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How We Were Taught To Save A Lot of Food & Other Resources At Home

How We Were Taught To Save A Lot of Food & Other Resources At Home
‘Learn to Save Your ‘Left Overs’
When the Lord had told the disciples to gather all the left overs after He’d fed the 5000, the number of baskets of left overs which they got were 12, indicating the number which means, ‘The Kingdom of God.’ The Number 12, in Numerology stands for ‘The Kingdom!’ It means in Christ’s Kingdom, or in Christ’s House or the Father’s House all left overs must be saved.
Hence, now that you have abundance of food, which you have bought from the market, doesn’t mean that you should be throwing some of the food away. Just like money, you can ‘save’ them and then later you can eat them! This will also save you money a long time, for It will surely ensure that;
a. You don’t cook always
b. You don’t let your raw materials to go down so easily! Hence, they’ll keep long to be exhausted!
c. You save up more monies to yourself!
d. You don’t throw  important foods away. (Therefore, it’s good to teach your children to actually do likewise!
The first and best form of education you can give to your children is simple home management practices.
When you have trained and taught them to learn how to manage things, little by little they will help you save a lot of food and economic resources in the home or house! Yes, don’t always be like the sort of rich people or men, who always give things to their children without taking any accountability! Teach them to save even the left overs of anything they use, or foods they eat!
Hence, this will help them too to become good managers of their homes and businesses that they’ll do!
Eventually, they’ll also be wise and become good heirs of your inheritance when you leave. Yes, they will learn to save! Since they walk in wisdom they won’t bring you trouble!
So then, just as food, all left overs of resources which you use in at home  must be saved; they may also be of benefit to you in the future, helping you save money which you’d have spent!

Yes, we’re to research and find economic uses for all our leftovers. (For example; fish bone can be chewed by dogs). We’re to keep them in the store-house so that in the times we may need them we can get them thus, safeguarding our monies from continuously being misused!

Know that one type of waste can actually become the actual or the needed resource, or a ‘raw material for another sort of work.’ So then, there’s nothing which is actually a waste if we should look at things carefully! In that event you may save yourself a lot food, money, as well as energy in acquiring all of them!
You need to do these and be wise; for remember Christ-in in the Kingdom of God we save on leftovers!
In these great and modern times of financial diversities, that’s one thing the Lord said you should do to save yourself from the consistent economic hardships.

Just lead or direct those in the house to do the same, to save yourself from the hardship!


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