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How We Were Taught To Save Food & Other Resources At Home

How We Were Taught To Save Food & Other Resources At Home


When the Lord had instructed the disciples to gather the leftovers after feeding a population of 5000 people, the number they got were 12 baskets full, which is a number which means, ‘The Kingdom of God.’

It indicates that, in Christ’s Kingdom  or in the Father’s House, left overs must be saved. Thus, the fact that God has blessed you with abundance of food, does not mean that you should be throwing the remaining away. They can be consumed later in the house, to save money.

The practice will surely ensure that;

  1. You wouldn’t cook always.
  2. You will ensure your raw materials will not go down so easily. Hence, they will keep long before being exhausted by the house.
  3. You will end up saving more money to yourself and for the house.
  4. You wouldn’t throw important food away. (Therefore, it will be good to teach your children to actually do likewise). The first and best form of education you can give to your children is simply home management practices.

When you train them to know how to manage things well, little by little, they will help you save economic resources in the house. You shouldn’t become like that rich man who gives out things to his children, without asking for accountability. Therefore, teach them to save leftovers of anything they use in this life.

Eventually, they’ll become good managers of their homes and businesses, when they grow. They will become wise and become good heirs of your inheritance when you go. They will save. As they walk in wisdom, they won’t bring you any trouble in the future.

Apart from food, leftovers of other resources should also be saved by us, as they will also become useful in the future. Why not research to find economic uses for all of them.

It is important to become frugal in this modern day, becoming reasonable children of God, a God who has shown us what He does with leftovers in His house.

So then, lead or direct the members in your house to do the same.


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