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What I Saw When I Was Taken Into God’s Origin

The Origin of God


What I Saw When I Was Taken Into God’s Origin

One day I was going to take my bath. Then the Spirit asked me: where did God originate from?

I answered;

”Lord but who on earth knows where you came from? I certainly do not know this answer.”

Little did I know He was about to answer. Then the Lord began to explain how it all happened in the beginning. All of a sudden, I had an open vision, and then I was transported into a realm.

I was in a huge vacuum, and this realm was covered with the thickest darkness I’d ever seen.

In this encounter, I saw God. He was a Spirit, and I was in Him, like a woman who was pregnant with a baby. I noticed that we were both coming out of this thick powerful darkness.

”Then the Lord said to me, this was how it was in the beginning. This is how God the Father originated.

Later, He explained how the thick darkness first came about and how He had came out from this dark powerful of energies. 

This encounter together with a Book God had handed down into my hands which explained the whole process of His origination, was what led me to write the post regarding the origin of God, a mystery that had been hidden from the beginning. You can find that on my homepage.

I continue to have encounters through which God takes His give me answers to life’s most difficult questions. 

Thank you.


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