as great treasures, and so you can be wise like Jesus, who’s humble, and still cherishes everything!









Step 3

Stop Paying for Menial Jobs and Services now!


On the third step the Lord had said that, we have to provide for the Home every Tool Kit and Tool Box or Accessory Box, and as well whatever item you think can be needed or be used at home for certain basic home important chores and services!

These should as well include needle and thread, shoe polish and brush, a comb, mirror, blade, or nail cutters, hacksaw, paint brushes, a screw box, hammer, chisel etc. As menial as they are, you should need them.

According to the Lord, there are simple works like chiseling, wiring, screwing, cloth washing, make-up, washing of hair, and many other tasks we can do for ourselves which we don’t need others to do for us.

Something that could easily be screwed need not to be given to an electrician to do for you in order for him to charge you for so much money.

According to Him, as a result of we all allowing people do our menial tasks or jobs for us, we have added more to our expenses or cost of living and so we are thinking we have so much to pay for nowadays, which includes those simple tasks or basic menial jobs which when we close our eyes, we can be able to also do for ourselves!

(Obviously, these things have really increased upon our expenditure SINCE WE THROW SO MUCH AWAY).

So brother, as a result of the fact that we let other people do these simple tasks or jobs for us it has undoubtedly increased our cost of living and we think that, we don’t have much money to meet all our goals. Thus, we think and are worried that we as Christians and the sons of God don’t have enough money to meet all of our necessary goals!

Now, people who pay for everything will end up failing in life, especially in the area of finance or of financial managements.

Truly, some Christians are one of the most wasteful people in the world, who think that God is a Chief magician, who goes about throwing around money around, and so, He will just be giving it to them any time they ask or should pray.

Rather, we’ve seen that from the Parable of the Talents, the Lord even expects a lot of profits or accounts from us from even simple tasks He gives us to do.

Therefore, He’s not a wasteful Person or a magician as we think.

Or, do we not know how our rich God is?

O, have we not also seen the Lord’s behavior or mindset on issues regarding finances and the manner in which we must handle good resources?

Read the Bible, and you will see one thing about the Lord’s motives one thing the Lord requires from all us to do.

‘Management, Management, Management.’

The Parable of the Talent tells us all:


“Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY. Then he went on his journey. The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more.

So also, the one with two bags of gold gained two more. But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

“After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them.

The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.’

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

Come and share your master’s happiness!’

“The man with two bags of gold also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two bags of gold; see, I have gained two more.’

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

“Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed.

So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’

“His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant!

So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed?

Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.

“‘So take the bag of gold from him and give it to the one who has ten bags.

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.

Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Matt. 15-30 NIV


So you see, we must manage the resources that God gives us prudently or He’ll bring holes in our pockets as many of you have also seen now! God is a strictly wealthy man, but He doesn’t waste! He can create what He’s created even 7-70 times, but He’ll not waste the one He’d previously created!

So on this view brother, how could we be also indirectly wasting money on simple tasks or on menial jobs, such as those simple ones we can even close our eyes, and do as well?

This means, the kind of works that we as ordinary human beings are all supposed to do at home are what we actually carry out there for people all over the world to do for us, to and take our hard-earned monies from us, on a daily business.

(And so then, if we do things like this we can never be very rich like God wants us to be and successful). Even if a poor man should obviously change his life, and start doing this, he can become successful!

However, as we keep giving our monies to people everyday, will not money and therefore resources be leaving our hands, each and everyday into all other’s coffers?

Are these not what is currently happening to us regularly friends, or on a daily basis?

Well, for some of us, we don’t know that our behavior of spending in time is going to determine our ranking and position too in heaven-determining how much God goods of His heavenly economic resources He’s going to entrust into the hands. (It’s a mystery, and it’s a secret!).

And so Christ, if we’re actually never faithful with unrighteous mammon, who shall entrust to us, the true riches?

We Must Very Prudent!

So then brother, the way you manage the mini resources you’ve gotten here on earth will also forever determine your position in heaven, and which God’s going to put you in your hands!

So Do You Think The God In The Heavens, Is A Waster? Other Than That, He’ll Being The Devil’s Destructive Works For Him!

So, for some of us, the Lord added, that we have eventually become prodigal sons whom when their father gives them something which is valuable they go out there and throw it to the world or to play with it in the world!

And so we come back with nothing while we expect Him to give back to us again, so that we may spend them again on our revelries.

‘So, is this is why we think that God is a Santa Claus, or a Magician?’ We’ve not seen God’s actions yet!

According to the Lord, this is why sometimes He may allow you to go through a period of painful sufferings, just to for you to understand how you have to save and should not lose what you are being given, through the practice of perfect or good management, so He can bring you into the place of riches!

Hence, it is not that our Father is headstrong or He is not releasing so much blessings, because we know He has; but, we are the ones who are not applying good wisdom, to know how to manage or save or to keep, for a long time the resources He gives to us!

The road to the journey of becoming wealthy in life, needs keen management; you can ask any rich man you know in life!

So actually, we are supposed to manage these economic assets or things on a daily basis no matter how big or small we know they’re!

Do we remember, that this was the same thing which had happened to Adam, when he had lost all that God had given him through un-careful planning and never being careful or vigilant?

What had happened to him?

The Lord had told him, that this time around he and his family would have to sweat to eat by tilling the ground much harder than they’d first done! So obviously, though it was uncomfortable, He had to do it!

Now, a similar thing is what we are almost doing today, and so, this was why God said I should add this point as the 3rd point, before we should start getting the blessings through the tactics or procedures He’s showing us from His throne today!

Well, today, what has happened to us?

When we begin to see or as soon as we begin to see, that money is beginning to come into our hands, we also begin to think of menial jobs and simple tasks which still need to be done by us as services or jobs to be done for us by others, while giving the excuse of the lazy men.

Secretly, this will also dwindle our Savings!

Thus, what we are failing to apply is ‘our’ divine wisdom.

Therefore, our wastefulness is often one good reason why God too has withheld much resources from us these days, or so much money from coming to us nowadays; for most Christians have not realized that God even expects them to manage the little they have, and as well demands accounts from the ones He first gave them as it was told us in the parable of talents.

Thus, God is not Santa Claus, as we often think.

Thus, we have to understand that not everything is God willing to pay for. And that is importantly one of the things God is trying to let us know this now, though we think He’s rich and purely kind!

Therefore, anytime money or blessings should come to you from the Lord, rather find means to save all of them by not unnecessarily spending them on even simple things that you could easily have done even if you should close your beautiful eyes!

Yes, don’t allow laziness to set in! It starts ‘eating up’ your monies!

So beautiful, getting yourself the kits, and yourself the tool boxes which prevents you from throwing money outside, and will make you save more and add up to the new savings you’re consciously doing, out of Step 1 and of Step 2.

Thus, food and water in much abundance together with the tools will make you have more personal economic resources obviously at home, while also personally helping you to save much money to yourself, in the bank.

Now, in the next Chapter, the Lord explained to me why, given me an untapped secret about the Economy, so that we can understand what He’s saying by us getting the tools and service boxes, to do immediately do or render the works, by ourselves

Brother, let’s go find it out!








The Secret about the Economies:

‘How Our Economies take from Us’


The Lord added and said that,

‘They are allowing people take away from them what I have told them to keep.’

Then He added and said that, ‘The Economy of the World has been designed to take away the monies He gives to you. While it promises to give you back more, it will rather give you back little from the work you do.’

He explained and said that, in the world today, for everything you should consume, they are making you believe that somebody will have to do it for you; or you need to get a hiring from somebody else to do them for you.

Now, in this case they are telling you to pay for every good and needed work, and will eventually ask, if they should do it for you which means that on a normal day, or on a consistent basis, money would have to be retrieved from you-the reason for many people broke today, leaving them with empty hands and pockets.

Today, we’ve been lied to pay for everything! We pay for our hair, our legs(pedicure), for our massage, for the trimming of our fingernails, for paintings, for small or basic carpentry works, for our clothe mending, our shoe polishing, for using toilet, for bathing, name them; but these are things that are done and needed by us too on a daily basis.

But according to the Lord, if we keep allowing money to be taken from our hands just because we allow these so called ‘professionals,’ which they make us believe to do them for us, money and  resources will obviously be fast leaving our hands, and we’ll end up becoming broke with almost nothing, as others have done!

You may do it today, but the next time you don’t have the money to settle those bills any longer; and then you lose everything to them.

That’s why we think we don’t have money to meet these sort of goals as well; and that’s what makes us think we’re poor!

In fact, this is why money today has also become the root of all evil, just because all the little things we use have all too begun calling for money, even as well as the big ones!

That means, we begin to lose money each day, and faster, anytime the money gets into our hands, from paying for even simple and little works, as well! So then, how could you keep what you have?

Everything, including the trimming of fingernails and as well common polishing of shoe and needle works have all interestingly begun to be calling out for money, in an evil way!

‘O, have you not seen that?’

O, meanwhile, it’s obviously going to cost you very less if you should do them by yourself.

Do we not have any skill sets, or we are just there as empty vessels who cannot do even menial jobs or simple home tasks too, which are by far common basic home-made skills which have been ‘professionalized’ as also, professional services to us too in an attempt to deceive, or to take our monies by others, into their pockets!

So, are we that lazy?

Has laziness now increased our expenditure on earth?

We don’t need to do any evil to acquire food to eat. Seriously, we just have to correct our severe mistakes.

Therefore, we are using money to pay for common basic tasks, with again examples such as shoe polishing, screwing up of weak screws, washing our hair with shampoo, needle works, paintings, basic carpentry works, as well as washing of clothes, make-up, cutting down our fingers-which are all an attempt for we losing money periodically, till the world comes to an end!

(And so, as people adopt these measures, they’ll become broke till their death).

O, so what? What has happened to our hands and feet?

Why not buy the tool kits and try to do them by yourself?

It will cost you less, and it’ll certainly cost you nothing!

With time, you’ll be faster in doing them such as a professional will do. Today, there is wiki how, and YouTube videos, and many blogs out there which will teach you how to do some of the basic tasks yourself, in case you want to know!

Therefore, there are some things we can pay for. Yes, but not on those simple, simple things (tasks).

Now, if you allow both small denominations as well as big denominations to be taken from your hand, from all these simple tasks, I bet you, you’re soon going to be broke!

So we have allowed some, excuse me to say, some ‘silly works,’ which we are to done by us or by ourselves, to become a part of our expenses which we obviously believe we need to pay for. Wise counsels, does not go like that!

Or, have we not been fooled and lied to, that all these things have to even be done by a ‘so-called Professional’ for us?

So then, as a result we are allowing so much money from being taken from our hands on a daily basis, even from  very simple tasks or jobs, which we could be easily done by us if we should close our eyes!

Thus, for most of us, if not all of us, the Lord is seriously advicing  that WE MUST CHANGE INTO A D.I.Y attitude (A Do It Yourself attitude), if we really want to save more forever, and to save more by tomorrow!

These people make us ‘feel’ that we are queens, and even kings, so they have to do all these businesses for us. But the Concept, is to make us feel lazy, so that we don’t do all of these common or menial jobs by ourselves so we will throw it on them and allow them to do them for us, in order to take even the little or small monies too we should keep in our pockets! That’s evil! We’ll never prosper! Well imagine, how can that lead to the journey of becoming wealthy in life?

Hence, when we do that we’re not living by wise-savings.

Seriously, as we said, the cause is an act of Laziness, and also an act of evil, which could render several people in our world today poor by the time they should get to their graves!

As a matter of fact, the whole thing has made us become lazy so that, we’re not able to touch the tool kit boxes by ourselves so that we could do all these things by ourselves.

Beloved, today, the system has boiled down to take away all that simple works that we can even close our eyes to do for ourselves in order to save most of our hard earned-monies! The rich, cannot do something like that!

So, how can you survive in your life, when the simple or menial services which you could do by yourselves, must as well be paid by us with our monies?

How can we do that?

Hence, we have put on ourselves more or extra expenses which we cannot surely handle. As a result of this problem, we think we need so much money in order to pay for even these so-called primary expenses, as well.

The idea of what God is saying here is that, we are to now prevent this ‘system’ which has been strategically designed, to take so much money from us from doing so from hence forth, or He will not mind us!

Otherwise, you’ll also end up becoming broke and extremely hungry and will be left with nothing, because you’re losing to the system each and every day, without knowing this, and it which will finally end you up in not becoming financially strong, but rather become a needy person, and a slave to this system for the rest of your life!

This is the kind of poverty which has caught up with many people on earth today, but obviously haven’t read to know why.

Listen to me: if you want to be rich it’s not everything which you pay for. It’s not everything society presents as sound ‘wisdom’ or business, which you should collaborate or should operate with or you should deem it as wisdom!

Thus, sometimes, we are the ones who are making life difficult for ourselves! Understand the Lord’s counsel and live, since He would have done the same things if He was here!

Now, when even menial jobs or even simple homemade tasks are now done by people for us on a daily basis for our monies how do we periodically, or consistently save?

Yes, both on the small denominations, and big denominations as well?

Now, by doing them ourselves, we will be able to save much coins or paper monies to ourselves, which we’re dishing out to them on a continuous basis. So therefore, all these have added up to our major life expenses, in an evil way, today!

Thus, if you don’t provide for yourself these simple home-kit tools or the tools you’ll end up letting these people do it for you, since you don’t have them around or available at home; but if you have them by practice you will end up learning how to do them by yourself and eventually become a professional or an expert, just as them.

Yes, we should do our own needle works when parts of our clothes get thorn! You don’t need to give all this simple work to someone else to do for you! Obviously, you know there’re important bills to pay!

Yes, so you could gather all your clothes that are thorn and do their mending or do the needle-work on them on a Saturday afternoon, or morning.

Yes, you could as well do all the small painting jobs your great house needs, without hiring a professional by just waking up one Saturday morning and doing them by yourself.

You could fix your shoes yourself when you think you should do them by yourself. Also, while at home learn to do some little carpentry works by yourself.

Don’t be lazy. Teach your children and the entire family in your house to learn to do it; and by so doing, dividing the works too with them, so eventually the house can save money!

Sadly, by means of some people’s laziness in the modern economy, money is always gotten out from their hands on a daily basis on simple tasks of which when they close their eyes they could easily do. They need not to dish all that money out there for people to keep unnecessarily!

By means of people’s laziness, they think that all that they have to do is to just dress up and go out there in town, and to look for people out there to admire them.

Will that bring up the ‘true wealth results,’ they need?’

That does not bring such keen results! It’ll just delay your progress in life!

Certainly, the wise people, or the people who want to become rich, do not do things like that. Sorry-it’s as just throwing your valued lives and properties away.

Yes, please remember from today, to do some dismantling and fixings all by yourselves; Wash the car you have by yourself and also learn to tidy up your private home often all by yourself. This is what we came to the world for!

When you’ve done this, calculate the money you would have spent on these, and see how you could have gone to be giving out there on a daily basis, which you could now be able to save-in addition to the above monies and resources you’ve saved and had previously gathered, to yourselves!

Thus, having a DO IT YOURSELF ATTITUDE TO EXERCISE YOUR BODY AND YOUR MUSCLES, could have also been good for you, which would also help you out in saving now, almost on a daily basis, leading you to Become Wealthy!

Understand that, WORK was designed for both productivity and for bodily exercises! Moreover, today, we have wiki-how and others who show us how to do too, almost everything by yourselves!

(Don’t worry, we’re about starting many of these DIY subjects on which also my site, according to the Lord’s instructions or upon the Lord’s wisdom).

Truly, men who begin to do these things (having a DIY attitude by themselves) are the men, who are going somewhere, to happen in this life.

So, if we could have been able to do these things (WORKS) by ourselves we would have been able to save all these monies too to ourselves, in addition to all the monies we would have been able to have out of step 1, and of step 2.

Our monies would have begun to grow steadily.

So then, why are we not doing it all by ourselves? Why are you letting people or companies do all these things for you, in the name of ‘professionalism’ which could be done by you?

Now, this work could be done by them for you unless this work is way beyond your expertise. Even that, I urge you to know something about what they’re doing, and know how to cut costs!

So, as I said, we’re allowing money to go out on a daily basis for no reason. Just remember, that I told you that, the Lord said that ‘The system has been designed to take away everything from you. The world is designed to take everything He has given to you everything you should have been able to save for yourself by they coming up with excuses, for us.’

So then, knowing that the system has been designed to take much money from you (according to the devil’s secretly perpetuated plans) refuse to let them do these kinds of jobs for you and then go by doing them yourself. Don’t be calling such businesses as ‘Professional Businesses.’ (Well, what else is not professional?).

They are all ways to be stealing or be taking monies from you which will eventually weaken the financial stands you kept, or have had!

Hence, you would have to have a DIY attitude in many areas of your life so that you can save much money to yourself in the developing home.

This will as well help you save much of your resources as well by not unnecessarily giving them out to people, which will add up to what they will also steal from you!

Thus, your monies and your resources will not be going anywhere; therefore you keeping the money circulating in your house, instead of far away out there in the system, and in their hands. (To be honest with you, this is how the rich behave, and will be keeping their monies around their corners).

Meanwhile you must remember, to teach your children to do the same too, if case you don’t have all the time and energy to do them all by yourself. After all, in every great house there must be a division of labour. Of course, what are our children, servants, wives or husbands there for? Will they not also benefit from this wealth too?

You will be helping these people in your house in the long and short runs so that they don’t end up growing up, to become wasteful to what you’re gathering, and actually letting the economy dupe them eventually, and to take away from them what you’d given them all to keep, as an inheritance!

Now, on the final advice on this particular topic, the Lord showed me some basic examples to show why He’s saying that we are wasting the resources He’s given us by letting people do these works for us instead of us doing them by ourselves in order to save our monies and stay in wealth!

So some of these examples I have explained in the next Chapter.

Let’s go find out!








The Cost of Production on the two Levels


Okay, meanwhile, do we realize that it costs us more if we allow people to do these kinds of works or simple tasks for us?

Let’s see some examples the Lord had immediately showed or shared with me:

The First Example:

How is it so?

For example: if you buy a needle and thread in Ghana, the total sum of this is just 6o Pesewas (0.13 cents) (small denomination).

If you learn basic skills you could just mend your clothes, but now you have given it to a tailor or a seamstress to take 5, 6, 60 or 80ghc (1.11, 1.34, 13.35, 17.80 usd. resp.) (big denominations), depending upon what type of dress it is.

What will you say? ‘That the Economy is hard?’ Now, that 30ghc (6.68 usd.) or 60ghc (13.35 usd) (big denominations) you’re are giving to them, could even buy a new dress as a whole or even pay a part of your children’s school fees.

You could as well take this money to the markets to buy yourself some foodstuffs to use in a week, or over, and thereby saving a lot more to yourself at the final end!

Meanwhile, the tailor, or the seamstress, does not give you back the rest of the thread or the needle he used after you’ve paid that money.

But, the needle and thread, which you bought and had done the mending by yourself, will still remain, for you to use over, and over for about 5months or a year, before, they perhaps. go out!

This is what the Lord made see.

So, obviously, we throw away money but we think it’s Him-oh it’s Him not dishing out money! He’s too hard, and He often doesn’t want to mind us! However, before you ask God, have you thought about what you’ve done?

We just short-circuited our own way of becoming wealthy!


The Second Example:

On the other hand, the whole sum of a shoe brush and a shoe polish is just 3.00ghc (0.67 cents) (small denomination) in Ghana.

You could as well use this polish for 3 months before it gets out if you should of course, use it well.

But anytime you call out for a cobbler or a ‘shoe-shine boy’ to make or do your polishing for you, he will take 1.00 ghc (0.22 cents) from you by using very small portions of this great container of polish!

He can use one polish to be polishing close to over 20 people’s shoes before this shoe polish would finally run out.

In other words, he just made a profit of 17ghc (3.78 usd) just on a 3ghc (0.67 cents) investment he had made.

And so, how many people’s monies had gotten into his hands in that way?

Hence, if it was your shoe he was polishing for 20 times, in which you allow him to come in and do it for you he would take 17.00 ghc (3.78) (big denomination) from you alone, through an investment of 3ghc (0.67 cents) he had made.

It means, he just made a profit of 17ghc (3.78 usd), from just you alone!

In other words, even just 5 times polishing of your shoe being 5gchc (1.11 usd) in sum, is even way higher than the total money of the kit altogether (which is the brush and polish) which he had used with huge remainings or leftovers too, for himself!

Meanwhile, he does not also return the remaining brush and the polish to you, though he’d charged you more than he bought those entire kits!

Hence, the price of what a person charges you for doing a small tasks of business for you for just 1 minute, 30 seconds or a day, is much higher than the entire package or the kits used, for such production of work which you know, you will be able to close your eyes and do it, all by yourself if you just wanted to!

So then, do we not want to lift our hands to do anything or even simple tasks or menial jobs by ourselves? Then, we are finally going to become broke-obviously speaking out of letting people do everything for us.


The third Example!

The Lord explained that most women are spending so much money daily on simple hair fixing and as well washing, which they could buy the kit one time and the shampoo, and therefore can be using if for 2-3 months if should be well managed!

Meanwhile, 1 washing which is by the use of ordinary water and liquid soap, could cost you 20ghc (4.45 usd) or more in a day-in Ghana.

And the remaining liquid soap, will not be given to them.

Meaning that, you’ll spend more in the salon, into someone’s pocket, if you should keep doing that for 1 or 2 months by payment!

Yet, you know that all that money you’re dishing out there could just have simply gotten you the kits or the containers of the liquid soap, probably 2 or 3 of them even in a month!


I have given you enough examples, so that you will understand what God is saying as He had explained it to me.

See how most of us are throwing away money, and we think that God is a Great Santa Claus to keep up supplying us with more anytime we need money in addition?

Understand that, God can’t be supplying us more, unless we have been doing enough management or savings on what we have been given for the sake of tomorrow, just as He’d talked about in the parable of the talents!

Then again, I have also given you enough examples in which the Lord is saying that the economy (system), per God’s view, is taking from us, or has been designed to take too much or so money from us from what they’ve been presenting us, and so immediately you get money, these things, some of which might be unnecessary all begin to call for the money you own, which you had sweated for, for days and for months!

Henceforth, you must prevent this from happening if you so want to be rich and you want to save more so you could have a huge bank account.

And so, let’s stop in behaving so ‘wasteful,’ to be throwing or giving out your monies in an unnecessary way. Even if you’re the World Bank, you must not do this so you do not break your account.

These are just 3 areas that I have showed you, but I tell you there are many more areas unrealized by us, which we have been spending monies unnecessarily, thus money keeps going out of our hands into the economy, in various tributaries as a result of the services people render for us!

But all that money you’re dishing out there could be put into your life savings, or to buy 10 times of the quantity of that kit, which you could personally use for about 2 years or more, thus, saving yourself more money in both the short and the long-runs.

That, in itself (getting the kits yourself in huge quantities), will now make you begin to feel richer because you will have in your house, available resources, together with these bulk quantities of food and water you had acquired. Meanwhile, you’re also beginning to learn how to save both your big denominations and the little pennies equally, and with no interruptions!

This all means that, people capitalizing upon our act of laziness is one of the reason why we’re becoming broke, and losing much money to them, or to the economy on a daily basis.

Well, have you not been throwing money away unnecessarily and constantly, and yet have not realized all this?

Therefore today, more money has been going out of our hands but less money, has been coming back into our hands as the days go by, making us believe we to think we’re financially in-secured.

Start preventing this day, by starting to do these medial jobs or simple tasks yourself, and you will obviously be seeing how much you’ll be saving to yourself, even though you’re the surest poor man!

So then, we must do something to safeguard our assets or properties ourselves now, before it should becoming even more difficult!

The economy is not hard; its about our mind and motives, and how we live our lives, especially when we copy how others are foolishly living and throwing out their lives in an attempt to make us as a world think, they’re living rich lives, by the purchase of many things, which includes many menial services, they can actually do without!

So we need to change our minds, certainly on these things and change your mind on some of the things or businesses, which you let others do for you by acquiring the kits or the tool boxes all by yourselves and once and for all, so that you should get more leverage in the economy!

Hence, this is why God is also saying that, to also overcome the economic hurdle, we must also get the tools and kits which we know we can use them in the house, for these works which we dearly want for ourselves.

But if we don’t do these, we are going to have a hard time living to meet our needs and our goals, for while we are throwing much money away others are capitalizing on that, to take much money from us.








Step 4

Change the Strategy of Business



‘To the New Failing Businesses and Existing Businesses Around’

If you are already in Business, or you are about to enter into business, this is also an advice from the Lord to you all.

The Lord then said that we should,

‘Change the format of our Businesses. Never put trust in your Customers, but rather put your trust in the home.’

On the fifth step, He had explained that we have a very bad motive of what a business actually is, and that is one of the reasons why, most of us are suffering in business.

According to Him, we have mostly thought that,

‘The business we do is much more important than our homes we live in,’ and this is because this is what is bringing us money.

But according to Him, that is a big lie and it is one things which is making us suffer, both as sole proprietors (individual businesses) and large scale businesses as well. This has been creating the reason why we actually fail in life and have also been finding it difficult to have comfort in life.

He had said that even so, the so called Big Time Businesses actually do the same. It’s a motive they’ve all been having, just because they have been having money from their businesses as well.

However, it’s not true that your home is less important than your business, or your business is much more of important than your home you actually live in. The home you live in, is better!

You must develop your Home as a back-up before you develop your Business.

Upon the Lord’s view, between your House or your Home and your Business, or your Public situated Store or Company, your Home is much more of importance than any of them, despite the fact that it brings immense benefits.

He had explained that, our businesses are neither the Home nor the paradise we want to build but the Home is the paradise or your paradise. In fact, that is why logically we call the home, or the house, The Resting Place!

Hence, the Home or your Land is the End Product, for this is where you know you get or save your food! It’s where you get your rest or your sleep and your comfort and also live, with your family (your children and your wife); and it’s actually where you live and stay, each and everyday.

Hence, the business you do outside there or the business company you have outside there is not actually the End Product or your end point to your life, but your Home, is the End Product or the End Point to your entire Life. Thus, your Home is going to be the End Point to all your businesses, which you have founded in town.

Now, with this important idea it means that if your businesses are not going on well, but at the point, your home is good, having almost all the necessities to feed you, which you’ve done by a lot of savings and investment then you have done good, and you can be counted as Successful, Rich and Wise by Him.

But, if your business  is not good or going on well, and as well your home is also not well not actually having the basic necessities of life then you have failed because you don’t have anything to give you the ‘Rest’ you and your family needs at home.

It also means that if you have a billion dollar machine at your work place or at your business center, but don’t have anything at your home, that is, absolutely no food, no water and other basic necessities of life, then it means you have also failed too in life!

In fact, a man who does that is foolish!

Per what the Lord had said to me, as a result of we thinking that the business we own are more important than our homes, we usually carry much of our monies, and go out there and go and put it into a business or into that business, just so that we can get much more in returns, and in that expense start abandoning our homes or giving our homes less concentration.

According to the Lord, this is not a proper way of a proper Economic Management, and that is where most of us fail in life, and then we also eventually start getting ourselves into serious a economic troubles.

Indeed, it’s now a motive we have, and it’s now making us (many of us in the business) circles fail too in life.

What do we need to do?

If you have this understanding, then it means that (per what the Lord says) we have to use much of our resources or the income we’ve got or gained to first provide at least almost everything for the house or our homes should need before we go out there to say we’re doing or starting up a business!

Well go on, you’ll understand.

Now, this is because at the end the home is the place where we all want to build. And so we must start by developing it first before our businesses in town.

This means, before you ever start doing a business, wisely you need to provide a lot of things for your home first, including a lot of food, water, and other basic necessities of life which your home needs before you start a business, or your business.

Hence what we mean is that your capital must first go into your home development before you use the rest to start your public situated store,or business.

Hence, spend close to about 90% of your income, or your capital to develop your home first and then start using the other 10%, to rather develop, or to start up your business. Yet, we mostly spend more in our businesses.

Yet, since the home is much more important than your business, that is where your first investment must be. So the first security you must actually provide is the security to the most important One first, being your Home before your Business.

Secondly, He had said that, because the Business is also a ‘means’ to an ‘end,’ don’t trust it more than the ‘end’ being the Home.

That means, wisely, you need to provide for yourself first a lot of Food and Water at Home, with all the basic things that your home needs first, according to step1, step 2, and step3 which have been provided in this book, before, you go out there to even start a business.

What He means is that, most of us rather think that since it is the business which would rather bring us the money, we go and put all our monies into the businesses and start forgetting now about the home, and having less concentration about the house, thus providing less resources and concentration for the house.

Finally, He’d explained that when we have done this and not taking care of our homes, it means, we have put our fate into the hands of the customers whom we’re hoping should come around and buy our services and products in the markets.

He said that, now when they don’t come after they have promised you they will come to buy, then your entire world, comes crashing down, just because we had put our fate in the hands of the customer, who had told us he or she would come to buy goods and services from our business locations.

And so why did our world come crashing?

Yes, it was because they had not come to buy from us, and then you’ve found out that, you do not have much or enough provisions at home too, which is much food, water, and other basic necessities of life at home, to take care of the people of your home or house for the day.

Now, you are now left with nothing. And your business and your house have gone broke.  You are now actually wondering what you and your family will eat, wear, or drink at home, because nobody has come to buy from your goods and services business, just so that, you and your family should get something to eat! Oh yes, you’d trusted in your customers so much, and they’d failed you!

But what was the main or first mistake?

Well, according to the Lord, it was because you had put your trust in your business more, putting more money there and putting more trust in the promises of your customers, which you’d  believed they would have redeemed, and would have come to buy from you (your shop) to get you some sales!

Well, now, that has been a wrong investment you took. Yes, that has been the wrong step!

According to Him, what we actually do sell in business is a leftover, and not ‘the principal money of your income,’ because of the fact that, the home is much better than your business.

We begin business, by spending more of the money at developing the home, and using the remaining balance for starting the business.

Now, in this case, whether somebody comes to buy or not, you don’t care much or you actually care less, because it is your LEFT OVERS you sold, or your leftovers you’d actually taken out of your entire income to start your business, and to sell or do business with them. The Real Money, You Spent It On The House, So Your Customers Decision Will Not Change The Financial And Economic Statuses Of The House!

Hence, per the Lord’s instruction, do not use all your money you gain or you have on you to go and put into a business, when you haven’t first provided enough ‘back-up’ at home, or for your home or house first to prevent depending too much on your customers, or your customers decision. Their decisions shouldn’t determine the fate of the house!

So, you should rather furnish your home first or you should let your home first have the best part of your money, and then use ‘the Left Over sum or  your left over resources, to go out there to start your business or do your business (es) as the best security measures!

These are the better steps or the wise-steps everybody should take before he or she may think of going out there to start his business.

In that view,

  1. Whether, they (as customers) come to buy or not you’re not perturbed or worried. From home, you’ll still be able to enjoy your life, regardless of anything!
  2. And this was because, it was your ‘leftovers’ you’d used to do the business but rather, not your principal money.

Certainly, you’ll never be bordered by what happens or happened in your businesses, if you’re investing your ‘leftovers,’ to be your business capital!

So, if you have not done these things as a business man is to do, rather for your own sake or good, go back to your home, and do these security measures or things, by first providing a lot for your household as your security measure, and then come back to your business markets, to use your left over resources to start out your business, and to play risks or do business with them.

Hence, in that fate, you do not ever put your life or jeopardize your life in the hands of your customer’s decision.

According to the Lord, our desires for money is what has created for us so much focus on our businesses than for our homes, and therefore we end up investing too much or more than enough into the businesses and then when the business weather goes down we end up losing so much of our monies, especially in an instance where there’s fire outbreak or the customers did not come to buy, or there was a sudden economic down-turn.

Please, do not forget that even if your business is making it big in the markets today, don’t think that you may always you’ll always be safe, or you’ll always have it so. This is not a curse; this is the right security measures. Things happen; and customer’s loyalties, can always change and they can take you by surprise!

You have to note that if you’re not careful you could lose all that you have there in the markets, or all that investments have there in the markets, which we know are based on risks!

Indeed, it has happened to so many people that is why you too should have ‘a tight security measure’ at home, that much more important place first, before you go out there to say you’re starting or launching a business product or business service.

Yes, these are the secrets of the wise, by which they reduce their risks, and will rather stay above on top!

According to the Lord, play risks on your Leftovers. (And indeed, it’s also very good to play risks on your leftovers, when the business hadn’t yet succeeded as well, to save much of your monies and income).

So, start by playing the risks on ‘leftovers’ in business, but though you begin to play the risks on leftovers, it doesn’t mean you should waste these invested resources.

But according to the Lord, from there you should begin to learn how to take up a ‘leftover’ business to the top in order to get a double portion from both ends (that is, from your business and from your home in order to be ultimately successful).

(Now, the Lord had also shown me how to take a leftover business to the top) in order to increase at both ends, through His wise counsels!

For example, to make it as well with your ‘leftover’ business you have to target the right audience so that you do not put or direct your time and resources towards the wrong people, thereby saving your profitable time and monies.

(Please, don’t assume that just because you’re in business, just anybody else would love what you do, that is your business, or your product or your services.

Just take your business, and take it to the right people (or audience) who will need it.

For example: take your shoe business to those who need or love shoes (not just anybody who may love your shoe), so then, narrowing down your target. (This will make the business grow quicker and sweet)!

Then, you must also have to do a massive evangelism (marketing) towards this target audience by (You) going to them with the product or the services.

(Now, He’d said that, never ever wait on them to come to you. If you should sit at your shop you may sit there, and obviously time and of course money, will pass by!

Set up your pricing and packaging very well.

Get their contacts (Make sure, you do this)…as well as many other things He had told me which makes you to strike hard, and fast, even with this surplus you have strategically put into the business!

(Yes, I cannot share all of them here). Of course, there are many other things you need to know before going about each of them.

(For instance; He’d told me how to price your goods and services too in a hard economic time so that you can hit lots of sales just us He made Isaac sowed and reaped in a economic hard time with His strategy).

Hence, investing more into the business is not the first security measures you need to take because the Lord had said that, He does not promise anybody at all to have a fair weather always in business.

Thus, in His wisdom He he’d created two seasons a ‘Wet Season,’ and a ‘Dry Season’ to show us that these 2 seasons should or will definitely come into anybody’s life or into anybody’s business life, yet taking the right measures, will not keep you perturbed!

Hence, you should not always trust that, your business will have ‘Wet Seasons,’ all the time. Oh yeah, obviously, though we pray does not mean we should always experience break- throughs!

(Some fallow or dry periods are equally or also important).

Hence, the best security method which you need to take is, using much of your resources you’ve gained to first supply much stuff for the home as your security measure, before should you go out there to play up upon risks in business!

Thus, you’ll be safe and you won’t be worried forever, about whatever happens in the business or in the business economies. Be wise-don’t let the business economies determine your fate! So be wise, knowing how hard money is hard to come by! (Don’t let the economy, take it from you)!

So change the strategy of your businesses right away, so that whatever happens in the face of the business markets, your home statuses, will not still be affected!

If the wise do this they’ll also become wiser even in business!










Now, after you’ve changed your strategy of doing business the Lord adviced that, you must be able to do many or multiple businesses from then!

This was what He finally said to me:

“There’s no rich or wealthy man, who does only one kind of job in life or just one kind of business.  Every rich does many jobs or businesses, on the go!’’

Obviously, what the Lord meant there was that, the riches of great men of wealth actually stems out from multiple streams of income they have, from several asset management, several investments and countless businesses they do, but not just one!

And so, though you’re going to do business with strategy, you’d have to understand that, you might also have to do many jobs or businesses from your new savings, to immediately minimize your investment risks and to also increase for you, various sources of income, to increase your chances of getting closer to wealth and abundance in the shortest possible time!

Therefore, as the wise counselor said, to become wealthy or rich faster cast your bread  on many waters, and also try not to put your eggs into only one basket!

Therefore, the Lord adviced that to become very wealthy you’re obviously supposed to open up multiple businesses to generate for you, multiple streams of income! Hence, whiles you’ve done well to increase savings, you’ll also do well in increasing the income levels, as well!

This is part of life’s security, as it ensures you’re always benefiting each and every day too in addition to all that you’ve had, from multiple sources of income so you can maximize the speed of increasing, in wealth!

Well, according to Him, those who benefit or depend on one job lose a lot when their work or businesses should collapse! So, once a job or one business is not security enough!

This is why the Rich Men Never Do Only One Kind Of Business!

So then, from multiple sources one or many more of your businesses may survive even if one of your businesses should collapse or should lose, thus also minimizing your risks in your financial investments!

‘Thus, numbers are also a part of risk management!’

Hence in a hard economic time such as we find in our world now, as well, opening multiple sources of businesses should help you overcome many risks.

So, one thing you must always be sure of is this: that ‘there’s no rich man, who does just one kind of business!’

It’s 100% true!

Moreover when the Lord had said this to me I did my research and found out that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, who have been all topped, as the richest men on earth all do multiple different portfolios or different kinds of businesses!

Warren Buffet alone has close to a 100 companies!

If you try, you could be able to do such a thing!

Therefore in a man like Buffet’s case, these were basically multiple streams of financial generation and this was to safeguard him from any attempt of crushing down!

So, by opening many business companies, he Buffet has now very low risks in becoming poor or fully bankrupt, or from fully going out of business!

(Even all the companies he owns are assets he can resell too to generate money back again, should the principal business collapses).

Now, sadly though I hate to say this, most people who’re doing governments jobs, and have been made (poised) to do that only one job too, are not going to be very wealthy too since they may only be earning from only one source of income!

Yet, most of the amenities they use are also government amenities!

That’s so true.

And even if their pension is also going to fetch them something good enough they may not live to enjoy it, since today, the average life span of man is far reducing!

Nevertheless, people who are in the private sector who have the time and the chance to do more jobs or businesses on the go, are likely to personally expand, and exceed their limits in their business circles!

No wonder, all the top richest and wealthiest men, are not government employees!

So then begin by finding also, many businesses to invest first your leftovers into, minimizing each of your risks before gradually working out each of them to take them to the top as Warren or Buffet has done!

That was how each rich man had ‘stemmed’ up by actually playing risks first, on their ‘leftovers,’ before they launched out deep into the markets by cautiously working it out!











Is it good to invest into financial securities? Should you add it as part of your investment portfolios? Or between your businesses and financial securities, which one is better? Can you add it to the portfolios of investments at this very  good stage too?

Should you consider it in amassing wealth, at this level too? Do you need to add it as part of your business portfolios?

‘’Now, at this level you can add financial securities, to your investments,’’ said the Lord to me! However, He made me realize that I must be able to understand the risks and benefits in all, and how to combine the two, at this level!

Now, according Him people have tried each of them and have failed or have succeeded! Thus, both of these have high or low success rates depending on how undergo it.

Obviously, you can primarily start a ‘leftover’ business, from scratch and lose everything if things does not go on well!

Yes, you can equally invest into some kind of financial securities or opportunities and lose almost all your whole money when that business company should collapse, or should run losses today or tomorrow!

Yet, you could as well start with little income or capital, and grow your business from the scratch to the top by reinvesting your profits or perhaps, acquiring some loan assistance and making it WORK too at the end!

Meanwhile, if you should put the same little income into buying financial securities, you may not get anything substantial in return, even for several years!

So it can take almost your entire life for that money to mature, which will slow your time in which you make money, or the returns!

Besides, you can’t use a business loan you went for, to put into this kind of business…where the rates of interests can be small.

This pre-supposes that, financial securities demands a huge sum of money which you’re going to save quite a long period before you can truly benefit, while still having a drum-full of risks. It may, or perhaps may not be trusted!

Meanwhile, your own businesses could do well even with little if you should do the right things, and play the right games. (Yet, don’t forget that you can still lose!).

Now, by direction this was what the Lord said, or adviced as your steps you should take!

According to the Lord, first start a left over business, with the small capital you have.

And you must read, learn and acquire the necessary wisdom to enable you to prosper in these kinds of businesses before you eventually start the business!

Now, after you’ve profited you could perhaps use quite some of your good returns to invest into the financial Securities which have lower risks but high gains both in the long, and in the short-runs.

Yet, one of the best amongst them which is with lowest risks but with potential high gains is Fixed Deposit.

Moreover, He said that if you have money, and think you can start with both the Fixed Deposits, and with more excess to start your own product or service businesses, you can go ahead to do both too, at the same time!

Therefore, both two ways become ways of making money for both now and in the future.

You’ll just have to find about the businesses which move faster in your locality which have low risks and invest your capital into it!

To get more, spread your capital in many of these business opportunities or setups that is, if you have more income or money!

This of course will help you to “save” part of your capital if in case one of your business project should collapse. After all, as we said, it is not good to put all your eggs into one basket!

Hence, doing many ”safe” businesses at a time will obviously bring you the multiple streams of income, including your returns from financial securities!

So you’re learning like the rich in our societies who never do just one type of investments!).

Meanwhile, in the future if you see other lucrative financial portfolios you can as well choose to invest into them!

Government Bonds, Real Estate, Bills and some types of shares or securities are also some you may follow, provided they should pay well in your country!

However, that should not be the first step you should follow.

However, you personally having for yourself very low risk businesses which are all also quick paying should be what should be in your mind, and should be what you’d invest more monies into, to maximize your potentials in raising and acquiring the best financial income levels which you need to have!

So after getting this done, you should invest into low risk but high-returns financial securities too just as some lucrative add-ups!

Therefore all can help you now or then, but having your own businesses bringing in great returns everyday is the most lucrative, and must be most important to you!

Yes, that’s what the Lord said to me! Learn how to plan things yourself, and should perfectly be around your own projects or works, in which you should earn better!

Try and do many businesses, and the best and first place to start these businesses, should just be at your house.

So then, your own business’ growth will come through consistent studies, constant researches to even know, and knowledge to find the right perfect talent or strategies-most prosper by their talents than by a job!

Moreover, disciplining yourself to learn too, to learn from most wealthy people’s dire experiences, can help you to overcome the hurdles of the ‘leftover’ business. And so there are ways you can take your leftover businesses, from onset to the top!

Final securities are good, but do your businesses should also become the back-ups should financial securities fail! So, while the foodstuff provisions become the back-ups for the ‘leftover’ businesses, the businesses become the back-ups for the financial securities!

Hence, this should suggest that, even though you’re going to buy financial securities, no matter what financial security you might end up buying you should still keep up with your businesses, which shall survive as back-ups for any eventual situation, in regard to financial securities: you’ll never be perturbed even anything should go down because you have innumerable businesses already!

So here is it; your own businesses are better than financial securities-take it from me!

Therefore, struggle to do it! It ain’t right, for people to be controlling much of your income for you! Honestly, every man should, and must be able to control from 80-90% of his financial assets (resources) or income! You should not risk it! Don’t go and put all your principal monies as well into a financial securities, no matter what! This too, should be the leftovers of your business, though it could be some big sum of your money sometimes!

Thus, financial resources amongst your resources are not the best form of economic resources! Those which are the best form of economic resources are what you’re about to see in Chapter 9!

By these wealth makers, you should never lose, and they’re even more yielding and even more better than money, for they actually control money!







Step 7

Change Your Mind about Money

(Focus on RESOURCES!)


Finally, and on the last step, the Lord said we should change our mind about Money, and get ‘Resources.’

On the 7th step, the Lord said to me that money should not be the goal of everything.

It must be ‘Resources’ and most importantly, resources that are natural or organic and have a better lifespan. For example: a land, livestock, a building, your personal water resource, and sometimes including a personal food farm).

Today, a lot of people like to hoard money or keep the money largely in their accounts when they need to dispose off that money to get a ‘primary resource’ like land, or shelter or even a building.

Think about it, the price of buildings, lands and the price of animals never depreciate most often but often money does with changes in dollar rates, so on and so forth.

This is why we find ourselves broke sometimes.

We know that, people do keep a lot of money in their accounts and after the price of goods and services have gone so high, then their money, as against the dollar rates, and as against the new prices of the commodities on the markets, had depreciated.

In other words, if they had gotten those products and services earlier on they would have saved more money.

They would have even gotten more money, from the sale of the product now, which now has high value than at first.

Thus, learn from God, that the end product is not the hoarded Money, but the Resource (the resources: land, building, food, food (farm lands), and livestock), water reservoir, and not the Money.

According to the Lord, instead of us focusing our minds on the Resources, we are focusing our minds on money, as though the money is the end-product to our lives or to the end of everything, which we need.

Our Monies have become the End Products for us nowadays.

But, we must first learn, per the Lord’s instructions, to take our eyes off money and then start focusing on the Resources now.

The Money (which is a Medium of Exchange), is a medium, even as the Economists say, and not the end product to our lives: we have made the Money, which by definition is a medium, to become the End product to our lives.

You see it is not the Money, we directly use on our bodies or on ourselves: rather, it is the End Product which is the Resource, we use upon ourselves. Of course, the money is what we use in acquiring these Resources which we have to use upon ourselves, but that actually does make the money more important.

So, if there are no resources, what can the money buy? Of course, if there are no resources, men will still be perishing with their so much monies.

For this reason, it makes the resources stand out first more than the money, for without the resources money is useless, or cannot afford anything!

After all, money was just created by man. This as well, should tell you that what God creates (the resources) is more powerful than what man creates-the money (the money). After all, the monies too are still made out of God’s very own resources (His trees).

Therefore, money in actual fact is not what is controlling resources: the availability or the absence of our resources, is what determines how much values our monies are going to have.

For instance, the availability or unavailability of Oil is going to determine how much OPEC is going to now tell us, how much (in the dollar rates) each of us are going to pay for. In other words, the Oil has just controlled the Currency (the Money).

Therefore, those who in actual fact control resources are those who are actually in control of the World Prices, not those who claim they carry so much money in their pockets!

Hence, a slight change in the availability of the resource could just change the initial value of their capital, or savings or their financial resources.

They’re the ones who control the World (Behold, I show you a Mystery).

Thus, imagine you carrying so much money, and I still refuse to sell my natural resources to you (food, water, lands, buildings), your so much money will still be irrelevant; and you’re still going to die anyway, though you’ll still be having a great financial resource!

This is why the Mystery is that those who control resources control the four corners of the World! And those who control the resources actually control the power the governments, and the movements of all the monies!

Hence, you can’t tell me, money is the End Product. And you cannot also tell me that, money is more powerful than the resource.

By wisdom too, you can’t do away with the God-factor if you want to have power over resources, or you want to have wealth. So you must study from God how to make wealth, by His plans, and then learn to pray, and to ask Him!

A country which tries to reject the God-factor are just messing up with their own lives and creation itself, does not believe them.

Thus, and actually no nation can do without God and still be okay because God is controlling His own resources from the angle point of heaven, and creation, that is (He, and the resources) are one, and are in obeisance to Him alone!

Hence, this is why God said that ‘He’s the one to give the power to make wealth, since He has and controls the resources. Even, men and kings heart are controlled by Him.’

Therefore, it is God’s creations that must give relevance to the movements of man’s creations, which is money. Therefore, money, in actual fact, being a man’s creation, is not important than the natural resources God has created, for the natural resources are what we directly use upon our bodies, to cause the body to live, and not actually this money, called the medium!

But what we’re doing is that, we are actually just searching for the Money and not maintaining our resources: or we’re just acquiring the money, fantasizing over them, and not acquiring the best kind of resources.

That’s foolish in terms of generating wealth. Therefore, money is not first wealth.

So, instead of hoarding the Money, dispose off that money to go and get yourself the Resources, which are powerful, or to make you more powerful-for you’ll have the End Products everybody wants; and to control.

(If you still hold money, it’ll depreciate, for you to be growing righ!).

Acquiring the resources is what will make you become so powerful over money and to also come in control over World Market Prices even from here, and to some points determine the movements of people, goods, services, time, and any thing in the world. (Oh yes, purposely, this is what we call wealth!).

This is what the Lord’s Spirit explained to me in terms of the Power to get wealth, and to equally become financially independent at the end. Ah, if you even have the resources, you don’t need money to eat; you can as well easily barter them.

Note: if you have the resources, even Governments worldwide will search you for a taste of your resources!

who’s called a Poor Man?

Therefore, this was what the Lord said to me that ‘we need to change the way we calculate wealth, and as well should change our mind about what wealth is, for most of us have gotten it all wrong, because wealth is not about the money we love so much, but must be first calculated by the abundance of Natural and Organic Quality Resources which must develop and improve life.’

‘Thus, if you have money,’ and you don’t use it to do anything, especially in the investment of the things that are positive, then you are Poor. You are still considered a Broke or a Poor Person’ because you have not yet used them on the primary and the best primary products which are the best resources of life, that you need to help support your biological health so you could improve in your body and in your total well-being as a biological human being.

For a basic example, if I have the money and I am hungry, but I do not use the money to buy food, brother, what do you think will happen to me? I would still die. Hence, it is not the money that is important but it’s the food. Yet, the food that I must use my money to buy, must be healthy, good, and quality, and should not ever give me any health problems or situations whatsoever. This means, with Wealth-Making, Quality is extremely important, not just quantity or the abundance!

So then if that is not the case, I have used my money on waste, wasting my money on bad resources and for using it, to self-destroy myself. (So in getting the resources, the resources must be Quality; you can’t do without Quality).

So in this case, having money does not mean you have yet acquired the basic best necessities of life, until you have acquired them, and also until you have used them in their best or quality form, you are still broke, unsatisfied, and you’ll not wealthy yet!

Thus, it’s not about having so much money but it’s about having the abundance of best quality resources as your own, to have your life and health boosted up.

Hence, if you have resources but they’re not in their best form, the Lord considers you as still incredibly broke, because that quantity will be worthless!

Thus, getting the Money, is not the Solution. It’s a Means; but the Solution is going for the best quality form of resources, and not the bad or worse quality form of resources; wasting your money on bad quality resources, is also a waste. You’ve just wasted your Money, and you’ll soon ‘destroy’ your health in addition. So, your money, should not bring you down but it should take you up or cause you to live better and longer-and of course, that obviously can be guaranteed, by quality!

Hence, if you’re even called ‘the Richest Man on Earth’ and you still haven’t been able to get your ‘goods and services, in their very best form’ that should help you build your life, you’re still considered poor by God, since obtaining the money, hasn’t yet guaranteed that you’ve now obtained the best kind of wealth yet. Yes, you’ll still be consuming junk, and you’ll still not know it, in which that can obviously lead you to your grave!

Note: there are so many rich men and women who have used their monies to spend on junk foods, drinks, and other dangerous properties, and have died so early than we had expected. Indeed, they had died out of stress, and cancers, and also incurable diseases; but who had more money than them?

So don’t just tell God just because you have the money, you have still ‘enjoying’ life. And those who have used their monies to buy resources what kind of resources do you have? Actually, that’s the kind of matter we need to ask!

Acquiring the best form of quality resource you and your wife will enjoy to benefit from is one thing, and having the money with any kind of resources, are also another thing; and they’re not wealth!

To have a total benefit from your monies you must have the best form of quality resources necessary for your life to be surrounding you and your family, and then, you’d have done a great investment on your money. This is understandably the best wealth investment, a wise man is supposed to do.

Even if you focus on the best quality resources of life because they will abundantly help and save your life, they will help you to save more money at the end.

Thus, you must focus on these best kind or important life resources and money I can perfectly say, will be of no use to you. They will save you and they will help you keep more back, eventually.  Thus, the Life is in the ‘Resources,’ and not the Money; And the life is a quality resource, not in an abundance of a weak product!

In getting the resources get the best lands, get good food, and then pure quality water resource, before thinking of piling down money in the bank account.

Therefore, if you have  so much Money, and you have not used it to acquire not just resources, but actually the best kind of Human Life’ resources, which humans inevitably needs, you’re broke with your money and still considered poor.

So, for instance, the wealth of a man, or a nation, can be determined by this. Let’s not care how much money America has (if I’m only permitted to use this as an example); though they’re rich, if they don’t have the best of the kind of resources they’re monies, cannot be considered as riches, per God’s view. Your monies is not the end-products to Him!

Assuming they don’t have ‘quality food and water, ‘ and all as a country they’re boasting about is Money, and the whole country is eating junk food, drinking bad water in abundance, they’ve still not gotten the life resources yet, and can still, per God’s view be considered, as poor; because their monies are not what they will eat directly into their stomach, or will drink directly which shall give Americans the direct life they need being the kind of long-life they need to have or God should forever wishes for them!

They can only be considered rich if they use all that money they have to feed the people with the best kind of resources that must man must live upon so they don’t die out of some food cancers or some strange disease! Resources must not bring death, stress, and any kind of shortness, in a man’s life span!

Please, understand the example God is giving here, not that we hate America (obviously not) but wants to realign our thoughts or our mentalities about what ‘wealth’ actually is; for the Wealth is not in the Money because after all the Resources are what controls the movements, and the economies of money circulating around us! In fact, the Wealth Itself Is The Money!

And so, if the U.S government uses their monies, technologies and other properties to acquire for the people of their towns, the best of the life-resources, that’s only when Americans could be considered to be very rich before His Standards!

(For most of us have gotten many things wrong about what ‘Wealth’ is, that wealth is in the money, which is not. Wealth, is in the best quality form of resources life must demand for).

Our inability to understand properly what wealth is, has not helped us (many of us), to plant our seeds well, being our monies well into what we really need to get or acquire, since we can pack a junk of things and wave it, as ‘Wealth.’

Yes, that in itself is foolishness, since you’re just going to self-destroy yourself and as well, shorten your eternal lifespan, with them. Therefore we must check what we buy, to consider as Acquired Wealth!

But why should you look at your lifespan, and invest into things or into resources which will destroy it and to shorten your lifespan? (Hence, invest into the natural organic resources that should energize or vitalize your life, which will finally strengthen it).

Certainly, we cannot be investing into things (the resources) that gives cancer (innumerable sicknesses and diseases), those which choke our gutters, destroy our ozone layer, bring about air pollutants, bringing about environmental degradation, wars instead of peace, and live ignorantly in these abundance of abundance, and brag ourselves, and call it wealth.

So, it’s not about the ‘Money’ or the sort of ‘Technologies,’ you should have, but the ability to use both the money and the ‘technologies’ you have, to acquire for yourself or to get the best Quality Nature Of Resources we inevitably need to survive a day on. Then you’ll have a longer-life span on earth and call it wealth; Hence, having a longer life span, can be called ‘wealth.’ After all friend, is not all that we want for?

Secondly, if Bill Gates (giving us another example) will still have several millions of dollars but if he does not have ‘food and water’ in their best quality form he still can be considered broke.  He still does not have what it takes to actually live right. Then He still has not made good use of His money.

So, until he had used his money to get quality food, water, and land, which will give him the lifespan he needs, we can say that he still not rich yet, or he still has nothing to boast himself of yet. And so, he still doesn’t have ‘life’ he and his family needs-again, know that I’m not attacking Bill!

So then, understand that the Life is in the Resources, not actually in the Money we are holding or keeping in the bank accounts, and fantasizing over them in our minds. Calling someone, the Richest Man on Earth, with the use of Money, per God’s explanations does not mean He has anything. But if He has the abundance of the best form of resources, and also, has the money to acquire, then He can be considered very rich. ‘Thus, the best wealth must be calculated by the abundance of quality resources, but not with money first. A lot of people have money but can still live in the abundance of waste because of their ignorance in what they’re buying up today!

Until the money has been used to receive the best quality resources you need or must have, you do not have anything, yet.

Hence, this is what the Lord means that you’re still broke.

‘So, actually poverty is not when you don’t have money, but when you don’t have or own the direct life resource in their abundance.’

Hence, if you have the money, but you are still not using it to do anything then you’re still broke because that isn’t direct, or the complete satisfaction. Satisfaction is when you’re able to have the resources in their best form not when you have just money. So, why keep them when people are always using their own to buy assets (the actual resource?)

Why still keep the money when people are being able to buy lands for building their houses or homes; for doing their businesses and acres of land as well for serving themselves with the best kind of food they would need to eat, which we know are the actual resources life should inevitably depend on?

Haven’t you seen someone having so much money and still the person was able to die? And so we must have the resources to consume but not the money. What we are doing is fantasizing over the money which we’ve piled down in our bank accounts, meanwhile waiting as the main resources are going out of extinct!

Until you use the money on the resources you still have nothing! So if you tell me you have a million dollars, does not yet mean you have anything before me! It’s just one step, but there’s an actual step!

According to Economists Satisfaction is when you have consumed the actual resources and not when you have fantasized over them.

To me, Satisfaction is when you have first gotten the most important life long saving products, which are food, water, livestock, farms and a building-of course, these we cannot do without!

Also, using money to get resources which are not the first basic necessities of life like enough food, water, shelter and land, but to use it to acquire a car and a phone means you have resources but still don’t have the most important resources of life yet, or as well.

First, Satisfaction is first guaranteed when we have gotten the first basic human life resources and not the money. Therefore, if you have so much money then and you have still not been able to acquire any of these resources in good quantities, then you are not there yet, still broke and sadly, broke of the best kind of life resources.

Hence, the money is not as important as resource acquisition.

The Resource is the End Product not Our Monies.  So, as you’re piling down the money, but you still have not still obtained for yourself the (best sorts of) resource then you are still not having the life you must live.

However, when I am talking about resource I’m talking about Lands, buildings, livestock, farm (food) and Water but not the so called Prestige Goods.

Hence, if you have so much money and you have not been able to use it to receive your goods and services then you’re a fool, because the basic life resources which you and the family needs are still not there, nor still around you, brother! You’re not yet to boast!

Therefore, the fact that you have the money doesn’t mea, or guarantee that you’ve gotten the answers to perfect life-issues yet!

Thus, stop fantasizing over the monies, and get yourself the important resources which should make you a lot more whole in yourself.


The Power of Resources over Money

The Lord then said to me that, ‘If we know that, money is just a medium of exchange, and not the actual resource but those He has created then it is for us to importantly know, that there are resources, or some major resources we need in order to keep ourselves alive. Now, if a country has them, then the country is much safer or should be considered richer!

So then, the countries, or people which do have them should never waste them or throw them away. Indeed, we must remember that God had given resources to Adam and Eve and not Money; He knew what He was doing!

Obviously, if money was more important than resources God would have given him money first and not the resources. (There was not even a sign of money there on that day-yes, we’re making noise about it). The money was in their resources, telling us how important the resources were over the money.

Today, we’re talking or looking so much about or towards the money, but not looking or talking so much about the main life resources.

(That’s our wrong focus, because interestingly it’s even the resources that help us to create money, or financial economic systems, and that helps us to determine also, the movements or the flows of money).This means that we’ve also been influenced very wrongly.

There are those resources that directly have impact upon us, and there are those that do not have direct impact upon our lives.

According to the Lord the resources He’d created, have varying degrees of importance and ‘Money is not one of them.’

In their order of importance, we have



(Considering the fact that we have a Land).

(Phone, Cars are not the basic necessities of life, as well as many other things we are now spending our monies on).

Imagine you sitting in a car and having a phone of several thousands of dollars, yet all that you drink as in the water you drink is a very bad water indeed, and the food you eat is also a very bad food, or have been classified as junk foods, which are full of chemicals, you’re going to soon die, and it means you’re not as well being very wise in such an investment!

First, get the ‘Quality Foods and Water in Abundance’ for you to use a long time before all of these ‘prestige’ goods should come.’

That is a better form of investment; for tomorrow, if you are hungry and thirsty, you will not be eating up your watches, and your phones, and your cars, which you have invested so much money into them.

Indeed, people just want to buy a car, just because they want a first stage of prestige in life. To me, that’s not prestige. Pure prestige, is when you have the first basic needs or accessories of life, which can make you more independent, and as well can help you boost your energies to the max!

Thus, these will take you long in life. They will rather give you long life and not the so called ones we deem in our world as ‘prestige’ meaning that we’re not living so real with our lives.

Trust me: most people who have cars today are still very broke. This includes many of the men and women we know of.

Yes we know that most of them are using these cars and living in houses based on great loans as well as mortgage plans, which they have not yet paying.

And so the fact that you see people running in their cars does not mean they are still not broke or happy, or finding everything easy for themselves, or in their lives. In fact, they struggle a lot, and many of them have struggled a lot.

Indeed, many of them can tell you that.

But when you have all these things and yet, you cannot afford your basic necessities of life which you need, you are still considered as unwise.

Rather, get these resources. Get the Lands, Get Food, which is in a Pure Organic Farm or Garden. Get them in their best quality form first.

This is why God wants to show us that, we’re not getting something right, just because we think that the actual blessing is in a car or a multi-million dollar phone or even in a bag, or a shoe, or in a perfume, and thus, we start or invest so much in them. If we do that, our lives are not being real. We’re only looking at now, and not in the future.

In other words, it is a waste of money gathering these things, when you have not used the money to get yourself a land, a house, a food (by acquiring your food production farm), and water, and gathering them in abundance for your security, for the sake of tomorrows issue on famine.

Now, remember that there will be coming a time, that if you have a phone, a car, a bag, a shoe, and you do the best hairstyles, you will still not be regarded as anything because you still don’t have food, and water, and shelter and many other things to take care of your life.

There will come a time, when people will be able to have so much money and will still not be respected for anything, but only on those who have the actual resources which should control the monies, that is, food, water, and lands to build their homes, and to use part for their farms or garden for their food which are basically the direct human resources which men need to live on and acquire, and which God has given us.


For as these resources become extinct, many like to hoard the most important resources of life and not sell them, even though you may have the money, or the purchasing power to buy them.

They will now like to hoard food, and water, and then also, lands and would forget so much about the money, because these would be what they would directly live or survive on, not primarily on the money. Yes, so they would like to hoard those that control the monies, which also one wants, thus making them become very important.

Well money, was created by man, and we that that is all it can be. ‘It’s not a first class Resource.’ They can be controlled by these resources, or the availability or the unavailability of these ‘chief’ resources of time.

Therefore, you are to as first security get your resources first and in abundance, so that whatever happens in the near or in the future economy, and though it may be about a financial economic crush down, you’ll still not be perturbed, because you’ll carry the most important ones which you need to live on.

Well, so now that these resources are available, find a way to have them in abundance for the sake of tomorrow and for your life’s security, most especially lands.

Now, this is because with a good land, you can do a business on it, farm (for your food on it), get your water on it at this same time by digging up a well, and as well build up a house upon it.

This means, having the best land alone, can make you do away with an entire Government provision, because you can have your house, build your office on it,  even rent some, own a food farm on it, plant your herbs and medicines upon it, and many things as well. Hence, owning a good land, can make you independent from an entire government economy, and makes you not to be crushed down by a financial pressure.

Stop buying expensive bags, phones, watches, and dresses, which may be destroyed in half a year to come, at the expense of these things.

The time will come, when you may be forced to eat these things for lack of food and water, because these great resources have gone on extinct, or the best of them are not available anymore, due to human destruction, or lack of proper government economic control which are bound to happen.

However, since you cannot be able to eat these things you would have to sell them to get food and water and land in abundance.

Which means food, land, and water, in their natural organic forms and in their abundance, are of more importance than any of these ‘luxury’ goods.

Thus, in their degree of importance natural products stands out first, than man-made products.

So then get them first in abundance and with the leftover use them to do your business, which I have shown you, even before you consider having a phone, a bag, and a shoe that’s so expensive, and all these manner of things.

Now, that means anytime your food and water and land is going down, sell all these to gather all of these first, for some of us have a phone which can buy a whole land but we are watching as these resources are going out of extinct, and all the best part of lands are being taken, by men, or being bought by them, or sometimes even destroyed by them, through environmental degradation, so that the even the best ones of them are no more, or longer available.

So, we are keeping money in our accounts and ‘fantasizing over them,’ when the best places of town and resources are being taken, which would have to do with the lands, and thus going out of extinct as the days go by.

And why are these people doing taking them?

They are doing so for the sake of the security of tomorrow, in order to get a portion of the ‘best from of resources’ which they and their families  can live on forever, to become independent from too many government taxes, and from a consistent bad economic control.

They’ve realized they can’t always put their fate in their financial stance anymore, if they must always be paying for something.

Why won’t you dispose off your money to get these primary goods first before you start thinking about these so called ‘prestige’ ones, which though are nice, you can’t use as a future form of security.

Please, you can check around you; the true and best resources are being taken, or going out of extinct, by human destruction or by some people rapidly buying them, in order to hoard them.

In the future, you may buy them, but it may not as well be the best of them too, for they have been taken or would have also been destroyed.

So get your own now, and don’t be deceived by ‘Don’t worry: I know that I have so much money piled down, in my account.’ Or else, tomorrow your money will still look useless, since nobody still want to sell the best resources to you because they have now become scarce or are in extinct, or when your money has also lost its value, or its purchasing powers.

So, do these so that you and your families (your generations) will not end up crying tomorrow because of bad timings, and the bad attention you gave towards the Resources.

Therefore money, though important is not that as important as the resources themselves. The Resources which you’ll directly need on you always are. And so, try to acquire them always, in abundance.

If you have items (bags, shoes, shirts, phones etc) that can get you these primary goods or resources or things, you need to dispose them off quickly, to go and get yourself these primary resources which are the direct savers of life, which all the men all over world, are looking for.

Today, people know that, people carry with them ‘Prestige’ items but they still suffer financially-they go hungry, sad, broke, thirsty, and have nowhere to sleep, and now begging for food. And it’s just because they couldn’t put down an economic resource they could work on.

And now, they have believed that the economy had not treated them right, or fairly.

‘This is one way too the devil uses in taking valuable properties or resources from people (that is, God’s people) through prestige goods, and services in order for them not to think of the important life savings they would need to do in their entire life, while as well making them pay for these other ‘stupid menial jobs, and as well services’ which if they should close their eyes, they could do, wherewith he has as well professionalized them too as important services, in order to take much resources of God’s people, which God has given them for their Assignments.

And so, as He steals from them, He’s put them into the tight current bondage of financial insecurity and economic need in these last few days.

Remember, he (Satan) is the one who controls the financial and economic systems of this world, and knows what he’s planned through, to always take from God’s people in order for them not to fulfill their assignments-for God His resources to His people for His Assignments.

Therefore we’ve been admonished to be wise like a serpent, even in our way of financial spendings.

Remember, he’s as well been called a thief and being in control of the world’s economic or financial systems, he as well, knows how to strategically grow or position the economy in the way to take from God’s people, by giving them  ‘toys’ which we call prestige goods, while we don’t have the main things, as the primary resources which we still cry to God over, and some had become prodigal sons and daughters, in their final day, and then had not fulfilled their final assignments.

So please, don’t focus on the money first or more, but you must focus on the true and actual resources of life which also, God had given to man, so that whatever happens to money in the economy which the devil has planted, you’re not perturbed. God’s calling His people to be in control of resources, not money, because the control of resources would give them the control of money.

This was why He’d not given Adam (the first man) money, but had as well told him to have dominion of the earth, or the world, since he’d been made in charge of the life resources in their best or quality manner.

So, in this was the act (counsel) and the wisdom of God.

You are thinking too much about the Money, when others are thinking about Resources which are the direct savers of their lives both now and tomorrow, and even at all times?

Thus, as the children of God, try to buy down the resources, since in God’s plan He has put wealth in the resources, especially in the world termed ‘Land.’

Hence, remember too that God with the same reasons, did not give the children of Israel as well money, but had given them land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and with all the best riches, and with gold and not money. And not did God gave Adam ‘Money,’ yet the only way He could tell Adam to ‘subdue the whole Earth, and Dominate It from it’s corners, is to give he and his wife and children, BEST QUALITY RESOURCES. (When families do this, they’ll become wealthy). Seriously, today we’re becoming too conscious about the less important ones that should truly give full control of life.

As God is showing his children here wealth-making, we need to make this information our own, act by faith, earning resources, and to run with it.

These are God’s steps to truly make wealth, even from any level!








The Conclusion:

In conclusion, the strategies The Lord God Almighty has shared here from step 1 (one) is by beginning to cut down on your wastes and expenses in the most effective way by preventing the economy from first taking or cheating on you, changing the nature of our understanding in how we understand the place or position of money, and changing the strategies of business into what is more best and safer, add up some financial securities, that is, if you want to, and most importantly amassing wealth through acquisition of the true quality resources which your financial resources from multiple streaming savings and businesses should earn you

If you do this, it’ll help you grow your immediate chances of getting wealth since you’ll be on the right path!

(You should also not forget; wealth abundantly includes perfect health development, and a proper life span, not just about savings, businesses your financial securities or financial improvements!).

So  then, though the businesses will help us get money, True Wealth Is Not First Money!

So your journey to wealth starts, by preparing your house (home) well, and must obviously be keeping the right kind of mind, when relating with your resources!

Surely, the average rich or wealthy man’s work, just as God Almighty, is to find ways to reduce the income wastes, at any level, and to now find the best opportunities to Increase up on the volumes of quality wealth too around him through multiple re-investments!

Yes, if you should follow these steps of the Lord, it’ll help you to get wealth-when you’ve aimed at the right things to go for and the ones that you must importantly reject, irrespective of what people show you!

The Lord should let you reach there, as you immediately start amassing wealth, from Step One, even from your stage of lack or inadequacies!





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