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The First 7 Steps to the Journey of Becoming Wealthy In Life: God Reveals


Book Excerpt:

Step 6

Change Your Mind about Money

Finally, the Lord said we should change our mind about Money, and get ‘the Resources.’

On the 6th step, the Lord said to me that money should not be the goal of everything. It must be ‘Resources’ and most importantly, resources that are natural or organic and have a better lifespan. For example: a land, livestock, a building, your personal water resource, and sometimes including a personal food farm).

Today, a lot of people like to hoard money or keep the money largely in their accounts, when they need to dispose off that money to get a ‘primary resource’ like land, or shelter or even a building.

Think about it, the price of buildings, lands and the price of animals never depreciate most often, but often money does with changes in dollar rates, so on and so forth.

This is why we find ourselves broke sometimes.  We know that, people do keep a lot of money in their accounts and after the price of goods and services have gone so high, then their money, as against the dollar rates, and as against the new prices of the commodities on the markets, had depreciated.

In other words, if they had gotten those products and services earlier on they would have saved more money.

They would have even gotten more money, from the sale of the product now, which now has high value than at first.

Thus, learn from God, that the end product is not the hoarded Money, but the Resource (the resources: land, building, food, food (farm lands), and livestock), water reservoir, and not the Money.

According to the Lord, instead of us focusing our minds on the Resources, we are focusing our minds on money, as though the money is the end-product to our lives or to the end of everything, which we need.

Our Monies have become the End Products for us nowadays.

But, we must first learn, per the Lord’s instructions, take our eyes off money and then start focusing on the Resource now.

The Money (which is a Medium of Exchange), is a medium, even as the Economists say, and not the end product to our lives: we have made the Money which by definition is a medium, to become the End product to our lives.

You see it is not the Money we directly use on our bodies or on ourselves: rather, it is the End Product which is the Resource, we use upon ourselves. Of course, the money is what we use in acquiring these Resources which we have to use upon ourselves but that actually does make the money more important.

And so, if there are no resources what can the money buy? If there are no resources, men will still be perishing with their bags full of so much monies.

For this reason, it makes the resources stand out first more than the money, for without the resources money is useless, or cannot afford them.

After all, money was just created by man. This as well, should tell you that what God creates (the resources), is more powerful than what man creates-the money (the money). After all, the monies too are still made out of God’s very own resources.

Therefore, money in actual fact is not what is controlling resources: the availability, or the absence of our resources, is what determines how much values our monies are going to have.

For instance, the availability or unavailability of Oil is going to determine how much OPEC is going to now tell us, how much (in the dollar rates) each of us are going to pay for. In other words, the Oil has just controlled the Currency (the Money).

Therefore, those who in actual fact control resources, are those who are actually in control of the World Prices, not those who claim they carry so much money in their pockets. Hence, a slight change in the availability of the resource could just change the initial value of their capital, or savings or their financial resource.

They’re the ones who control the World (Behold, I show you The Mystery).

Thus, imagine you carrying so much money, and I still refuse to sell my natural resources to you (food, water, lands, buildings), your so much money, will still be irrelevant; and you’re still going to die anyway, though you’re still be having a great financial resource.

This is why the Mystery is that those who control resources, control the four corners of the World! And those who control the resources, actually control the power, the governments, and the movements of money.

Hence, you can’t tell me, money is the End Product. And you cannot also tell me that, money is more powerful than the resource.

By wisdom too, you can’t do away with the God-factor if you want to have power over resources, or you want to have wealth. So you must study from God how to make wealth, by His plans, and then learn to pray.

A country which tries to reject the God-factor are just messing up with their own lives, and creation itself, does not believe them.

Thus, and actually no nation can do without God and still be okay because God is controlling His own resources from the angle point of heaven, and creation, that is, (He, and the resources) are one, and are in obeisance to Him.

Hence, this is why God said that ‘He’s the one to give the power to us, to make wealth, since He has, and controls the resources. Even, men and kings heart, are controlled by Him.’

Therefore, It is God’s creations that must give relevance to the movements, of man’s creations, which is money. Therefore, money, in actual fact, being a man’s creation, is not important than the natural resources God has created, for the natural resources are what we directly use upon our bodies, to cause the body to live, and not actually the money.

But what we’re doing is that, we are actually just searching for the Money, and not maintaining our resources: or we’re just acquiring the money, fantasizing over them, and not acquiring the best kind of resources.

That’s foolish, in terms of generating wealth. Therefore, money, is not first wealth.

So, instead of hoarding the Money, dispose off that money to go and get yourself, the Resources, which are powerful, or to make you more powerful-for you’ll have the End Products everybody wants; and to control.

(If you still hold money, it’ll depreciate).

This is what will make you become so powerful, over money, and to also come in control over World Market Prices even from here, and to some points determine the movements of movements of people, goods, services, time, anytime in the world.

This is what the Lord’s Spirit explained to me, in terms of the Power, to get wealth, and to be financially independent. Ah, if have resources, you don’t need money to eat; you can easily barter them.

Note: if you have the resources, even Governments worldwide, would search for you, for the resources!

The Man who is Called a Poor Man

Therefore, this was what the Lord said to me, that ‘we need to change the way we calculate wealth, and as well should change our mind about what wealth is, for most of us, have gotten it all wrong, because wealth, is not about the money we love so much, but must be first calculated by the abundance of Natural and Organic Quality Resources which must develop and improve life.’

‘Thus, if you have money,’ and you don’t use it to do anything, especially, in the investment of the things that are positive, then you are Poor. You are still considered a Broke, or a Poor Person.’ because you have not yet used them on the primary the best primary products, which are the best Resources of Life, that you need to help support your biological health, so you could improve in your body and in your total well-being as a Person.

For a basic example, if I have the money and I am hungry, but I do not use the money to buy food what would happen to me? I would still die. Hence, it is not the money that is important, but it’s the food. Yet, the food that I must use my money to buy, must be healthy, good, and quality, and should not ever give me any health problems or situations, whatsoever. This means, with Wealth-Making, Quality is involved.

So then, if that is not the case, I have used my money on waste, wasting my money on bad resources, and for using it, to self-destroy myself. (So, in getting the resources, the resources must be Quality; you can’t do without Quality).

So in this case, having money, does not mean you have yet acquired the basic best necessities of life, until you have acquired them, and also, until you have used them in their best or quality form, you are still broke, unsatisfied, and you’re still be considered poor.

Thus, it’s not about having so much money, but it’s about having the abundance of best quality resources as your own, to have your life and health boosted up. Hence, if you have resources, but they’re not in their best form, the Lord considers you as broke, because that quantity, will be worthless!

Thus, getting the Money, is not the Solution. It’s a Means; but the Solution is going for the best quality form of resources, and not the bad or worse quality form of resources; wasting your money on bad quality resources, is also a Waste. You’ve just wasted your Money, and you’ll soon ‘destroy’ your health, in addition. Your Money, should not bring you down, but it should take you up, or cause you to live better, and longer-and of course, that can be guaranteed by quality.

Hence, if you’re even called ‘the Richest Man on Earth’ and you still haven’t been able to get your ‘goods and services, in their very best form’ that should help you build your life, you’re still considered poor by God, since obtaining the money, hasn’t yet guaranteed that, you’ve now obtained the best kind of wealth yet. Yes, you’re still be consuming junk, and you’ll still not know it.

Note: there are so many rich men, and women, who have used their monies to spend on junk food, drinks, and other dangerous properties, and have died so early than we had expected. Indeed, they had died out of stress, and cancers, and also, incurable diseases.

So don’t just tell God, just because you have the money, you have still ‘enjoying’ life. And those who have used their monies to buy resources, what kind of resources do you have?

Acquiring the best form of quality resource, you and your wife would enjoy to benefit from, is one thing, and having the money, with any kind of resources, are also another thing.

To have a total benefit from your monies, you must have the best form of quality resources necessary for your life to be surrounding you and your family, and you’d have done a great investment, on your money. This is the first basic investment, a man must do.

Even, if you focus on the best quality resources of life because they would abundantly help and save your life, they would help you to save more money. Thus, you must focus on these best kind or important life resources and money would be of no use to you. They would save you, and they would help you keep more.  Thus, the Life is in the ‘Resources,’ and not the Money.

In getting the resources get the best lands, get good food, and then pure quality water resource, before thinking of piling down money, in your bank account.

Therefore, if you have  so much Money, and you have not used it to acquire, not just resources, but actually the best kind of Human Life’ resources, which humans inevitably needs, you’re broke with your money, and still considered poor.

So, for instance, the wealth of a man, or a nation, can be determined by this. Let’s not about care how much money America has (if I’m only permitted to use this as an example); though they’re rich, if they don’t have the best of the kind of resources, they’re monies, cannot be considered as riches, per God’s view. Money, is not the end-product.

Assuming they don’t have ‘quality food and water, ‘ and all as a country, they’re boasting about is Money, and the whole country is eating junk food, drinking bad water in abundance, they’ve still not gotten the life resources yet, and can still, per God’s view be considered, as poor; because their monies, are not what they would eat directly into their stomach, or would drink directly which shall give Americans the direct life they need, being the kind of long-life they need to have or God wishes for them.

They can only be considered rich if they use all that money they have to feed the people with the best kind of resources that must live upon, so they don’t die. Resources, must not bring death, stress, and any kind of life.

Please, understand the example God is giving here, not that we hate America (obviously not), but wants to realign our thoughts or our mentalities about what ‘wealth’ actually is; for the Wealth is not in the Money, because after all the Resources are what controls the movements, and the economies of Money.

And so, if the U.S government uses their monies, technologies and other properties, to acquire for the people of their towns, the best of the life-resources, that’s only when Americans could be considered to be very rich.

(For most of us have gotten many things wrong about what ‘Wealth’ is, that wealth is in the money, which is not. Wealth, is in the best quality form of resource life, must demand for).

Our inability to understand properly, what wealth is, has not helped us (many of us), to plant our seeds well, being our monies well into what we really need, to get, since we can pack a junk of things which we can call it ‘Wealth.’

Yes, that in itself, is foolishness, since you’re just going to self-destroy yourself and as well, shorten your eternal lifespan, with them. Therefore, we must check what we buy, to consider as ‘The Resource.’

But why should you look at your lifespan, and invest into things or into resources which would destroy it, and to shorten your lifespan? (Hence, invest into the natural organic resources that should energize or vitalize your life, to strengthen it). Certainly, we cannot be investing into things (the resources) that gives cancer (innumerable sicknesses and diseases), those which choke our gutters, destroy our ozone layer, bring about air pollutants, bringing about environmental degradation, wars instead of peace, and live ignorantly in these abundance and call it wealth.

So, it’s not about the ‘Money’ or the sort of ‘Technologies,’ you should have, but the ability to use both the money, and the ‘technologies’ you have, to acquire for yourself, or to get the best Quality of Resources we inevitably need to consume. Then you’ll have a longer-life span on Earth; and that would be called ‘Wealth.’

Secondly, if Bill Gates (giving as another example) will still have several millions of dollars but if he does not have ‘food and water’ in their best quality form, he still can be considered broke.  He still does not have what it takes to actually live right. Then He still has not made good use, of His money.

So, until he had used his money to get quality food, water, and land, which would give him the lifespan he needs, we can say that he still not rich yet, or he still has nothing. And so, he still doesn’t have ‘life’ he and his family needs.

So then, understand that the Life is in the Resources, not actually in the Money we are holding or keeping in the bank accounts, and fantasizing over them in our minds. Calling someone, the Richest Man on Earth, with the use of Money, per God’s explanations does not mean He has anything. But if He has the abundance of the best form of resources, and also, has the money to acquire, then He can be considered very rich. ‘Thus, the best wealth must be calculated by the abundance of quality resources, but not with money first. A lot of people have money but can still live in the abundance of waste because of their ignorance in what they’re buying.

Until the money has been used to receive the best quality resources you need or must have, you do not have anything, yet.

Hence, this is what the Lord means that you’re still broke.

‘So, actually poverty is not when you don’t have money, but when you don’t have or own the direct life resource in their abundance.’

Hence, if you have the money, but you are still not using it to do anything, then you’re still broke because that isn’t direct, or the complete satisfaction. Satisfaction is when you’re able to have the resources in their best form, not when you have just money. So, why keep them when people are always using their own to buy assets (the actual resource?)

Why still keep the money when people are being able to buy lands for building their houses or homes; for doing their businesses and acres of land as well for serving themselves with the best kind of food they would need to eat, which we know are the actual resources life needs?

Haven’t you seen someone having so much money and still the person was able to die? And so we must have the resources to consume but not the money. What we are doing is fantasizing over the money which we’ve piled down in our bank accounts, meanwhile waiting as the main resources are going out of extinct.

Until you use the money on the resources you still have nothing. So, if you tell me you have a million dollar, does not yet mean you have anything. According to Economists Satisfaction is when you have consumed the actual resources and not when you have fantasized over them.

To me, Satisfaction is when you have first gotten the most important life long saving products, which are food, water, livestock, farms and a building.

Also, using money to get resources which are not the first basic necessities of life like enough food, water, shelter and land, but to use it to acquire a car and a phone means you have resources but still don’t have the most important resources of life as well.

First, Satisfaction is first guaranteed when we have gotten the first basic human life resources and not the money. Therefore, if you have so much money then and you have still not been able to acquire any of these resources in good quantities, then you are not there yet, still broke and broke of the best kind of life resources.

Hence, the money is not as important as resource acquisition.

The Resource is the End Product, not the Money.  So, as you’re piling down the money, but you still have not still obtained for yourself the (best sorts of) resource then you are still not having the life you must live.

And when I am talking about resource am talking about Lands, buildings, livestock, farm (food) and Water but not the so called Prestige Goods.

Hence, if you have so much money and you have not been able to use it to receive your goods and services then you’re a fool, because the basic life resources which you and the family needs are still not there, nor around you.

Therefore, the fact that you have the money doesn’t mean, or guarantee that you’ve gotten the answers to your needs yet.

Thus, stop fantasizing over the monies, and get yourself the important resources which should make you a lot more whole in yourself.

The Power of Resources over Money

The Lord then said to me that, ‘If we know that, money is just a medium of exchange, and not the actual resource but those He has created then it is for us to importantly know, that there are resources some major resources we need in order to keep ourselves alive. Now, if a country has them, then, the country is much safer or richer.

So then, the countries, or people which do have them should never waste them or throw them away. Indeed, we must remember that God had given resources to Adam and Eve and not Money. If money was more important than resources, God would have given him money first, and not the resources. (There was not even a sign of money there in that Day). The money was in their resources, telling us how important the resources were over the money.

Today, we’re talking or looking so much about or towards the money, but not looking or talking so much about the main life resources.

(That’s our wrong focus, because interestingly it’s even the resources that help us to create money, or financial economic systems, and that helps us to determine also, the movements or the flows of the money).This means that we’ve been influenced very wrongly.

There are those resources that directly have impact upon us, and there are those that do not have direct impact upon our lives.

According to the Lord the resources He’d created, have varying degrees of importance and ‘Money is not one of them.’

In their order of importance, we have

  1. FOOD
  2. WATER

(considering the fact that we have a Land).

(Phone, Cars are not the basic necessities of life, as well as many other things we are now spending our monies on).

Imagine you sitting in a car and having a phone of several thousands of dollars, yet all that you drink as in the water you drink is a very bad water indeed, and the food you eat is also a very bad food, or have been classified as junk foods, which are full of chemicals, you’re going to soon die, and it means you’re not as well being very wise.

First, get the ‘Quality Foods and Water in Abundance’ for you to use a long time before all of these ‘prestige’ goods should come.’

That is a better form of investment; for tomorrow, if you are hungry and thirsty, you will not be eating up your watches, and your phones, and your cars, which you have invested so much money into them.

Indeed, people just want to buy a car, just because they want a first stage of prestige in life. To me, that’s not prestige. Pure prestige, is when you have the first basic needs or accessories of life, which can make you more independent, and as well can help you boost energies up.

Thus, these would take you long in life. They would rather give you long life and not the so called ones we dim in our world as ‘Prestige,’ meaning that we’re not living so real with our lives.

Trust me: most people who have cars today are still very broke. This includes many of the men and women we know of.

Yes we know that most of them are using these cars and living in houses based on great loans as well as mortgage plans, which they have not finished paying. And so the fact that you see people running in their cars does not mean they are still not broke or happy, or finding everything easy. In fact, they struggle a lot, and many of them have struggled a lot.

Indeed, many of them can tell you that.

But when you have all these things and yet, you cannot afford your basic necessities of life which you need, you are still considered as unwise.

Rather, get these resources. Get the Lands, Get Food, which is in a farm or in a Garden. Get them in their best quality form.

This is why God wants to show us that, we’re not getting something right, just because we think that the actual blessing is in a car or a multi-million dollar phone or even in a bag, or a shoe, or in a perfume, and thus, we start or invest so much in them. If we do that, our lives are not being real. We’re only looking at now, and not in the future.

In other words, it is a waste of money gathering these things, when you have not used the money to get yourself a land, a house, a food (by acquiring your food production farm), and water, and gathering them in abundance for your security, for the sake of tomorrows issue on famine.

Now, remember that there will be coming a time, that if you have a phone, a car, a bag, a shoe, and you do the best hairstyles, you will still not be regarded as anything because you still don’t have food, and water, and shelter and many other things to take care of your life.

There will come a time, when people will be able to have so much money and will still not be respected for anything, but only on those who have the actual resources which should control the monies, that is, food, water, and lands to build their homes, and to use part for their farms or garden for their food which are basically the direct human resources which men need to live on and acquire, and which God has given us.


For as these resources become extinct, many like to hoard the most important resources of life and not sell them, even though you may have the money, or the purchasing power to buy them.

They will now like to hoard food, and water, and then also, lands and would forget so much about the money, because these would be what they would directly live or survive on, not primarily on the money. Yes, so they would like to hoard those that control the monies, which also one wants, thus making them become very important.

Well money, was created by man, and we that that is all it can be. ‘It’s not a first class Resource.’ They can be controlled by these resources, or the availability or the unavailability of these ‘chief’ resources of time.

Therefore, you are to as first security get your resources first and in abundance, so that whatever happens in the near or in the future economy, and though it may be about a financial economic crush down, you’ll still not be perturbed, because you’ll carry the most important ones which you need to live on.

Well, so now that these resources are available, find a way to have them in abundance for the sake of tomorrow and for your life’s security, most especially lands.

Now, this is because with a good land, you can do a business on it, farm (for your food on it), get your water on it at this same time by digging up a well, and as well build up a house upon it.

This means, having the best land alone, can make you do away with an entire Government provision, because you can have your house, build your office on it,  even rent some, own a food farm on it, plant your herbs and medicines upon it, and many things as well. Hence, owning a good land, can make you independent from an entire government economy, and makes you not to be crushed down by a financial pressure.

Stop buying expensive bags, phones, watches, and dresses, which may be destroyed in half a year to come, at the expense of these things.

The time will come, when you may be forced to eat these things for lack of food and water, because these great resources have gone on extinct, or the best of them are not available anymore, due to human destruction, or lack of proper government economic control which are bound to happen.

However, since you cannot be able to eat these things you would have to sell them to get food and water and land in abundance.

Which means food, land, and water, in their natural organic forms and in their abundance, are of more importance than any of these ‘luxury’ goods.

Thus, in their degree of importance natural products stands out first, than man-made products.

So then get them first in abundance and with the leftover use them to do your business, which I have shown you, even before you consider having a phone, a bag, and a shoe that’s so expensive, and all these manner of things.

Now, that means anytime your food and water and land is going down, sell all these to gather all of these first, for some of us have a phone which can buy a whole land but we are watching as these resources are going out of extinct, and all the best part of lands are being taken, by men, or being bought by them, or sometimes even destroyed by them, through environmental degradation, so that the even the best ones of them are no more, or longer available.

So, we are keeping money in our accounts and ‘fantasizing over them,’ when the best places of town and resources are being taken, which would have to do with the lands, and thus going out of extinct as the days go by.

And why are these people doing taking them?

They are doing so for the sake of the security of tomorrow, in order to get a portion of the ‘best from of resources’ which they and their families  can live on forever, to become independent from too many government taxes, and from a consistent bad economic control.

They’ve realized they can’t always put their fate in their financial stance anymore, if they must always be paying for something.

Why won’t you dispose off your money to get these primary goods first before you start thinking about these so called ‘prestige’ ones, which though are nice, you can’t use as a future form of security.

Please, you can check around you; the true and best resources are being taken, or going out of extinct, by human destruction or by some people rapidly buying them, in order to hoard them.

In the future, you may buy them, but it may not as well be the best of them too, for they have been taken or would have also been destroyed.

So get your own now, and don’t be deceived by ‘Don’t worry: I know that I have so much money piled down, in my account.’ Or else, tomorrow your money will still look useless, since nobody still want to sell the best resources to you because they have now become scarce or are in extinct, or when your money has also lost its value, or its purchasing powers.

So, do these so that you and your families (your generations) will not end up crying tomorrow because of bad timings, and the bad attention you gave towards the Resources.

Therefore money, though important is not that as important as the resources themselves. The Resources which you’ll directly need on you always are. And so, try to acquire them always, in abundance.

If you have items (bags, shoes, shirts, phones etc) that can get you these primary goods or resources or things, you need to dispose them off quickly, to go and get yourself these primary resources which are the direct savers of life, which all the men all over world, are looking for.

Today, people know that, people carry with them ‘Prestige’ items but they still suffer financially-they go hungry, sad, broke, thirsty, and have nowhere to sleep, and now begging for food. And it’s just because they couldn’t put down an economic resource they could work on.

And now, they have believed that the economy had not treated them right, or fairly.

‘This is one way too the devil uses in taking valuable properties or resources from people (that is, God’s people) through prestige goods, and services in order for them not to think of the important life savings they would need to do in their entire life, while as well making them pay for these other ‘stupid menial jobs, and as well services’ which if they should close their eyes, they could do, wherewith he has as well professionalized them too as important services, in order to take much resources of God’s people, which God has given them for their Assignments.

And so, as He steals from them, He’s put them into the tight current bondage of financial insecurity and economic need in these last few days.

Remember, he (Satan) is the one who controls the financial and economic systems of this world, and knows what he’s planned through, to always take from God’s people in order for them not to fulfill their assignments-for God His resources to His people for His Assignments.

Therefore we’ve been admonished to be wise like a serpent, even in our way of financial spendings.

Remember, he’s as well been called a thief and being in control of the world’s economic or financial systems, he as well, knows how to strategically grow or position the economy in the way to take from God’s people, by giving them  ‘toys’ which we call prestige goods, while we don’t have the main things, as the primary resources which we still cry to God over, and some had become prodigal sons and daughters, in their final day, and then had not fulfilled their final assignments.

So please, don’t focus on the money first or more, but you must focus on the true and actual resources of life which also, God had given to man, so that whatever happens to money in the economy which the devil has planted, you’re not perturbed. God’s calling His people to be in control of resources, not money, because the control of resources would give them the control of money.

This was why He’d not given Adam (the first man) money, but had as well told him to have dominion of the earth, or the world, since he’d been made in charge of the life resources in their best or quality manner.

So, in this was the act (counsel) and the wisdom of God.

You are thinking too much about the Money, when others are thinking about Resources which are the direct savers of their lives both now and tomorrow, and even at all times?

Thus, as the children of God, try to buy down the resources, since in God’s plan He has put wealth in the resources, especially in the world termed ‘Land.’

Hence, remember too that God with the same reasons, did not give the children of Israel as well money, but had given them land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and with all the best riches, and with gold and not money. And not did God gave Adam ‘Money,’ yet the only way He could tell Adam to ‘subdue the whole Earth, and Dominate It from it’s corners, is to give he and his wife and children, BEST QUALITY RESOURCES. (When families do this, they’ll become wealthy). Seriously, today we’re becoming too conscious about the less important ones that should truly give full control of life.

As God is showing his children here wealth-making, we need to make this information our own, act by faith, earning resources, and to run with it.

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