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Prince Akogo shares his account of heaven, and how he saw God:




Prince Shares His Account, Of How He Went To Heaven & Met God One On One.


It all started in the year 2006, whiles I was praying. Immediately, I saw with my physical eyes the Holy Spirit in the form of a cloud, descending upon me.

When He had descended, He went straight into my spirit, through my forward. Then, immediately I felt an anointing rushing down from Him into my spirit-He was the same Anointing.

Immediately, there was a deep cut in my heart (spirit). It was a circumcision of my spirit; and it was a painless cut in my spirit.

The Bible, according to Paul’s letters, explains that this circumcision of God in your spirit or heart is the seal of God upon you. It shows God’s ownership over you; it also shows God’s Covenant He has made with you and shows God’s love He has for you. (This same seal was the Holy Spirit who had passed into my forehead, to get into my spirit, who had come to sit down within my spirit, as a new home.

(These things are real).

Now, when the Holy Spirit had come upon my spirit and I had given me a deep cut of circumcision in my spirit and as well as a cut in my soul, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me:

‘‘I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of Peace and not of Evil, to give you hope and an expected end.’ Then He added and said;

‘‘I will show you Great and Mighty things you do not know of.’’

Now, after that encounter, I ran home very scared, not understanding what was happening to me.

That night, when I got home, while pondering over what had happened, I fell asleep. In that sleep, I had something like a trance and was taken to Heaven.

I saw a very large auditorium; very glorious indeed. Then I saw God on a giant throne, with Jesus standing on His right-hand side.

There were seven golden pillars in front of God and of Jesus Christ, signifying The Seven Spirits of God. I saw 24 Elders surrounding the God’s Holy Throne. Aside, there were also innumerable company of Angels also at the far side who were with souls that had departed from this earth.

Then I saw an angel standing behind me, telling me to go forward to where God’s glorious Throne was. So, I did. Then He told me to kneel down before God.

Immediately, I saw God Almighty take out a huge Golden Book out of Himself and He handed it over tome.

Right after that, I woke up and asked the Holy Spirit a question about the Book.

‘‘Holy Spirit, what is in that book?’’

According to the Holy Spirit, the things that are in God’s Book, are the Mysteries and the Secrets of God.

Then He added and said;

‘‘But I’m going to teach you of the things that are written in God’s Book which He handed to you.’’

Now, after a few days, I went on an errand for my mum. On my way, a mighty rushing wind blew on me, hit me so hard, and then shook me up 7 times.

As these mighty infillings were going on, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit again saying to me at the same time:

‘‘These are the 7 Spirits of God: The Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Might, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord.’’

So, these were the beginning of my encounters, and eleven years now, I’ve seen angels, seen Heaven, demons and evil spirits, God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, gone to Hell, seen the Devil and Members of His cohorts, travelled through prophetic visions through space, seen where God had come from, made to see the bottomless pit and had heard about what God is about to do in the future. Now, till date, I still see more by the eyes of His Holy Spirit upon my life.

However, the following were some of the revelations, mysteries and secrets God’s Spirit had revealed to me through God’s Golden Book given to me: Indeed, I must say that, most of them are the answers to life’s Greatest Questions, ever asked by angels, demons and by men-questions that have never been answered by men, for which reason a lot of confusions exists!

  • The Origin of God (To show Where God had come or originated from.)
  • How God looks like: (Do you know how God looks like? This shows how God really looks like.
  • The Source of God’s Intelligence: (Where God obtained His Intelligence from.)
  • How God had designed & created the vast universe: (Under the Mysteries of creation.)
  • How God had designed & created the Earth’s Geological Structure (the globe.)
  • How God had designed & created the Earth’s Geographical Economy.
  • Why God divided the Earth into continents.
  • How the dark matter in Space looks like.
  • The evidence of God’s involvement in the creation of this universe.
  • How God had designed and created Heaven.
  • How Time was in existence before the Sun, Moon and the Stars came about.
  • Where we are all going from here.
  • How the realm of the Spirit looks like.
  • The Meaning & Purpose of Life.
  • The Meaning of Purpose of Love.
  • How Something had come out of Nothing: (What had made life possible when Nothing was in Existence.)
  • The Mystery of His Will.
  • The Mystery of Godliness.
  • How Jesus looks like.
  • The Mystery of Sin.
  • How Satan looks like and many others.

No man can understand or receive these things unless God gives it to Him, because the secret things belong to God our Father.

However, there were also ways in the Lord’s Book tailored to resolve past or current global social-economic issues. I was told to write them down, and they were in the areas of

  • Global food famine or on global economic crisis.
  • Both housing and infrastructural developmental issues affecting the world.
  • Transport-especially, in the area of accidents.
  • Political issues.
  • Health and Sanitation.
  • World Security Issues.
  • And many more…

Indeed, I realized that this was a book that contains God’s Answers & Solutions to all Global Questions and Problems, hidden from the foundations of the world; as the world is currently experiencing these confusions and problems, the Lord had asked me to release all these (mysteries and secrets), He had endowed me with.

Please, read them freely on my website: or watch on my YouTube Channel, the LoveHall Youtube Channel, for free.

God had answered the world, but many do not know about this. Please, head on straight to my website, to read on what God had given to us.

While I am still writing more, there are countless more to come, as Heaven has made it a mandate to expose all things.



We are all to realize by now that, when God brings about a Mystery or a Secret to an age, the purpose is not just to inform, but to resolve an issue. It is possible that most of these issues, could be on a global scale, and therefore need a major hauling, from Divinity.

Besides, He wants to save many others-including you!

These are these are the reasons why the Lord gave them.

If we want to live (survive), then we must acknowledge the benefits that are to come out of this.

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Thank You.



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