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The Mystery of Marriage: An Introduction to Marriage & how to Get Married Quickly


The Mystery of Marriage: An Introduction Into The Mystery Of Marriage & How To Get Married Quickly

(The Mystery To Restore Love; The Mystery To Restore Marriages!)

The Introduction-

The Encounter with God-Before I wrote God’s Mystery

Love, and Lots of Life to you:

It started in the year 2006, whiles I was praying. Immediately, I saw with my physical eyes the Holy Spirit in the form of cloud, descending upon me.

When He had descended, He went straight into my spirit, through my forward. Then, immediately I felt an anointing rushing down from Him into my spirit-He was the same Anointing.

And then immediately, there was a deep cut in my heart (spirit). It was a circumcision of my spirit; and it was a painless cut in my spirit.

The Bible, according to Paul’s letters, explains that this circumcision of God in your spirit or heart, is the seal of God on you. Yes, it shows God’s ownership over you.

And it is also to show God’s Covenant He has made with you, and God’s love He’s made over you. (And the same seal was the Holy Spirit who had passed into my forehead, to get into my spirit, and to sit down at my spirit, as a new home. (These things are real).

Now, when the Holy Spirit had come upon my life and I had received the deep cut into my spirit and as well as a cut in my soul, then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say to me:

‘I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of Peace and not of Evil, to give you hope and an expected end.’ Then He said again to me;

‘I will show you Great and Mighty things you do not know of.’

Now, after that encounter, I ran home very scared, and not knowing what was going on.

That night, when I got home, while pondering over what had happened to me, I fell asleep. In that sleep, I had something like a Trance and was taken to Heaven. I saw a very large auditorium-very glorious indeed! Then I saw God on a giant throne with Jesus standing on His right hand side.

There were seven golden pillars in front of God and Jesus, signifying The Seven Spirits of God. There were 24 Elders surrounding the Throne and innumerable Angels also at the far side, with souls that had departed from earth too, in white!

Then I saw an angel standing behind me, telling me to go forward to where God was. So I did. Then He told me to kneel down before God. Immediately, I saw God take a huge Golden Book out of His bosom and He handed it over tome.

Immediately I woke up and asked the Holy Spirit to tell me what was in that book? Then He told me that the things that were in the Book were the Secrets and the Mysteries of God. Then He said to me, ”I will teach you these things that are in the book.”

Now, behold one of the major things written in the Golden Book, is what I bring you-An Introduction into the Mystery of Marriage!

A few days after that encounter, I was sent by my mother to buy something for her; on my way, a mighty rushing wind blew on me and hit me! This wind shook me 7 times!

Then I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit again saying to me at that same time: ‘These are the 7 Spirits of God: The Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Might, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, Spirit of the Lord.

So these were the beginning of my encounters.

Since that day, I’ve seen angels, heaven and God.

The Mystery of here is one of the Mysteries the Father gave me from His Golden Book, but this is just the introduction.

Life’s Beginning, Started With Marriage; But Why Was It Made To Start With Marriage? The Reason Why It Was Made To Start With Marriage Is Unknown. This is What The Introduction of the Mystery of Marriage, Is All About!

What is Marriage?-The Mystery of Marriage

This is what the Lord said to me about the Mystery of Marriage; for the very first time, God is revealing these mysteries into a deeper dimension.

What did He say?

Well, He said that a Family (the full structure of the marital system) is between

-A Man, (one man who is the husband of the house)

-A Woman (one woman, who is his assistant)

And then, God’s concept was that they were to give God children, by filling the earth. In other words the child (children), first belong to God before they belong to these parents. So then, the third reason was that they(couples) are to have these children, but though for themselves, those children first belong to God-as His property!

Now, first, if you don’t understand the family, which is the full marital structure in this way, then you’re doomed in your marriage. (This is why a lot of marriages and families fail because they simply know not this).

Now, it also means that, the man and the woman or couples, who’re going to reproduce these children are first by right, through the creation of God-are God’s properties, before their children whom they need give to dedicate or give to God! Now, once again, if you don’t understand the marital system and the family system in this way, then it can lead to your trouble.

This comes about because God was the one who thought about it (both the and the family),and went about to put them into force and had gone about  to create the two parties involved, (that is, being the men and the women involved)-who’re called to participate in the business of marital or family systems, as we see in the earth.

Now, to prove to you that this is what the Lord is saying let’s read what He says here in this scripture:

Behold, all the souls are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER, so ALSO THE SOUL OF THE SON IS MINE:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

Moreover, the Earth too, together with her rich resources which God has brought them on (these couples) also belong to God.

So then He says about this in another place!

For “the earth is the LORD’s, and Everything in it”

The World and they that dwell therein

Psalm 21:1 NIV

Well, did you see what He said? In the above scripture we see that God actually counts all things (everything and everybody else) as His. This means marriages too, belong to God!

Yes, all these are legitimate properties He owns on earth, for His own, ‘Selfish’ Assignments!

Meaning that, whatever we do on earth, both in the marriage, in the family, and on the earth as well, are actually of great concern to God the Father-who’s the Father of us all.

What do we mean by saying that?

Brother, we mean that (the Lord is saying), that though God had told Adam to till the ground He still did not lose total ownership of the land or the earth to Adam, and to his wife Eve!

He actually told them to ‘keep it,’ which is a word which means, ‘To manage it, for Him!’

Hence, they were managing the Earth, for God, not for themselves, though, they were called to (also) benefit from it-the Earth!

First, by saying that the Earth is the Lord’s or for Him, and then He saying that, you should manage it or keep it means, He’s calling you and I to manage it for Him, by nothing but actually through these two-through our  marriage and family systems!

In other words, all marriages are to manage every property of God for Him on the earth.

So we saw that this was what Adam and Eve were called for, and were called to do!

And then, there came instructions for them on how they were actually to manage the earth.

In actual fact, the word ‘Keep it’ means, ‘You are to Manage it.’ It does not have anything to mean, you should have it for free, and to put it in your pocket, forever.

Should God have said, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s…’ and ‘and the Soul mine,’ if indeed they’d fully been entrusted to us, without accountability?

It means that He was telling them to dress it, but which as His stewards, or labourers they would also benefit from it too which God had confirmed by saying that He would give some of them as food for free or they should use some of them for food!

In other words after God had created the Earth, He needed someone to ‘care’ for it- for Him. So He created us men to manage it, or do all that for Him.

So, no matter who you think you are you cannot come to the earth and to do whatever you think you like! (That is why God also said that He would be judging us on the earth-according to each one’s work, which are about the  things entrusted to us, which are about the things we do on this earth!

Once again I tell you-it is very important for us to know it this way, but if we fail to understand then we have failed in our lives and have equally failed in our marriages and in our families.

Hence, God knowing that Adam alone could not manage this entire Earth, He called forth a woman from his loins or from the rib of the man, to come and be a helper to the man in this work of managing the earth-all to Him God, to whom the whole earth belongs!

So then, the earth was so big for Adam alone to do it!

So then, the assignment was given to the man but God realizing that the man could not do the assignment all alone He called forth the woman to become his help-meet on the earth, so they can do the assignments which were first given to the man!

And the Lord God said, “…I will make him a HELPER fit for him.”

Gen 2:18 ESV

You see, He said He would make him a help-meet suitable for him.

Now, a lot of people talk of Adam and Eve coming together but they forget that God had actually given them an assignment (actually, an Important one), to do before the coming together.

This is where the whole ‘place’ misses the point of marriage.

So they thought they had been brought together to live together just for themselves- till death do them apart?

That’s stupid!

See, it is stated right there in Genesis that there was an assignment, a major assignment, and that was why God created Adam-to first manage God’s Earth for Him; but when God had realized that Adam could not do it all alone, then He called forth the woman Eve out of him to help him manage that big chunk of work given.

Hence, that was why Adam came out on the ground for, and that was also what Eve also came out of Adam for!

Thus in marriage, the two of them must be toward doing something, and its an Assignment to be drawn by God, but its not a human assignment!

Meaning that, the coming together of the two must be toward something-and that’s what it’s important, and must be well found out-first and foremost before any matrimonial ceremony!

Ye, what do God’s children do today? We put ourselves there in the marriage before the Assignment (being the God-given Assignment); and most of us don’t even know, that there was an Assignment for the marriage which God had called forth for both of them to handle, or do!

So then, the creation of man and the coming together of the two (the company) which the Lord had orchestrated was based on an assignment (a divine assignment) they had to do, which was directly toward God the Owner and Creator of the earth, and of course-of the owner and orchestrator of the marriage as well. This was the reason why they were being brought into marriage-to manage portions of the earth for God-for economic development! (Later, you’ll find out how marriages were connected to world’s economic development, as far as God was concerned!)

According to the Spirit, we can therefore see that the God given assignment was the bases by which marriage was established by the Lord to them, through which comes the Family system, and through which children also come who are also legally or legitimately direct properties of God just as we saw, which God was going to use in the future, in the fulfillment of some of His Assignments of managing some of the properties or the portions of His Property, being the earth, as stated above!

So then, for the reason that we all belong to Him, He said;

Behold, all the souls are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER so also, the soul, of the SON is mine:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

Hence, know or understand that it was The God-given Assignment (The Main Assignment) which made marriage legitimate, and which brought about what we faithfully call,

Marriage (not the other way round)

And the Family systems (not the other way round)

As well as, child birth or child reproduction (and not the other way round)

Finally, our individual creations and purposes given to us by the Lord, (The reason why we’ve been put here and what we have actually been made here for, or to do for God, which is, to come here and to serve the Lord, through family and marriage-so then, we’ve all been brought here to  to fulfill an assignment unto Him! (This is what men and women were created for!)

Know and understand, that it was the Lord who needed somebody to manage this earth for Him-the earth which has so many resources or things on it, and so He wanted men to manage it for Him; hence, not for ourselves, but unto Him! Yet, interestingly, that way was through a form or institution called marriage and also the family system!

Then again, because we have an Assignment here to do for Him through our Marriage and the Family systems, this is why God said that surely He shall be judging all of us individually which is according to the nature of our works here on earth, which is based upon each one’s assignments.

Yes, we should know that God is giving us this understanding for a worldwide acknowledgment, in order to bring humanity back to our course for which He’d created us humans; for as it stands a lot of people don’t know! They don’t know their purposes and they have walked away.

Personally, I did not know this too but when the Holy Spirit explained it to me, I seriously marveled at the great wealth of understanding He’d poured forth.

Read on till you understand:

Marriages became legitimized (an important thing), because of the assignments! Therefore, you must understand that the marriage you’re going into or are in is not about you-nor is for your self-glorification, nor is just about your everyday interests!

Yes, I used to think this way too, until the Holy Spirit redefined marriage to me after He had come!

The Evidence of Work

Now, to give more proof that the purpose of marriage, or the reasons for marriage was all about work,

-God had created the Earth, which is full of rich Resources.

-And then, He had commanded them to replenish it.

-And then He also demanded results from the Work of their labours, -e.g, in the case of Cain and Abel.

-The Lord had also said to me that, that was why He also created the Sun, and our Moon, to give light upon the earth, in the day, so we (couples) could see and work!

So another good reason why He created the Sun and the Moon was to divide for them Days, and Weeks, Months and Years, so they could plan the work for themselves, divide the work and work for Him. Over here, it means that they could not do all the work, they needed to do for the Lord all too in one day. (It was a life-long occupation-hence, God hated-Divorce (a division or separation among the workers!)

-Then also, He had also created the Seventh Day importantly for their rest, as well as their nights for rest!

(If there are no works, why should there be the need for rest-a day, set aside for rest?

-Finally, we also know He had given them skills.

Additionally, He gave them skills too to till the ground and also to manage it, or should dress-and then they should also replenish it!

We know, that Skills, Time and an Earth full of Resources, are all for Work!

So then, what was the marriage for as far as all these resources were of concern?

For Rest? No!

But for a work onto Him.They were supposed to do a work onto  the Lord which was also the duties the Lord had communicated them to them, on that fateful day!

Yes-all these were indications that they were all called to do something for God, to whom this big earth belongs!

Furthermore, this very same reason why we came here had been stated by Solomon when he said that God had come down to give us tasks to do!

I have seen the task which God has given the sons of men…

Ecc. 3:10 NASB.

Who then is a Man?

Who then, is a Man?

A ‘Man’ will therefore be described as one, who is called into God’s ‘Jealous’ Assignment, and I repeat into God’s Jealous Assignments, just as God had called Adam for-through what we call the family and the marital systems.

That’s all!

Well, this was why we said that the marriage is not about you, nor for you, nor is it about your self-glorification or for your interests, but to the Lord’s own! Yes, it is made for God’s interests!

Yet, here is something people are doing today as though the marriage is all about them, and for their interests, by looking at how they carry themselves about, and sometimes by how they talk!

Rather, it is for God’s divine interests and purposes, and it was designed for His works on Earth: It was for His Self-Glorification.

This was actually the first thing the Holy Spirit, wanted to let us know.

It is for the promotion of God’s works, and for His Glorification upon this Earth; not ours.

Hence, if a man is living with a woman whom he is not married to, then it will not be to the interests, to His God, but to his own interests.

It will not be for God’s glory because, we know that the God-given Assignment, is given to who those who are legally, or legitimately married, or have been put together before Him, and through His Choices and not to those who are not legally married before Him-which is also not something He’d revealed in Adam and Eve.

Hence, whatever we’re doing outside the legitimate marriage system, is first not for God, and for His Glory, and for His Interests, but for our own glory; and thus, this marriage will not be there serve His Interests, per the rule.

In other words, both of them (the Spouse) have been called to promote God’s righteousness, and praise in a specific way, which only God can know and give this concrete and divine idea, among the two.

Surely, it’s only God who can hold your hand as a man and take you to your ‘original helper,’ or ‘true one,’ to be the helpmeet who would help you to fulfill the Assignment (the God-given Assignment) He’ll call both of you into.

Well, how do you know this is the helper to help you fulfill the God-given assignment which God has called you into?

Now, God knowing this, He called forth the Woman forth from the man’s rib-to come out to be the helper.

Yet, this was intentional, and by far too, a show of wisdom per what the Lord had told me.

The Lord said to me that, He interestingly did this so that the woman would be able to understand the man, and the man too, would also be able to understand the woman in the Assignment they’ve been called into by Him. Hence, because of his rib, there would be a connection between both of them, which would sort out in the work or the kind of work or assignment God had called both of them, to do.

Thus in Marriage, God had called you (the woman) as a part of the managerial work, which He has called your husband in leadership to do; hence, to be his helpmeet or to be the man’s primary helper in this part of the managerial work which He has called you, and your husband, who’s your leader, in leadership to do.

Therefore, how can you both say, you can chose for yourself, when you don’t even know God’s assignment (will) for both of you, or for your Marriage?

And how should both of you do a wedding, when you don’t even know God’s Assignments for both of you, or the Assignments you’re called to do, after the wedding?

It’s Amazing!

(The marriage, which we’ve all gotten wrong, is not the wedding. The marriage is the Assignment!).

Well, we know that, Eve did not eat a cake, neither was she fortunate to eat the icing of any cake-in fact not even was she made to wear a wedding gown, which we do today.

In fact, in the day she was born, the Lord communicated about her assignments.

Hence, what was the marriage for, or what was the family she was going to raise for?

Hence, that is why God also intelligently put an Assignment before them-first putting it before the man who was to get married. But both of them must be really connected intimately, (or at the rib) to do it, so that there would be a connection (an understanding existing between both of them), to do His work.

Well, how do I know that?

Some of you have some businesses in town: but do you think it is just any man out there on the street you can bring in to come and help you in fulfilling the assignments you have to do in your businesses?

Certainly not!

So, it should tell you that God is also wise.

Hence, so was marriage.

And the Lord God said, “…I will make him a HELPER FIT (Suitable-as some versions say) for him.”

Gen 2:18 ESV

Yes, there must a helper who’s fits, or should be suitable.

By God intentionally using the statement or title ‘Suitable’ in what He’d said of her, means that not just any kind of woman could have been the suitable helpmeet, unto the man’s assignment.

Hence, Eve was a favourable helpmeet, out of his man’s side to be the helpmeet in the course of His work.

Thus, though she may be beautiful with the figures, but she may not be favourable (unto God), per what your assignment is.

Therefore, we must understand this, that not every woman who is in skirt can be your helpmeet per the assignment, and not every man who has an assignment can as well be your husband, or your leader.

(His assignment and yours may not have the same or the type of connection it must have, which often brings about confusions, differences, misunderstanding, and a long form of unhappiness, in the marriage, when they’re not in connection).

So ask yourself ‘Is this man on the jealous Assignment of God?’

Where is he also taking me to?’

‘Is he even the one for me to help since there are many other men also running in their assignments, as well?

Well, these important questions must first be asked before you marry or before you take the decision.

It may be possible, that there may not be a connection between you and him at all.

Yet, it’s only God who may know such answers, because He’s the one who gives both the Assignments and the helper, to help you fulfill the Assignment.

So indeed, we know that God gave Adam and Eve a work to do before He brought them together, and then that is what had led them, in getting married.

So, it was the assignment that made them to be in Marriage, or to be taken by God, into the ‘Marriage,’ even without the presence of a cake, a wedding gown, or an icing, or a shoe, as at that time.

Thus, in marriage, per God’s foremost or primary idea, the two of them must be toward doing something (which is God’s projects, which the man first get to know), and it’s an assignment from God.

Meaning that, the coming together of the two, must be toward something very profitable or ambitious towards God-and indeed, that’s what shall make the Father consider your marriage very legitimate before him, or should never as well as well happen.

(Today, there are many marriages bereft of the Assignments or God’s will, which means, it’s a lack or waste of Destinies, even though they’re called ‘the married ones’ or ‘married couples’).

So, now that two of you have gotten married, what will happen next?

Is there no purpose?

Is there no ambition, at all?

Is there no workforce, to join your hands to do?

O, so God put both of you together for absolutely nothing at all!

Oh, just do nothing, and look into each other’s faces till the years end, and till she dies and you also die?

Did not both of you have any ‘work of assignment’ to do all these years? So what was the purpose of you getting married?

Just Nothing! That’s stupid.

And it’s very interesting, how marriages are being run this day!

Hence, to God, marriage is like two business partners who have come together, who have skill sets, and have something in common and have come in agreement to do a particular work onto their God.

Indeed, listen, that the assignment is more important than both of you; because without the Assignment there won’t be a joining together.

This is how God gives meanings to Marriages, when both spouses have a work from Him to do onto Him-so that He can now defend you.

Surely, but by only supplication and prayer would God reveal His heart-beat assignment or this assignment, unto you.

Thus, marriage is a divine destiny marked out for the two of them, by the Lord’s assignment. Your life too is a divine destiny from God to you, marked out by God for you to fulfill-even when you’re not in marriage yet. (Adam knew his purpose on earth, before he even married!)

Hence, (ask yourself then), what have you been called by God to do? First, what is your God-given Assignment upon the earth, anyway?

And so, why are you not up to it?

Hence, if a man is not fulfilling the assignment of God he’s considered a ‘wanderer’ upon the earth.

It means that if you’re doing any job on earth, and that is not the assignment God called you for on earth, then you’re still not considered as a man yet nor a woman yet to God, as far as these Assignments of God, are of concern!

Now, some of you are doing some kind of works here on earth, but this ‘self-imposed’ work (assignment) does not make you the man or woman He wants you to be before Him or you have to be before Him.

Well, do you think I am just saying this, or it’s in the Bible?

The Lord said to me:

‘Do you remember that after Cain was banished from the Lord’s presence because he killed his brother, and by that, he discontinued the purpose of God’s assignment for his life it was said of him, that he has become ‘a Wanderer?’

Therefore, a wanderer, is someone who is just roaming the earth,’ and has not a God-given Assignment upon his life.

He will do what he wishes he wants to do when he wakes up from bed. He eats, plays, and still works for himself and then tomorrow he dies. He dies later out of his own selfish walks outside God’s walks or plans.

That is ‘he’, who has not the actual purpose of God upon his life.

Cain went his way, left the ‘presence’ of God, and in his ‘wandering’ walk built a huge city, but all that big city, and it’s glory was destroyed by God in the day the flood came upon them in Noah’s day.

And it was because their works were works of ‘self-motivation’, ‘self-glorification,’ and of ‘self-interests,’ and surely did not please God in any way; it did not fulfill the assignment for God for which reason God had given the earth for man to work upon it for Him.

Yes, though it may be done big, it may still not fulfill the Assignments of God, if the person doing it is called a wanderer.

‘The earth belongs to God and still, He decides what we will do upon it with our lives.’

On earth, everyone actually has an assignment from God. And so, this is why we have been told that, ‘lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways ACKNOWLEDGE Him, and He shall DIRECT your path.’ (Prov. 3:5)

Now, remember, it did not say, ‘some of your ways,’ but ‘all of our ways.’

We must acknowledge Him, in all of our ways, and in fact, in our families and in our marriages as well.

Hence, the relevance of what we build on earth, is not in how big or how nice it may look, but whether it’s in the fulfillment of God’s Assignment, for our life, as was in the case of Adam and his wife Eve.

They shall later be tested, or shall be made to be brought down or even made to stay, depending on whether they’re in line with His will or not, since the Earth belongs to the Lord.

Seriously, think about it. Why should there be a judgment of God coming to test our works, if there are no ‘Works,’ or ‘Assignments’ which has not been given by the Lord unto us?

By the assignment, we do not mean everybody, should pastor, though everybody is called to pastor in some way, because we have not only been made ‘kings,’ onto our God, but to be ‘Priests’ too, onto our God.

The kingdom of God is very big for the position of a pastor alone, to fill.

Thus, and seriously, the only reason why there should be a pending judgment, is because our ‘lives’ must play a ‘quality’ purpose before God; and not just any kind of purpose-but the one He’d deemed fit to give unto all of us.

Well, as long as sin and deception abounds in this World, men can do anything and call it a ‘quality purpose’ before God, or say they’re in fulfillment of an assignment before God.

Hence, Cain was a man, but he was not a man ‘enough’ before God.

And similarly, his wife and children were wife and children respectively, but they were not ‘wife’ and ‘children’ enough, before the Lord-different from what his father had done, for there were no assignments before them.

It’s not what you think you’re doing now that matters; it’s in whether you’re doing the assignment purposely made for you.

Yet, marriage and raising a family through God’s ways, were actually among these Ways, we were to fulfill the Assignments before God. (And one of such assignments was the assignment of childbirth, or reproduction, to fill the earth with).

That’s what we’re talking about, that unless you’re on ‘the assignment’ of God for your life you’re of no use to God upon the Earth, since it’s the assignment that makes your primary living here legitimate before God, or you’ve been considered to be a wanderer.

Thus, a ‘Man,’ or a ‘Woman,’ to God, is one, who is on an Assignment,’ as Adam, Eve, and Cain, and Abel, by God’s example, were told, to be on a God-given assignment upon Earth for the Lord, to judge.

Therefore, children are important to the Lord God because, He wants well-nurtured children in the future too, for His divine Assignments, upon this earth-not wicked or good for nothing ones, who their father did not teach the way or the assignments of the Lord.

Why a Woman and not another Man in his Assignment?: (The Importance of a Woman’s Creation)

Now, we could notice that, God didn’t choose for Adam another male or man in the assignment that God had called him to do, but chose for him, ‘a Woman,’ in the Assignment God called him to do.

Now, if the work was to manage the Earth, why did God choose a Woman to assist him, to do this kind of work, instead of a relatively stronger vessel?

Interestingly, looking at the whole thing, one would think that another male would have been more stronger enough, to join Adam in this great work of assignment he was called to do since another man, or male, would have been much stronger or perhaps more capable, than a woman to handle this work of Assignments, in managing the earth’s resources.

However, we’d seen that, God had given him a more relatively weaker vessel called ‘a woman’, whom he’d taken from his side, to be his assistant, to do the work, instead of another male.

(Now, this also gives us the idea that a man who’s called as the head, and has been given the assignment, is the one God calls to marry a helpmeet, in fulfilling the assignment and not the other way round). Hence, the Lord God stated, that a man must leave his father’s house, and cleave to his wife, to whom he must have an assignment with).

So was God foolish for pairing them as a man and a woman in His assignments, if a new man, in our opinion, could have been better? (I speak as a man).

Hence, we know that the Bible says that:

He created them MALE and FEMALE, and he BLESSED them and called them “Human”

Gen. 5:2 NLT

So see, that it’s stated right there, that He’d created them as an opposite gender, into the calling of His divine Assignments.

So, what was God trying to say, or do?

Now, in the course of this, when the Lord was explaining these things to me He gave me three reasons why He had allowed a woman, that is, a relatively weaker vessel to be in there in the company as the helpmeet, rather than another male or man.

  1. A) To Give God Children for the managerial Assignment.

In order to fill the earth with many more labourers for the earth, He God created a woman who would rather bring more children, or bring more forth fruits, (that is, more of His labourers) upon the Earth. (And this is something another man, or male could not have been able to do, since he’ll not have a womb); for God knew that still the two of them, could not still do all that work by themselves, and so had intelligently instructed them to do the following unto Him, per the assignments.

‘..Multiply and fill the Earth.’

Gen. 1:28 ESV

Hence, you can understand that, this is why the creation of a Woman’s Womb is thus important, and then, child-bearing (the fruit of the womb), is equally important unto God, and so, He’d created a Woman’s Womb for these purposes.

Infact, the word or title ‘Woman,’ is a joining of two words, which are, ‘Womb,’ and ‘Man,’ meaning, ‘a Man with a Womb;’ the ‘Womb’ has been shortened for ‘Wo-’

Now, this reason shows us why God is against an evil act like taking the life of a child or of a baby in the womb, or the aborting of a baby, which is a property unto God by His right.

(Do not forget, children are legitimate properties of God in marriage, because of His future assignments, upon the earth. So, if you kill a child, you’ve taken the seed of God’s property, from Him).

In other words, the multiplication of God’s people (the Children) on earth, will not change the Assignment, but was rather to improve or promote it and was to actually increase more of the labourers upon the Earth, for the Lord in His Assignments in the future, in carrying out His purposes and plans upon the Earth.

In other words, God did wanted more children upon the Earth; and they were all going to do the assignments, and these children by design, would also be managing some other parts of the earth too, unto Him (which is supposed to be what should have been now).

Thus, this is why children were of very much importance onto God, and actually He had destined them to actually be a part of His properties upon this Earth, which He’s created.

Hence, He said, to show His ownership over them;

BEHOLD, All the souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so ALSO THE SOUL OF THE SON IS MINE:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

…Has not the One God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit (You belong to Him as His sole property). And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard…(God seeks, Godly children as His property)

 Mal. 2:14-15 NIV

(So, don’t kill God’s servants, whom He’s preserved for His future Assignments).

Now, did you actually see that Abel and Cain, the first children of Adam and Eve were all partly doing the work of God when they came upon the Earth, while at the end were also bringing important sacrifices to God, in which God who was their Master of the House, was examining their works?

Now, while God was marking one of the children’s work correct (pleasant), He was marking one of the children’s work incorrect (unpleasant onto Him).

Now, think about it: If there was no assignment, why is God participating in an assignment of judging their works and the fruits of their children’s labour,’ in which they were to account onto Him too, with their Sacrifices?

Why was there a need, for Him to even be marking out their children’s works, at a point?

Why would God also be looking for sacrifices if earth also did not belong to Him?

Hence, I want you to know the Lord’s motive, to whom the Earth belongs.

Therefore, the children were as well, labourers or stewards, onto God too!

Their father had indeed communicated to them the work (the Assignments).

Look at that, both were also handling some of the properties which God had created in Genesis, chapter 1. We’ve seen that, they were the ones handling the animals which God had created and the soil which the Lord God had also formed.

But regarding the examining of their assignments, which God had inspected upon that day, this was what was actually said of them.

Abel, on his part also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of their fat portions. And the LORD had Regard for Abel and for his offering;

But on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry,

Genesis 4:4-5 NIV

Thus, you see, the children were not coming to the earth to watch their fathers and mothers alone do the Lord’s work, but they had also come to the earth to work for the Lord as well, in which the Lord was watching, and was the one examining their works to see whether each sacrifices, or their fruits were good before Him, or not.

In all, this is what was understood by them-that they are all as stewards, or labourers upon the earth-for the King Eternal, for God did not put the earth into the hands of angels, but put the ‘earth,’ into hands of His servant ‘men,’ to work it onto Him.

Now, if all that whole earth was for them, God would not have been participating in their works of assignments, judging each of them to see, which ones works was dimmed fit before Him.

Yet, did God qualify to be their examiner, of their works?

Certainly yes!

This earth was for Him, so He expected fruits, and a ‘replenishing’ of the works, which mysteriously, He expected it through the works or through the assignments of their marriages, and also through their family systems.

And God, even the Master of the House, as well had the choice to accept the works of one, and reject other-since it was not done perfectly before Him.

So, this is why I said that marriage is not for you, nor is it for you, but it’s about Him, and for the Lord’s Purposes, the Lord’s Glorification, and His Assignments, which He’s calling us here as married couples, and as world-families to do fully onto Him.

Hence, if you are not ready to bring Him the needed Sacrifices or fruits for Him to inspect or examine, and all you think is that, it’s all about you and your self-glorification, and about your self-interests, then it will be better you don’t get married.

So, these children, were following, the steps of their Father, partly doing some of the works (assignments) that were given by God to their father and to their mother.

So then, your life and your time do not fully belong to you.

Thus, because God was the one giving the Assignment, God was their God and their Master, as well as their Lord in the House, which is this platform called the Earth.

He was then the Boss of all the Businesses here, and was also examining the works of them all.

To be frank, that was when the words, ‘Master, and Lord’ which makes God Boss over all the Earth came into ‘being,’ because it is He was the Lord who was overseeing the works upon Earth, since He was also the one who had created and given their Assignments, as well.

Then the Lord finally, said to me:

‘In the absence of the Assignment, Marriage is Useless.’

The marriage, is not about a three-carat ring,’ Marriage is, practically about an Assignment, from the Lord.

Thus, it is the marriage through which God the Master hands down the assignment, and then through it makes marriage legitimate, or an important thing. Other than that, the marriage, would be useless and considered an unimportant thing before God.

Hence, without the assignment, there is no need for there to be marriage. God could as well fold the Earth which we should manage, and take it away.

Thus, for the ‘managerial assignment’ of the Earth, which God is saying was also toward Him, came we here. And so, this is the reason why we are here.

Well, I don’t think many people know about the assignments.

Thus, the whole reason of Marriage was to bring God Glory, but in what way?

This actual Way of an assignment fulfillment, which makes ‘marriage’ legitimate or relevant towards God!

A lot of people know that, marriage is to bring God Glory but they don’t know how it’s supposed to bring Him Glory!

Well, that Way was to fulfill an Assignment onto Him. Yes, He’s watching now your Marriage for the fruits, and also, that of your children.

We also know that, in an assignment comes fruits, talents, and gifts (skills and talents) for us to do our work.

And yet, these are the gifts He has put into us to do a particular or distinct kind of work for Him which He shall be examining, later.

And what if one does not do the work onto Him, or does the works of the Lord improperly?

Well, these were what the Lord once stated:

‘Cursed be the one who does the LORD’S work, negligently…’

Jer. 48:10 NASB

And also, it was said:

14 “…It will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them (God entrusted His wealth to us-the Earth, and the Universes).

15 To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY.

Then he went on his journey. 16 The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more.

17 So also, the one with two bags of gold gained two more. 18 But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

19 “After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled ACCOUNTS WITH THEM.

20 The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.’

21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.

Come and share your master’s happiness!’

22 “The man with two bags of gold also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two bags of gold; see, I have gained two more.’

23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

24 “Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed.

25 So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’

26 “His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant!

So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27

Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.

28 “‘So take the bag of gold from him and give it to the one who has ten bags.29

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.

Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 30

And throw that WORTHLESS SERVANT outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Matt. 15-30 NIV

Hence, Jesus was right when He said that you would be turned down by the Lord and Master of all things into the outer Darkness for flogs-and it would be for no work done or for no proper work done to the Lord to bring Him Eternal Glory.

For a lot of people through their foolishness, have left the Presence of the Lord with their whole family.

They had left the presence of the Lord into the world, as Cain was made to leave the Presence of the Lord with no works done, to wander about and to suffer.

So, here instead of the flogging, he (Cain) was made to suffer, by he (Cain) being made to leave.

And God was also not also afraid, to let him go.

In fact, and later on, God made Cain to suffer with all his generations, to suffer in Hell when later God made the flood to come after them, on Noah’s day, because there were no assignments given by Him to them, and there were also no fruits received by God in Heaven him and their descendants.

So, what did the Bible say?

People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them…

Luke 17:27 NIV

Yes, you can think about it: There were Marital Ceremonies and Weddings or Parties going on in Noah’s day, yet God destroyed them all, and it was for filling up the Earth with useless marital ceremonies, parties, revelries, or marriages.

Yes, that should tell you that though marriages are good in themselves, but some of them are considered an absolute useless thing, before God, if they are not bringing him proper glory, which is, fulfilling the Assignments before Him-as was in the case of Cain’s generations.

So, don’t just tell us, ‘When I find a wife, I am in God’s Glory and I’ve found a Good Thing and that’s all,’ if your marriage in question is not bringing this glory, the sacrifices, and this fruits to God, which he will expect.

In other words, those kinds of marriages were not bringing any results for Him, to inspect the fruits. There had not been fruits (works from them, and from that of their heirs or children) for Him to inspect.

Yes, they were doing it for themselves, a worship, to themselves, while the Earth and its precious works were laid bare.

People were eating, drinking, MARRYING AND BEING GIVEN IN MARRIAGE UP TO THE DAY NOAH entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them…

Luke 17:27 NIV

Hence, what you let your children do, your wife do, and even the entire generations to come to do afterwards, do matters to God-who said that the earth too should be filled with children too for Him.

Surely, He shall be judge us, just as He had judged the others.

What is Marriage, if there’s nothing in it to give it fully back in return to God? What is marriage, if there’s no inspection? He God, would destroy it just as He did to others.

In fact, in the way most marriages are conducted or have gone today, it looks like only few marriages in ‘Noah’s Ark,’ would survive if the Lord brings the flood, to test our motives, in our marriages.

He has promised He will do this again in some ‘days’ to come. Therefore, the Lord had spoken, and said:

People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them…

Luke 17:27 NIV

“It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed…’

Luke 17:30 NIV

Hence, what you let your children do, your wife do, and even the entire generations of the marriages and the families that come after you do matters to the Lord God. And He shall judge you, at the latter end as He had judged others.

And so, we’ve been admonished to train our children even in the way of God while each of us, must conduct our ways well to know and fulfill God’s purposes or assignments, before this (pending) flood should show up, or should come.

What does it mean? It means, if we don’t work, there’s no work fulfilled and the consequences are clear onto us.

The Lord was right when He said that, you could be sent by God into hell when you don’t do the Lord’s Assignment, especially, in a manner in which the Father of the House does not see any benefits.

In there, you could be flogged, for no or proper work done. Yes, you could be flogged for wasting your precious ifts and Talents in His resource-filled Earth for not working, nor working properly onto Him with your family to the Master of this House to whom, everything belongs.

Hence, we’ve also been admonished to train our children too in the way of God to fulfill God’s primary assignments, while as well each of us must conduct our ways well to know and to fulfill God’s assignment before His second flood should come to test the works of our labours, and sacrifices in the Marriage-in short times to come.

  1. B) To Maintain Order in the Business Work- A Leader and an Assistant:

So the second reason why He wanted a relatively weaker vessel to be his helpmeet was because, God wanted to establish peace and order in the Earth.

He wanted a leader with his assistant, so that both of them can do the works well. If they’re all equal leaders they can’t lead each other.

So, how can the two ‘heads,’ find themselves in the same boat, as heads?

And who will humble himself, or will lead the other?

Who would lead the other better? And won’t both of them via for the leadership of the other? God, wasn’t creating a parliamentary system in which, each of them had to cast ballots or lots before Him to see who would lead the other better.

(God is not an Author, of Confusion).

And by right, does He not have the audacity, to choose the one who would be the leader, and who should be the assistant?

He was creating a Kingdom and a House of Order, not one of disorder or of confusion!

This should tell you that, moreover, there is nothing as Gender Equality before God.

God does not, believe in Gender Equality, or else, true order as well as leadership, will never stand out or be possible.

Hence, men and women, are not equal before God: You can say it in whatever way you like.

According to the Lord, this was actually why by design, He had intentionally called Adam first, and then gave Adam ‘The Assignment,’ and also put him on the Earth first, before calling her (Eve) forth, telling her to be the help-meet.

If there was Gender equality on that day, these spouses would have been created upon that same day or hour.

But in the same way, He’d created the Woman, to be equally greater and wiser than her children as well, giving more power and right to her.

While also, the Children too, according to their ages and also maturity levels would be wiser, and stronger than their younger brothers and sisters, while also earning love and respect from them.

This was to create love and respect and order before God, in all the processes, or the assignments, of the family.

Disorder, would never have brought out the kind of work God actually wanted.

We know that, wherever there is disorder there are all manner of confusions, and there is chaos, and as well lack of progress, in that community or environment.

The Lord, was not expecting a form of competition in the house at all (in this Earth), to bring, disorder-which would hinder the work of their Assignments, which He’s given onto them.

  1. C) To portray love in the Society:

Then also, God would have loved the man in his weaknesses and continue to lead him in this assignment; and the man too would have loved the woman in her weaknesses, and would continue to lead her, and the women too, would have loved their children and continue to lead them, while the children would also think of supporting and laying down their lives for their younger sisters and brothers. (This is why the Lord had expected Cain to be his brother’s keeper).

Understand this that God read through and knew that Love could only be possible, when there is no Gender Equality. He read through it before we’d all started.

Gender Equality brings frictions, unnecessary competitions, sometimes fights and wars, and these are never the signs of love, while everybody else may think he or she must not be looked down upon.

That brings disrespectfulness and a lack of joy in the society.

In the same way, in which in a Company operates, there must a leader and an Assistant to bring order in this company, if the Company had to progress: and so was Marriage, too. Definitely, in marriage, there must be a leader and an assistant, and supporting workers.

We know that, today, as a result of many men maltreating their women in society, this has led to many seeking for Gender Equality through the Law, to stand out of such Abuses, which God as well hates.

The fact that, God has made us more endowed than women by nothing, but absolutely by grace, and in some ways, to actually also be the head, does not mean, you have to touch your wife and children, and beat them up.

Now, if you touch the Lord’s own, He will come after you because, as we said, they are the Lord’s properties whom He’d given to you in trust, in whom you need to serve-and to be accountable of, which as well, is in addition to all that He had asked you to manage, or else, you should better as well not marry, because the Lord, had not asked us, as stewards, to oppress, but to nurture and make better (replenish).

Indeed, this kind of problem has also largely stemmed out from the fact that, men, many men, in such a pride, think that the Marriage is about them, and for them)-and thereby, have been maltreating their wives, being the wife of their youth.

Please, you have to understand that the Marriage you have is not for you, nor is it for you. This is why, even adulterers, who cheat shall also go to hell-and it’s because its God who gives the orders, not by us-men.

If you touch them, abuse, molest, and hit them (both your children, and your wife of your youth), God, shall come after you- and in fact, He told me, He will surely be doing, so; God too is not, a respecter of persons.

There’s a way the Lord, has shown His people, to be handling, all issues, because He had formed, what we call ‘Marriage.’

We have been, called as Stewards, to serve in the house, and to serve our wives, and children, since, we’re the Greater ones; and not the other, way round.

Hence, the Lord had said that, ‘because of that, many men, have gone to hell.’

But a true man loves, since He lives like his father (Almighty God). He does not, touch his wife, nor beat up, the fruits, God has given him; but He nurtures them, in the things, and in the paths of God’s holy righteousness, and he should know that, as a steward, He should be ready to present them, Holy and Righteous, and able-bodied, before the Lord God, for His Assignment, and as well, on the day of His judgment; because, of the Assignment (And the Lord will not let any stone to be unturned).

Truly, God’s love only comes about, when the Greater one lays down His life for the lesser; which had been God’s foremost plan, or, there’s no marriage, nor is there even love.

This is what the Lord, says; The one endowed with more, which is by solely through His Grace, would also support the one whom He had endowed with less, while he too would help another, whom he, or she, is greater than too.

By that way, there will, certainly be, Resource-Acquisition even to those at the latter-even to the least one amongst us all, because of the institution of love, which He was creating.

Moreover too, the help is not for man’s glorification; it is still for God’s Glory, who was first the Man, who had given us all these rich resources, to be stewards upon it, for Him.

After all, who has received anything, in which He did not receive it, from God?

For who regards you as superior? What do YOU HAVE THAT YOU DID NOT RECEIVE? And if you did receive it, why do you boast…

1 Cor. 4:7 NASB

In the Word, the Lord said that when we do good deed, on the Earth, we should not let our neighbour, who is on our left hand know, and so, when these deeds, which we have done in secret, come before the Lord, He can bless us genuinely-by giving it back to us.

In other words, He doesn’t want us to be proud, with everything we give out, because, all things we actually own, or receive, are first, given by Him-and that is, even if we would have worked for it. It is the same earth.

This is because, the Good Deed you are doing is not for you, buts it is for His Glory.

Now, since the Earth is the property of God, in which we are called to be managers here over his (His Earth (the lands), the seas, the house, air, water, clothes, money etc.), and thus, none of them belongs to us, that is also why, He commands in our power, to give to the needy and poor, of society, who’re also, our brothers, so that, they may all, demonstrate, His love. A wicked man, shall, not stay in the courts of God.

We had come to the Earth with nothing, and all that we have, does not belong to us; they belong to God!

He can command us; or can He not?

Unless we want to leave, and to go back with death with all what we came with-Nothing!

If God gives you something can He not tell you, to give portions to your other, blood siblings, crying unto Him, from, what He’s given you?

And if that’s what Christ, and your God did, do you think you’d have been, given anything?

Then the Lord will soon take all away from you, and would, give it to the worthy channels.

(Also, He may also take from you His forgiveness and Mercies).

21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”

22 Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

23 “Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. 24 As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand bags of gold was brought to him. 25 Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt.

26 “At this the servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ 27 The servant’s master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go.

28 “But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred silver coins. He grabbed him and began to choke him. ‘Pay back what you owe me!’ he demanded.

29 “His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay it back.’

30 “But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt. 31 When the other servants saw what had happened, they were outraged and went and told their master everything that had happened.

32 “Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. 33 Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ 34 In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

35 “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

Matt. 18:21-35 NIV

Therefore, a man who does not give in humility, is no wise labourer, of the Lord; when God was creating the Earth as His holy cherished property, where were You, and your nuclear family which you only feed? Yes, the man was given to, but He refused to give, which got God provoked and so, He was further charged hard by God.

We must understand that, what we hold (our Resources), are not for us- not even our bodies, our minds, our soul, and as well, our spirits. God is able to take all of them back if we don’t give them up to Him, for His worship.

Hence, Christ laid down His life for us too, showing all men an example while God had also laid down His life for Him in Eternity, that we may reciprocate it to the ones who are weaker, in all ways to us-yes, to our wives, and also, in love, to our children. Our lives are all by His Grace.

Meanwhile, to God, it’s not about whether you’re black or white that matter (as the racist dreams of), but it’s about fulfilling your assignments for God- And it is what God is going to judge us about!

Your views don’t matter-It is God’s view that matter.

We did not see God giving marriage only to the blacks; and not to the whites. nor to the whites and not to the blacks in this marriage. And there was no tribe by then; but one in all, and all in one.

God was not planting one kingdom, and not a divided kingdom. He was not planting racism nor tribalism on earth during the course of Marriage, at the beginning of life.

The Reason for He Giving Us Sexual Organs

What then was the need for Sexual Organs in Marriage, as far as ‘the Lord’s Concepts’ were concerned? The Lord then asked me to write out the reason for sexual organs in a marriage.

Now based on this understanding of why He had created the Earth and was desperately in need for it to be managed, we can now understand why He actually created sexual organs.

Most of us are getting it all wrong.

What was the reason why God gave sexual organs?

It was not for viagra; it wasn’t for sex toys? It wasn’t for masturbation; surely, it wasn’t too, for porn; as though it was an assignment God has given us to do-all of us, unto Him.

Well, that’s silly.

Was the assignment of God masturbation, and anal sex? How would God have gotten children if it was all by these sole primary practices or purposes?

That is why those who do such things are punished also by God. They are called perverts, immoral and as well, sinners by the Lord-who’s also the Master of the House-which is Earth.

Do we remember, a man named Onan slept with a woman in the Bible, and refused to allow his semen into the woman for purposes of avoiding to reproduce?

And what did God do?

God had destroyed Him instantly!

You will see that here:

Judah, got a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar. But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death.

Then Judah, said to Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.”

But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring…

What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death also.

Gen. 38:6-10 NIV

So wasting sperm is an abomination unto God. (Therefore, sleeping with also a dog or an animal of your choice cannot give God the children He deserves. And so, God destroys it too.

Hence, He had also created Man to have his own kind, in order to have God the sort of children He wants.

Thus, God is also against Bestiality-or the act of marrying or sleeping with an animal. Can a man and an animal produce to God a child for the managerial assignments? (It’s an offence unto God).

Therefore, he (Onan) got destroyed, for wasting his sperm than to produce for the Lord a child, which is also something we do through fornication, as well, through prostitution, in which God’s purposes and plans to have His children and labourers (in His image and His likeness), are not revealed or fulfilled.

So then, what about gay, or lesbianism (men and men sleeping or women and women sleeping)? In what way do these so called acts or marriages displease God?

Well, can they give God children for Him to have the children He needed to Manage the Earth with for which He’d instructed Adam and Eve to do? Or, would it give God children for the Work of the Assignment? Certainly Not.

Therefore, you should understand too here, why God didn’t pair them as a husband and husband, (a man and man who’re with the same sex organs, cannot ‘biologically have children’), and so, cannot ‘..multiply.’ In that case, the Law of God, which had commanded ‘Increase and Multiply,’ would not have not been fulfilled: and so the assignment of child-birth, would certainly not have been drawn if that was marriage.

(They would not reproduce to give God he necessary children here in this House, which is the Earth).

Or a woman, and also another woman (who’re with the same sex-organs too, can’t give God, the children) and so no children could have also been reproduced for God who genuinely needed children to fill this earth for the work of His Assignments.

He paired them as Man (Adam), and then a Woman (Eve), and to them He commanded ‘Multiply and fill the Earth’ and to bring to God children upon the Earth, for me.

Look at that here:

‘..Multiply and fill the Earth.’

Gen. 1:28 ESV

Finally, God too being the Chief Priest, and the Leader on that day, neither had paired them or had ordained for them, a same sex Marriage, also signifying to us that by the fore-ordained reason and practices, no priests or bishop or  leader who’s following after God’s steps, should pair them as man and man, or woman and woman, nor do such a thing upon His Earth, which He had purposely dressed and created according to His own Purpose for the use of His personal Glory. It is evident that such people do not understand the meaning nor primary courses of Marriage or the fabric by which God framed Marriage. (Certainly, it’s not about who you feel like being with, but it’s about what God has commanded us to do). Yes, the act of being bi-sexual or as claiming to be a transgender person does not bring you in harmony with God’s fore-ordained plans and purposes.

Those pastors may love the institution but they themselves don’t understand the core reasons for it! And they are two different things here. Having interest for the institution, does not mean you’re doing it right.

So they live for themselves and walk in their own interests for the marriage-wandering life on earth in whom there’s no purpose nor God’s primary assignments fulfilled, which is dangerous.

They should have understood that, for this same reason, God by sore hatred destroyed the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, who did not only get tired with sleeping with their opposite sex but even tired with sleeping with men or women of their kind and now wanted to sleep with Angels-resulting further into extreme abomination before the Spirit of God’s Jealousy!

It was like God had asked them, ‘How would you give Me children for My Assignments which I wanted to wrought on Earth, if the two of you of the same sex, could sleep together? How, could you obey My assignment of ‘Increase and Multiply upon the Earth’ which I’d given my first stewards-yes, to Adam and Eve?

And, how could you give Children to fulfill My Assignment with having sex with a similar kind (same sex) or with angelic hosts or with also a beast or with also an animal upon the Earth which are my creation?’

And so, upon that ‘misplaced purposes or assignments’ God fully rained upon them fire and brimstone until they were burnt with fire and into ‘serious’ ashes together, with their lustful interests which did not fulfill the work of His assignments-children whom He’d love and had fore-planned to use for an awesomely Glorious Work or Purpose on His Earth, even through His institution called ‘Marriage.’ So to them, this was the flogging of God and the punishment from Him on that day. This is because, though they loved this institution, they did not really understand it!

Thus, it is said that so shall it be in our time again or in the last days again. And so, this is why God is now giving this understanding on his purposes for marriage for us to repent because He loves us and He may only warn us one more time, to do the right thing!

Marriages and motives of marriages shall be judged again!

People were eating, drinking, MARRYING AND BEING GIVEN IN MARRIAGE up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them…

Luke 17:27 NIV

“It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed…’

Luke 17:30 NIV

And of course, we know that, The Son of Man Is Yet To Be Revealed. The above scripture means that God has not changed His plans for Marriage; either we do it the way He wants it or we get ourselves destroyed!

Well, it shall come again but I’m sure we wouldn’t like to see it. And no wonder when the Lord showed me this He thundered.

Well, as for the devil, he has actually succeeded in making some people believe there’s no God so that our new generation can come again into the coming righteous judgment of God-as far as this original purpose through which God created the Earth with Marriages and families,  are of conern!

Hence, that is what we are talking about, that if it doesn’t fulfill the purposes of reproduction for God to have children to fill the Earth God will destroy it; the children are His.

Today, and on a serious note, God has just overlooked us on many serious offences. Only His unquenchable mercies may clean that all; for His mercy triumphs over the Judgment. If for once, you don’t know that God is merciful, then this is one way by which you should know…because we’re doing these abominable things, including fornication, and using of invented condoms, just as Ornan did to avert the purposes of REPRODUCTION.

So then, the Lord also considers all these as evil and abominable-as well as sex toys, which have been created by way of our self-interests, to destruct humans, and to destroy the original purpose of marriage, and reasons why He’d created and ordained sex for the worldwide family, and a for us a people whom He’d cherished and had fully loved.

Therefore, He’d created ‘Sex’ too for His Glory, and for this fore-ordained plan-and this is why if you’re a fornicator, you’ve defiled the ‘bed.’

Therefore, we must also understand why God should hate thus, fornication or sexual immorality too, which is called ‘Pre-Marital Sex.’ That is why in one day too, God destroyed 23,000 Jews, for practicing Fornication (youth, children and adults having sex before marriage). (So, not did God only did it to the Gentiles, but He did it to that Church!).

Therefore, at the end we were told to flee from fornication, because it’s already a fearful thing to fall in the hands of the Living God.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth, against his own body

1 Cor. 6:18 KJB

In addition, for those who do have sex before marriage the reason why God calls such people perverts and immoral is because God has not chosen for them this suitable unmarried ‘spouse’ or partner they have also been sleeping with all this while and thus, destroying the purpose thereof.

Surely, He will not give an another assignment to such people who’re disobedient to fulfill.

The Lord said that when we break the first simple law (which is an assignment) that we marry ‘before we have sex,’ why then does He have to give us another assignment?

While we are unfaithful in little things why should He entrust us with much more?

Indeed, God is very particular in our obedience in very little instructions. In other words there is no more assignment when the first assignments are broken on a continuous basis.

Thus, a God-given purpose is also lost and unrealized, by all of us-yes, by all of us who practice that act.

And so, will we as youth or adults lose our God-given purpose for which reason He’s made us to be on earth because of this?

Well, it is also realized that today most women are not getting married.

As well, most men are also not getting married, since a simple instruction of ‘do not have sex before marriage’ is broken before God’s Holy presence; therefore, to a large point, He has also shut down the gates and profits of marriage which should as well bring opened doors through His assignments, in marriages. ‘Marriages, are not rose and flowers; they’re about an Assignments, to be drawn!’

In other words, we get stacked in our lives, to the next glorious stage, which is through marriage, for not giving our way to stopping, all those things God had said we should not do while God is actually there in Heaven watching us go on.

What Marriage is Not

So then, if this was what Marriage was all about, what then is not Marriage?

As we saw and as the story goes, first the Earth was for God, who had created her and then He entrusted it into the hands of His steward (Adam), to look after it for Him. God had realized that it would not be easy for him (Adam) alone to manage it or to keep the earth alone.

So, marriage was the type of management system, which God had realized He could use to fill up the earth, and to use in increasing His people as labourers upon earth.

Thus, we saw that, as a result of the fact that (Adam) could not manage (or keep) this earth (the large Earth alone), from the largeness of its North to its South, and from its West to East all by himself, God had to give him a helpmeet (someone to support him manage the largeness of the earth).

Already, God also knew that Adam and Eve could not do all that alone. So by the reproductive system, He’ll have more labourers and will get them more labourers).

(Therefore, marriage is not for the two people to just enjoy their lives).

Rather, it’s a union between two people, ‘For A Pre-destined Assignment,’ predestined by God to manage some of the resources or part of the resources of God in this whole Earth for Him. And they are managing it for God because, the Earth is the Lord’s with its fullness thereof, and the world they dwell in.

Hence, it was exactly what God caused Adam, Eve his wife and their children to do, expecting results from them. Further, they were not just to manage the earth for Him, but should have better improved it than how He had given it to them-after all, what should a better steward have done, to please and ‘happy’ His master?

So then, He had told them to Till (Dress), Keep (Manage) and Replenish (Make it Better, Renew, or Rejuvenate) it. Hence, that was to mean that they were to fully be in divine assignments, to be in management practices. Yes, in this was practically what God expected from every marriage, over His properties; not bread or roses.

So then, what then, is not marriage, if this was the upmost reason? Therefore, the following are not what Marriage is all about.

Therefore Marriage, is not;

When I am ‘burning’ or feeling a bit ‘horny,’ or beginning to have high sexual drives

I need to have sex at all cost.

I am now grown.

I need a woman to cook for me and to wipe the House for me

Or even I need a man to take care of my woes.

I think my sister got married; and I had to get married too.

Or I saw a beautiful girl in the corner and I think I need to marry her at all cost.

Or seen a handsome ‘fresh guy’ in my corner or in my neighbourhood, and I just thought he can qualify to be my husband.

He or she is looking so sexy, hot, and attractive to me.

He’s from my country-or because he or she is my country man or woman; perhaps, we can cope well.

Or He belongs to this tribe which I like, or to that tribe. (Oh yes, in this tribe, their men take very good care of women!)

Or He is white and I’m black; or He is a black and I’m white.

Well, I just met him on social media and I believe he’s nice; or even on whatsapp, or from a dating site. And I believe He could be nice.

Or I need a companion for life.

He or she is just the woman or man of my dreams-which I’ve been day dreaming about.

Or, He or she may be good in bed.

Or love him for a particular ‘reason.’ For instance, I just love her way of walking or her cat-walking or the ‘great’ features about her body.

All these doesn’t often bring out the assignment, and we end up messing our lives.

Including, all the manner of selfish reasons from ‘sensual feelings,’ which we’ve have brought to cover the original purpose of marriage. You see, all these things come into being when ‘We,’ the stewards, now think the marriage is about us, so that in the end of trying to satisfy sometimes our ego and lusts, and to as well do things to try and please men (watchers) we try to do things to make it look that way.

Thus, because these are not the original purpose of marriage, the marriage will end up collapsing, in few days come, because it was brought up on the wrong foundation!

For instance: if we should go into marriage because of a dress (say, the wedding dress), when the dress is thorn or over what next?

When, we go into marriage because of her good bodily features, in the day her bodily features ‘loose form,’ what next? Will you cheat on her? Would it lead you to divorce her, or commit adultery? Would it lead you to cheat on your spouse? But if the marriage is recognized as an assignment ‘from the Lord,’ those ‘flimpsy reasons’ don’t stand a chance, because ‘both of you are looking up to something surely great in the future, something more interesting, divine and solid in nature, and surely attracts future rewards and judgments.

Indeed, these are the marriages God counts, as those He loves to work with.

Hence, understand why there’re some divorces from stupid flimpsy excuses which do not have the chance to bond, or to ‘cleave up’ two partners together, especially, for a very long time. Hence, when both partners went into the marriage with ‘flimspy’ reasons, then we can understand why there will be trouble, which in turn, attracts others, to be afraid of marriage.

So then, we can understand why Coldness will end up replacing the ‘Love Which Should Not Die Soon.’ Why should the children (which is God’s children) end up being in this kind of ‘easy’ marriages, and having their future and their assignments as well jeopardized! This will instantly attract God’s Assignments (Judgments).

So we must drop the filthy thoughts and reasons for we getting into marriage, to cleave to God’s original purposes!

(The marriages we see in celebrity marriages, are not marriages, because we see these marriages, which are not divine, topple on flimsy excuses. Don’t know why people learn from them. Indeed, marriage is not about a million dollar somebody puts into the marriage, but its because of the importance of the God-given assignment that ‘runs’ the people, and thier resources!

And, when we go into the marriage because of her beauty when her beauty fades like charm, through ageing (which we know will definitely happen), what will be your the next step to take? (Will the marriage and all its investments come to a stand still?’

Every reason aside the original purpose of marriage, has a shorter life’s span; and so when men go into marriage with them their marriages don’t last, as well as the reasons! They’ll have a shorter life span (That is currently what we’re experiencing today, from our flimsy sensual thoughts!)

(This is why today, it’s important that God clears our minds up). Indeed the same wrong reasons why we have marriage is the same wrong reasons why we live and have sex everyday!!

Ah, what is marriage when there’s no purpose? What is marriage, when God, has no purpose in it? What is marriage, when there’s no

Hence, unless the Lord now draws out the true and original purposes of marriage no marriage on any of these stupid reason which are all based upon ‘Us’ and our foolish human ‘Goals’ will stand, when it should face the test of time-while the devil is laughing or mocking at us, because we keep breaking what He (the Lord) says should not be broken. After all, the devil even understands marriage better than us.

Therefore, unless the Marriage is based on an Assignment these flimsy reasons, will be what will destroy it.

Therefore, neither is our Marriages too about,

The Classiness of our wedding Gown

Nor about the Glory of a Woman, who would look beautiful on that Day.(Note: It’s not about the Glory of the woman on this particular fateful day of the marriage. Actually, the Glory is for God who has called you both into the assignment. It’s God’s assignment and not the woman’s assignment).

(Eve had not taken any glory because God had given her marriage). Marriage was for God’s glory and for God’s primary Assignments; neither was it for man’s glory.

These are not the first priority reasons, in marriage, but the calling to a purpose which could affect your eternal destiny and estate. It could as well attract judgment, rewards or curses-as was in the case of Adam, or his son Cain.

So therefore, in the selfish interest of these ‘couples,’ the Lord’s will are never fulfilled which could attract a fearful expectation of judgment later in the future, just as it had happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, while also a throwing away of their eternal destinies even though they may claim to be in what they cheerfully call ‘Marriage.’

Have you not known, that sadly to say, some marriages had rather been the opened doors for many people to go to hell?’ Well, so why should some ‘Marriages’ rather be the doorways, not to the heavens but to the abode of death, or to the depths of Hell?

Yes, when Adam and Eve broke a certain law, which was to ‘run’ the assignment, God came in to judge them.

With regards to marriages that are about our selfish reasons-the Lord then reported to me, ‘There is no purpose or value in such relationships. I the Lord do not give marriage to a person upon such flimsy reasons.’

This should tell us that God’s standards for marriage are far greater and higher than we should think, which comes with great expectations of fruits, judgments, and as well higher and greater rewards from Him, through the various stages through-out this marital journey!

(Don’t get me wrong; this is why some marriages are stucked, and not blessed).

In other words, marriage was the way by which God wanted to hand down, an assignment.

Hence, understand that, our entrance into the marriage is not about us, but it is for us to do a service for God, which is actually a higher calling, than to be SINGLE.

Thus, we’re in the marriage because we’re in service for the Almighty, and not because of our interests.

So, it’s also not about;

The beauty of your clothes at the wedding reception

It’s also not about our kisses, and the styles (types) thereof.

It’s not about sex (nor the styles thereof).

It’s not about a 60 to a 100 carat ring or about so many rings on the finger. (It’s not about the diamond ring on the finger).

It’s not about how high your shoe is on the day of her wedding; it’s not about gold shoes you wear.

Or it’s for the height of the cake nor the sweetness of the cake. And as well, Eve and Adam, never had a cake. Eve didn’t wear a wedding gown.

Or the best honey moon place to go in town.

Not about the flashy cars your man will drive in, nor the house you’ll walk in.

Not about his business, when the business, is not the main assignment.

Your Marriage, is about an Assignment to God!

All the emphasis, have been placed on these even at the time of the wedding, with some even foolishly measuring the glory of their marriages with that of others, as though that was what the original purpose or assignment of God. Why should God make you use your marriage to laugh, or mock at another, when all the Grace and the Glory Is From Him?

If the assignment, is for God, then God determines the time you marry. Don’t let anybody push you; for their assignments, are not your assignments. Therefore, don’t be Reproached!

Hence, these should not be the main reasons, Though A Few of These, were made to Propel the marriage up to the top; but indeed, they’re not the original work of marriage, indicating that, most of us, had already married from wrong reasons. For instance, sex was created for reproduction-to give God children.

Ah, again I say that, what is the essence of Marriage, if you’re not in fulfillment of the ‘the calling,’ I mean ‘the Assignment to God’ as He’d expected, as He’d ‘spoken’ to Adam and Eve?

And like I said, some have put so much money into these marriages, as though that was the purpose of their marriages. Yes, some have put so much millions of dollars into it, and before our eyes, all the marriages came toppling.

Thus, these have become the unnecessary focus of what even some people want to see on your wedding day or at your marital home, as though God did send them as judges over you.

Indeed, we can tell that some of them, who as well have called themselves ‘Marital Counselors,’ did know anything nor understood anything God was trying to speak about in terms of Marriage, and sometimes, they’ve even required things from you which God has not required, fueling up with themselves with human, and traditional thoughts.

Are we marrying for them or we are marrying for the fore-ordained Assignment, or we’re marrying for tradition?

Are we marrying too, for the ‘fore-ordained,’ assignment or we are marrying for ourselves, or also, for the interests we have? Have we also been marrying for our parents, to give them grandchildren, or we have been marrying for God’s fore-ordained assignments? (The children are not theirs; the children are for Him-just as He said).

Yes, although Abraham was God’s friend, God still decided to delay childbirth, and chose to give him children at the time He wished or wanted. The child had to come at the right time, for ‘His Assignments. Why? Isaac was God’s property to used as an assignment to represent ‘Christ the Sacrifice.’ And, it was through Isaac, God had given Jacob, and through Jacob (Israel), the 12 tribes of Israel, which God as well had to call His Inheritance.

So then, by the fore-ordained assignments, we’re not marrying for our parents, to give them ‘grandchildren,’ for that, is in respect of THEIR ASSIGNMENTS. (This is how parents, in their ‘Old’ religious traditions, have interfered in God’s Assignments, and the marriage, which God called, and should not have crushed up crushed. (They’ll be made to pay for this, in the latter end).

So, we’re not here to marry for the ‘aged.’ For if the aged dies, who would take care of the children? Your God, or their Ghost?

We’re made for God’s assignments!

Therefore God says:

…All the souls are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER, so… SOUL OF THE SON IS MINE:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

So then, when the blind lead the blind in such an inappropriate counseling session, both will fall into a ditch; so then the marriage will come toppling down.

All these ‘old traditional standards’ are from ‘ human or a worldly lusts, borne out of much ignorance, with pride, with men seeking glory for their marriages in the eyes of other men, while sometimes these are given through demonic voices from the demonic world, in an attempt to reduce the original purpose of marriage, so that the entire ‘fabric’ God had given or framed or clothed marriage, would seem not to be fulfilled and would utterly be destroyed from the Lord’s reach upon this Earth.

Well, this would not affect God, but this would affect us, who don’t know nor practice the true course of marriage.

In other words, we will not be fulfilling any assignments in the marriages before God, nor be getting any proper rewards from it, from the obedience, but just enduring.

Similarly, our children will sadly come in and go through in the same ignorant ways.

Therefore, let’s remember what God stated to His nuclear family:

‘Till His Ground; Work on it and replenish it,’ indicating to us that they were on assignment upon His earth.

And like we’ve said, Marriage was God’s business plan, to redeem the Earth into a better or fruitful place-all for Himself. Meaning that, God had had a better or bigger picture for Marriage or towards Marriage than we’ve all expected.

How He was going to do it? I was shocked, when the Holy Spirit explained it to me.

Remember, that it’s not for your glory; it’s for His Glory; and much more, your marriage and your family, are for His assignments too upon Earth. Once it’s in His Glory, His Glory, will overshadow everyone, and everything-this is why His Glory, was on Adam and Eve; so that they were not feeling ashamed.

Meanwhile, the children you are giving birth to which only God gives will also not belong to you, neither has He given them as to grandparents, for He has formerly instituted:

Behold, all the souls are mine; AS THE SOUL OF THE FATHER, so ALSO THE SOUL OF THE SON IS MINE:

Ezek. 18:4 DBT

And the earth we live on too, does not belong to you; the Lord will soon be folding up the earth; but before then, He would be expecting the fruits, from Every MARRIAGE. But to them much is given, much would be expected.

Remember: don’t put yourself in a ‘place’ in which God will destroy, be it married or single. Irrespective of how the cases may be, you should be working out for the fruits.

(If God had saved one family, that is, Lot’s family, and had destroyed the rest (Sodom and Gomorrah), because of improper (bad marriages) then you can tell that God is not talking about the numbers, but He’s talking about the ‘Assignments.’

Again, if God could save ‘One’ family in Noah’s day, which was just made up of 8 people then we can tell that it’s not about just saying ‘I’m married,’ but it’s about Doing The Assignments-The Divine Assignments.

Each one is with His Divine Assignments.

While in Marriage, do you wake up from bed with God’s Assignments in mind or You Simply Woke Up With Your Own Assignments In Mind?

Indeed, Marriage has a lot of ‘Rewards,’ but it’s those who know the ‘Truth’ will enjoy it to the max.

And so, from the story of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and also of the parable of talents, we’ve realized that God actually has ‘rewards’ for marriage.

He loves us, so let’s do the right things.

Joy, and lots of blessings!

Why God Is Against Divorce

It is because the Lord is the WITNESS BETWEEN you and the wife of your youth. You have been unfaithful to her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.

15 Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring.[d] So be on your guard, and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth.

Mal. 2:14-15 NIV

16 For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with wrong,” says the Lord of hosts.

Mal. 2:16 NASB

Certainly, we know that in every way, Divorce will definitely destroy God’s Assignment, which is meant for the two, which are (one woman and as well one man). Indeed, the Lord said that what He seeks according the scripture above, is godly children.

Divorce, will destroy the work of assignment which He has given both of you to do.  In that case, once there’s divorce there’ll be no assignment and there SHOULD be the death of the two. There should be an end of their lives (the death of the two) if there’s no assignment or depth in their lives.

For this reason God hates divorce.

‘‘For I HATE divorce,” says the Lord.

Mal. 2:16 NASB

God will hate divorce because it’ll break His assignments! For I told you, that  the Lord did mention that marriage is not for the two of you; but it’s about Him and His purposes. The above scripture said that He brought them together so that they would give Him godly children.

Has not the One God made you? You BELONG to him in body and spirit (GOD’S PROPERTY-SO WE’RE HIS PROPERTY). And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring. So be on your guard (being watchful), and do not be unfaithful to the wife of your youth.

As I told you, Marriage is for God and God’s purposes.

And what does the One God seek (one who made you)? Godly offspring.

All your children are His! And so, there’s judgment!

Marriage, is also not for your ‘man,’ or for ultimately serving the man, or the ‘husband.’ It’s totally for God’s purpose, and the God who gave him the House (Earth)

This is how it was in the beginning with Adam and Eve. So, dare not go about chasing ladies for God has His purposes for their lives. Don’t go about and destroy God’s plans and purposes, in their lives. You’ll be dead before you know it! It is dreadful, to test the Consuming fire…

Stop it today, and honour God!

Because men don’t have due respect for themselves and for their God any longer, a lot of great blessings are leaving their hands

Therefore, the Home must in every sense be filled by God and be glorified by God. Your house must glorify God. If your house (marital house) does not glorify God, it’s senseless, or useless. You’re a wanderer and God will only see you as such.

Honour and respect (love) the living God to fulfill His Assignments.

In this world, that’s all what will, matter. (Don’t go about fulfilling your assignments, anyhow).

Note also that, unless the two (that is, Adam, and Eve), had both worked together (had agreed to work together) they couldn’t have worked to please God, or to   fulfill God’s first assignments.

So then, Adam was well given a helpmate, after He’d been given an ‘Assignment.’

And if there was no assignment, why did he (Adam) needed, a helpmate?

So primarily, it was important, that the two of them, had to be together agreeing (in God’s covenant), to make it work, by coming together-even right from the depths of their ribs.

There was an assignment before God had to put them together, to fulfill the assignment.

So there must be agreement, your children, must as well all be in agreement, since the Lord has also called them to be part of His purposes-even right before their birth!

For the second reason; this is why God, or our lovely, and eternal Father (Maker), hates divorce.

Also, God cannot have pure and legitimate ‘children,’ for His works again, if the partners (couples) are no more together. How can  our lovely lord have children (good off-springs), for the future assignments if the two divorce?

So it is!

Yeah, what if a particular Soul Christ,’ was to come out of both of them for His Assignments?’ Samuel was created for God’s Assignments; and so, for this ultimate reason, it was declared before He was born.

When Cain destroyed the pattern of marriage, it had to take a long time, for Noah to come, to restore the earth. (That’s what now happens, when patterns of marriage, are now destroyed); and the people (souls) whom it was supposed to benefit, will now not have it, anymore.

Then, they perish!

What will they also tell the Lord, if both of them discontinue the purposes of their ‘joining’ together? We don’t understand-divorce halts destinies of upcoming children, which shall be needed for God’s future assignments! Then, as well both of them should not have lived; and so for the sake of this primary assignment, both of them were created and not for themselves.

So, we’ve understood that, God will judge guardians and parents for this reason.  For the sake of divorce, many already born children’s lives, have also been destroyed which is as a result of lack of proper guidance.

They could have reaped the inheritance but because of divorce, they’re also serving on the streets as street-hawkers, found themselves in prostitution, in refugee camps, child slavery, been under molestation, and found themselves right now in deviant behaviour, to fend for themselves, leading to more social problems in our societies which God would have wanted to curb, if all families should walk in His will, plans and purposes.

Where are now their guardians to whom God entrusted to them His children (His christs), in which there shall be a future accountability?

Why should God give you children, and make let them serve up on the streets? It means that you could not maintain the ‘pure riches’ He entrusted, into your hands! You’d asked Him, for something you couldn’t maintain; is that what you’re telling him?

So then, what the Lord has stated that, ‘‘What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

Mark 10:9 KJB

Don’t dis-annul the purposes of God; or perhaps you may not live; for God has already become offended.

How To Get Married Quickly & Rightly, From the Lord!

Why do people not get married?

Based on the above explanations, the Lord then explained to me why most of His people do not get married, and also the reason why many married people in His Church, also find struggles in Marriage.

He’d explained that, whiles they are praying, they have been asking Him for the spouse, but they do not ask Him first for the assignment; which is what they and their spouse would be called to do.

They just pray, asking God for a husband or a wife-and there’s no Assignment.

Meanwhile, as they’re doing this, they’re praying amiss, to God.

(Sometimes, God still answers by mercy).

Now the Lord said tot me: This is the Assignment that must be done by the couples for a life time, so they must of necessity pray for the Assignment first which is the Lord’s will for which both of them must be given marriage.

In this case, if they are made to know it, then the Lord finds it a necessary thing, to show them their ‘proper’ spouse afterwards, who will help them know, and fulfill their Marital Assignments, afterwards. Then the Lord said, that immediately, He would also add up the resources (the World of Earth, which is the Blessings) which they would use, in fulfilling up that assignment, unto Him.

But asking for a spouse, without knowing your ‘assignment’ (the purpose) for which both of you, would have to fulfill, is like calling out a meeting without purpose. Of course, everybody will be there doing nothing!

‘Purposes must be defined, before a Meeting.

It’s not good to be calling God to have you a spouse, when you don’t have ‘the good purpose;’ because when the person comes he or she, can still waste the resource, energy, time and even your entire life. (By ignorance, you don’t understand what you’re saying. Is it because somebody else got married, so you’re also in a rush?)

Yeah, they can still come about, lazying about, doing nothing and can finally become a ‘burden’ to you.

I saw one the last time!

So, our motives and purposes ‘to get’ married are wrong, that is why God told me about what that institution is not about!

The Lord told me, ‘It’s not difficult bringing men to their spouse since men and women already exists; but it’s difficult bringing men to their ‘assignments’ since that is the one thing they often miss!

Then He added, ‘Indeed, the graves are full of people even married people, who walked on the earth but did not walk in God’s assignments; so their marriages did not have any ‘eternal’ values. O, it had become a waste of their time.’

Yeah, without the knowledge of the God-given assignments both of them would be in marriage and will still wander in it, living in circles-which where many, have found themselves today.

‘It’s not good to marry, without knowing your assignment,’ the Lord told me.

So then, by what the Lord told me, it is better to ask and know from the Lord first, the Assignment, which is the Reason Why You’re Telling Him to Call Up A Marriage, Before Asking Him For The Spouse; as it happened in Genesis.

That’s understandable by the God, of Heaven.

In fact, when the Lord had finished saying these things, I realized that many people have not been told about it.

Now, when you’ve known the Assignment or He’s shown you your Assignment, then you could now talk to Him about a spouse-the one to help you ‘shoulder’ the assignments, which mostly could be quite big.

(Indeed, when I heard this from the Lord I was surprised a bit, because I knew most people have not been taught these things).

Then the Lord later continued, giving me reasons why He delays marriage.

According to the Lord, He can delay marriage when he sees you don’t know your assignment, or have no knowledge of it, or don’t pay much attention to it. Why? Because He does not see why you’re trying to get married, for which reason He has to give you a suitable helper. (The helper must come, only when you know you have the work which is beyond you to do-and you’re surely ready for that work! So sometimes, we rush). So this means that we were praying to spend the ‘marriage’ on our ‘pleasures,’ once the marriage is given to us but in the end, there’ll not be a purpose drawn!

Hence, without an assignment if the Lord should give you marriage, it will become useless because there’s no purpose drawn. Also, the marriage cannot be ‘fully’ recognized by God in Heaven. Both of you will just become ‘wanderers’ in it!

Hence, by the order YOU MUST ASK FOR THE ‘‘Assignment,’’ BEFORE THE ‘SPOUSE.’ (The assignment is more important than the spouse).

God is actually a principled Person and does not break down His laid-down principles. And so there must a knowledge of the Assignment communicated to you (as was in the case of Adam), before the knowledge of the spouse (or you knowing who this project supporter-or assistant from God is).

Don’t go praying ignorantly, praying amiss and asking God for a spouse when you don’t know where your walk in life is heading to!

He will just delay the answer.

And don’t be in a rush because of other people’s marriages.

Meaning, if you’d want a relatively quicker answer from Him, this is it;

‘‘Ask the Lord to show you about your Assignment, first.’’

Now, the Lord as well blew my mind and said that after knowing your assignments, you don’t even have to pray or ask Him to know about the name or person of the ‘Spouse.’ You don’t need to ask for the resources as well, for your assignments.


He said to me that, He Himself by Himself, would bring you your ‘Spouse’ and the resources (the blessings), by which both of you would use, in working out and completing the assignments in the marriage.

(This is the Marriage, borne out of Grace, Not Struggles).

Now, when I was trying to understand, He whispered to me, and said that I should go to the book of Genesis, to read.

And when I got there, He should me the Answer.

Now when I went there He’d explained to me that, Adam did not ask Him for a spouse (Eve) neither did he ask for an Earth of Resources either, or from Him.

It was God WHO BROUGHT EVE and an EARTH of RESOURCES (The blessings for the marriage), without Adam even asking, saying that it won’t be suitable for Adam to be in it alone!

Yes, Adam was first made to know his Assignment for being on earth; which was the assignment on his shoulder, which was that which he was going to carry. Now, after his assignment was shown first to him by God, the rest, being a Spouse and the Earth of Resources to work on (The Earth and the Garden of Eden) were all provided by God too.

In fact, if you look at it, the earth was even provided before he was born, indicating that sometimes, God has already provided the blessings (the earth of resources down) before the marriage itself! It is You, who just have to know your assignments!

Now, the children to also help in the marriage (assignments) were all provided by God (the owner of Earth). First, it was God who brought the reproductive system, asking them to Multiply.

(When Cain was banished from the garden, Eve confessed saying that ‘God had given me another son…,’ indicating that, they knew that (children) were provided by God! (So for the seed (children), it was God who provided them, not necessarily the seed of man. (You can have sperm, but will still not produce). Thus, children are a gift from God, as King David said!

..And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son, and called his name Seth; for GOD, said she, has appointed me another seed (child) instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.

 Gen. 4:25 KJV

So you see, the children too are provided by God.

Hence, for the fact that God knew he knew his assignments and had been shown his skills afterwards, God decided to quickly push down unto him the marriage, by actually bringing all that upon him-without Adam asking or seeking Adam’s first concernt!

It was God who thought of a ‘a suitable helper,’ (not just any woman) where-with Adam was happy, when he saw her. By looking at the number of resources, you can see that God as well gave to the family, or couples, ‘ Very Good and Rich Resources.’

For before entrusting it into the human hands, this was what was said;

‘And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was very Good…’

Gen. 1:31 KJV

See all what will happen, once you the man know your assignments?

Indeed, there was nothing short of ‘goodness’ which God had given to them after they knowing about God’s assignments.

So Adam did not have to ask Him for these things. Once he knew his assignments it was okay for God to bring him into the institution.

Hence, God brought the Resources and the Wife upon the fact that he was made to know about his assignments, which he was made serve the Lord with; in fact, He was given more than expected-a marriage without struggles!

So then the Marriage, The Children, The Assignment, A Suitable Helper, The Blessings and the Skills were all provided by God; but not by money or by beauty!

Hence, Adam did not ask for any of these things. He never even knew about them. Hence, Adam didn’t pray for resources. It was the marriage by ‘Grace,’ not works, made up of human toil or struggles!

The Marriage of Grace, is based upon Divine Purposes,and Assignments, and not by your money, or by beauty, or who you think you are in life!

(Yet, ignorantly, we rather pray for the spouse and not the assignment, changing the order).

Now, to cut everything short, in really seeking diligently for a ‘blessed’ marriage, the mystery is, don’t rather waste your time praying for a spouse. Seek God for the Assignments and the rest shall be added. It’s like seeking the kingdom of God and everything being added to you!

If indeed you’ll pray for your Assignments and to know your Assignments, He Himself will personally bring you your wife, through His divine ways, your children, and your resources to be used for that life-long assignment.

Indeed, this is the Mystery eluding many people-including many Christians as well. For many do not know that, there was an assignment for which it’s required by couples to come together and do unto God, as Adam and Eve were called to do.

Why should God answer your prayer for a spouse, because?

You want to be called, ‘a Wife,’ or ‘a Husband?’ The purpose for which many want to marry, is because they want to be called a Mr. or Mrs., without any purpose whatsoever. To God, that’s not a good or a tangible reason enough. That’s stupid!

  1. ii) Moreover, you think you’re growing, so you think you need to marry. Your age, does not equal an assignment done. You can be old, and still not be in your assignments.
  2. Or also praying to God, just because your friends or sister had just gotten married. They can be useless marriages! The fact that somebody gets married, doesn’t mean the person is in ‘line’ with God’s system. So why should the marriage be breaking afterwards,…I told you, people were marrying in Noah’s day, but still didn’t meet up to God’s standards. Covet not anyone’s property.

To be frank with you: Many of these ‘human’ reasons, have flooded our world so much that we don’t understand ‘marriage’ anymore, or the purposes of our marriage any longer-which have become reasons different from how God had instituted it.

We all think, it’s about ourselves; and it’s about our egos.

So then, just as the Spirit of God has said, He knows we pray but we pray ignorantly (amiss), forgetting that God is a principled person, and does not break His ways! O brother think about it; shouldn’t there be an assignment before a company of souls should be raised?

Certainly, there must knowledge of our Assignments, before our marriages (our company)-which shall be the driving force into the future of the marriage.

If your prayer is based just on your needs, I tell you, God will not answer, but if it’s about the Assignment, He (God), will never delay to answer because He knows that just as He’d done with Adam, you’re simply on the right path.

And guess what, after you know the Assignment, you don’t need to suffer; He doesn’t hesitate to bring the rest Himself because God is a great thinker, for He already knows that an Assignment, without a ‘helper’ and the resources to fulfill the assignments, will still be Assignment not done, or an Assignment that will be done in struggles.

So, by following the foremost plan, He’ll personally end up looking up for your Eve and as well as the resources needed.

Remember, if you want Marriage, don’t pray amiss. That’s what God told me, when He was explaining.

By all, His rule is the final order, and has it stated that, without knowing God’s purpose over your life you may never know or have your true spouse, nor a quick blessing from Him.

The Misleading Act of Fornication

Now, based on the following we’ve discussed, if it’s that simple for God to give us as youth marriages, all in the plan or purpose that we should just know for ourselves our Assignments from Him and then the rest He will provide by Him, why then are we wallowing in fornication and doing all manner of things, which sometimes we do from six to eight years, which now, has also not gotten many of us married yet-meaning, that we’re wasting our lives? The devil brought fornication as deception!

Why the wasted years, if we could all get quick marriages by knowing our Assignments? Indeed, it doesn’t even take God too long to show you your Assignment, since that is already in His first will, for you!

I know people, whom it took just 1 week of prayer to get God revealing their assignments or purposes, onto them!

He actually did!

Thinking we’re wise in our age, have we not rather been taken out of our courses? We the youth are cherished by God so we need do the right things. Thus, wearing ‘provocative’ dresses to attract ourselves, will not help us in our eternal destination (or in our eternal assignments), not also forgetting, that we’re direct properties of God Almighty! So, this is why we’re told to flee youthful lusts (or fornication). Surely, our answers always lie in God. We must not be those kind of youth who forget their God in the days of their youth-who carry for themselves their own assignments into a marriage-therefore, just wander about!

(Just ask the Lord for your Assignments and He’ll be glad to lead you to ‘your’ cherished partner, to one whom He’ll see fit (suitable) for you today, or tomorrow!)

Meanwhile, as we know fornication as well attracts God’s judgments, for it is a quick parcel from the devil to help us all wander, just as Cain, to help us destroy our God-given talents and assignments.

As we have knowledge, fornication delays God’s blessings hence the hard sufferings among us the youth of today, who’re also not getting married though they’d wished to! (For good reasons, being with a wrong partner in your dating or relationships, could cause God to delay up marriage between you and that person! It’s all an act of His love, if you don’t know!”

Trust me, marriage in itself could be that easy and simple if we have the proper knowledge about it, especially on how we can get fast into it!

Let’s just go to the Lord with the right prayer and with the right standing, and He will surely help us out and He’ll not hesitate. ‘In fact, He told me He’ll really not hesitate!’

And so, having this idea also therefore immediately re-defines to us, especially to the youth, what ‘courtship and ‘dating,’ is not or about. Seriously, do you actually need them, if we don’t provide the resources? Seriously, it’s because we don’t understand God’s revelations and systems.

Or else, they’ll be  a whole different understanding altogether if the Assignment of God should come into the picture, or we will get ourselves lost, irrespective of whatever kind of dating we may call it especially, among us the youth.

Whether, it’s a so-called dating online or…or meeting the person physically, we lose our important purposes for which we should be judged by. And there are boundaries we mustn’t cross because the assignments have judgments.

To the Already Married Couples:

Now, per what the Lord told me, there are also married couples who’re already in marriages as we speak, yet, but per what God’s knowledge indicates here have married for the wrong reasons.

Surely, if indeed we can be frank about it, deeply examining ourselves, by the motive we got married, we would realize that we did not marry on God’s terms-in regard to the Lord’s Assignments; but upon some traditions, and upon human terms, or some fantasies that had come in the world!

Neither did we even know because of that man, who was our counselor!

Now, once I met a Christian woman, who was going to marry. The Spirit of God immediately communicated to me that this is not the man she’s supposed to marry! I felt sorry, and didn’t know what to tell her, because they were half-way through into the wedding.

When pondering over it, the Lord again spoke to me and said, ‘If I break their marriage, you won’t ask me why!’

So you see!

We (even Christians) might have married on some reasons which have misdirected us, which eventually, had led us to the kind of sufferings we face in our marriages, presently! Maybe, she watched a telenovela, which said, if you meet a guy who’s very handsome, you must marry her. Yes, so we watch all manner of programs too, which might have misdirected us from that calling.

(For we all know that many marriages are also painfully going down today in the drains because of these filthy reasons).

After all, we know that this could be indeed dangerous because as said, God has some marriages classified under ‘useless marital relationships’ and does not bless such marriages, and can even destroy some of them at the latter end, as we saw, in the day of Noah.

(Now, because of this, the Lord sometimes delays blessings in the marriage, till they and their families suffer for lack of Proper Direction in their marriages). Listen: Once the Person You’re Marrying Is Wrong, The Assignment Is Wrong! So the Person can be wrong, as well as the Assignments. In addition, it is possible for the person too to be right, but the Assignment, wrong!

Though Eve and Adam were right, they ate a forbidden fruit-one which is not part of the assignment-they had misled themselves and the whole world!

Hence, sometimes we do see a beautiful married couple, but we see them to be struggling in their lives (You could easily tell, that that’s not marriage under Grace).

Sometimes, unlike Adam and Eve, they may not also be in their spiritual paths or purposes.

So the fact that you’re married, doesn’t mean everything is okay with you in your assignments with the Lord.

Thus, instead of being under the Marriage of Grace and Complete Provision From God All Throughout His Assignment, we want to be under the marriage of our works, through hard labour, by not being in our purposes, or have been working outside His plans, or purposes!

Hence, for lack of this understanding,these couples who are not in the assignments of the Lord, only end up enduring in marriage, but often don’t know why-o, how such a blessing, has turned to be for them, a curse! These, have ended many marriages to be sour, instead of being sweet. (In fact, the lack of such proper provision, can lead to a break-up because of a long time of endurance).

Well, this has also not been how God had planned it in the beginning. For in the beginning it was meant for them to always enjoy in the garden, except when they went out of His assignments, by breaking a rule. When they broke the rule there were struggles-though they were married-by the Lord’s hands! This means that, when the assignment is not followed properly, there come struggles in the marriage-which also, we saw in the case of Adam and Eve!

‘…Because…thou has eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying ‘Thou shall not eat of it, cursed is the Ground for thy sake; in SORROW shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.’

Gen. 1:17 KJV.

The Lord told me, that in our world today there are many marriages in this category and this is why the world has been filled with so many problems, and in fact many families have become very poor, hungry and as well, fruitless.

So, it’s just doesn’t have to be about the Marriage; it just have to be about the Assignment.

In fact, He then termed these Marriages as, ‘Vulture Marriages’ to me, which are without their Major Assignments.

In other words, if they’d been in their God-given Assignments they wouldn’t have suffered all these years.

They’ve been wanderers on the land like Cain’s children, without a God-given assignment or the presence of His Spirit! And so, their marriages have become the institution they endure, but not one they enjoy again from the Lord, because there was no permanent Assignment from the Lord unto them, which has also primarily become the reasons for consistent divorcing!

Therefore, you should never marry as a couple outside God’s Assignments or Will, or you may begin to have struggles.

Indeed, by His Assignment, God becomes the third person in the house or home, and He gives His voice per the direction of this Assignment so that these couples do not feel lonely, for the lack of His presence or direction or provision.

(Now, in my next writing project, the Lord told me explain the ‘Home Assignment’ and explain it into detail to the families and to all, so we do not become confused about it.

There are about 3 books in this category. At least, one of them is out, called ‘An introduction into the Mystery of the Family,’ which unveils the role and the purposes of all families, after marriages have been conducted-showing us how marriages and families have also been planned by God to enhance economic development, in any given economy!

The other books speak of the Assignment in general, and how to know about it right from the beginning of your life and to follow after it early in your life in order not to get lost.

And so, what is therefore in wait for a youth to know is his Assignments, and as well, in wait for a parent to know is the Assignment God has called him and his family to equally do!

Finally, to give a little counsel to married couples in order for them to come out of their relationship and economic troubles, if we’d already gotten married but did not do our marriages upon God’s Assignment then it’ll be better we go on our knees to pray unto Him to know our Assignments, as was in the case of Adam and Eve, lest God should eventually consider our marriages as useless things before Him, having toiled all these years but only enduring, and reaping nothing!

Though, you may be six, or eight, thirty, or sixty years in marriage, yet it will be important for you to do this to save the rest of life to doing God’s good and perfect Will-which is that which really matters, in Your Life!

Well, is that not why we’re in the marriage?

This will surely begin to help many parents redirect their children and households well, and as well to wisely attract back God’s good blessings quickly, and would help save the rest of their precious time on Earth in a much labourless, enjoyable, and profitable way. This Is The Marriage Fully By God’s Grace; Not Works, or Law or by Personal Struggles!

That’s where God wants all of us to b-there in Christ!

They must henceforth remember that they and their children belong to God as His properties and they are to be in God’s Assignments, doing their good defined works, and not their own works of assignments, which though attractive (nice), does not yield to Him results, or God would indeed classify them as ‘Wandering Marriages’ which had not yielded anything for the Kingdom, as He had expected from Adam and his wife Eve!

(And I also explained that, the Assignment is not only just to Pastor. Indeed, God’s Kingdom is bigger for just only the position of a Pastor to fulfill). Indeed, the businesses God gives them is also a part of the Assignments they’d have to fulfill.

It can be all round, and it can be all enjoyable. And it could even be more or many, because of what we call ‘The Manifold Blessings of God.’

More Bigger Picture- State, The Customs and Marriage

My love, secondly, we should not think that when we marry by signing (State Law), also means we’re qualified to be in God’s assignments or purposes. It doesn’t determine that you’re under God’s State Laws or His Plans or Purposes!

To be frank with you, the State does not even know what God’s assignments are; nor do they even know whether there’s any given assignment. They do not know much about God’s assignments!

(So they can’t determine the walk of your marriages before God).

The marriage under Grace, is not the same as the marriage under Law. Because they don’t really understand the marriage under Grace, that is why, sometimes, some states allow abortion, as well as prostitution, homosexuality, pornography, gay and lesbians, as their adorable ‘Assignments,’ and as well, believing in equality of a woman and a man; and also encouraging many divorces on certain terms God does not grant!

So in reality, state’s practices, can be an offence unto God, due to their lack of understanding! (It’s also true, that a whole state can also come under offence from God, for God is not the respecter of persons!)

Sometimes, we cannot use the State Laws, as YARDSTICKS, to serve in ‘God’s Marriage or in God’s Assignments. So indeed, many times-yes, the State too are wrong; and they do not carry the ‘voice’ of God’ as we believe, because they’re backed by the voice of humans. Yes, so though we may love the State, we cannot do all that they tell us to do as FAR AS GOD’S MARITAL SYSTEM, IS TRULY CONCERNED!

But, if the state is against God with her dictates, how can she as well tap into God’s blessings from whom they look up to for their economic blessings, and survival? Nineveh, Sodom and Gomorrah, though were Gentile Nations were warned by God for her dictates against God’s ordinances. Therefore, universally, we know that God still has concern, about laws and practices in the States, because He created them!

Interestingly, when Adam and Eve broke the law God cursed the Earth; what will God do if our Sates allow people (men) too marry contrary to God’s rules?

Yes, no wonder, the Earth is full of economic hardships today with most families outside God’s sure provision.

(The Earth was created for Marriage, which we saw in the beginning; so if marriages are not turning right then there’s no reason why God should bless the Earth, which in regard means, our nations; also if by one couple’s disobedience, God cursed the Earth and put them in a place of toil, what will God do in the event when many families and marriages are breaking His pre-defined rules?).

(This is why God has withheld some blessings from us, even the States, and it’s as though God’s not in our midst!) That means, the blessings of our individual businesses and State economic businesses are connected to our standards, in Marriages!

Surely, the State and her Laws cannot override God’s rules concerning marriages, where they accept some beliefs which God doesn’t accept. Should a man accept the voice of God or accept the voice of man?

But the State and God; who thought of ‘‘Marriage?’’

Of course many times too, the State has never told us to marry in regard to His Assignments as He’d told Adam and Eve, because they don’t even understand or know the first patterns by which God formed or framed marriage or the family systems-to build a state. Indeed, such ignorance sometimes can contribute to mislead many marriages!

Well, we only understand it us a formality, because the State thinks of general interest and not just us alone.

Hence, to others, it may be well, but to God (to this God we have) it is surely an offence.

Well, what then do we do? We must pray that our nations come into God’s assignments, or right purposes, so that the ‘blessings’ we pray over our nations, can come upon us and on our children. Yes, we pray that the Lord will grant them an understanding heart so they may understand. Seeing that He’s a Universal Ruler, He can bring them into His understanding-the very minute they should ask Him for wisdom!

Hence, as a Christian, conducting your marriage under State Laws though may be good as a practical formal record we love to do, will certainly not guarantee us to be in the right standards with God. As long as you live in the nation it’s just one of the formalities we do-and as the Lord coughed, ‘we must respect all types of men, ‘…giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God, we must give Him due respect too,’ but to practice lesbianism, gay, bestiality, fornication, and abortions, as an acceptable forms of marriage, you should dare not, because the flood comes again to test the world of men!

So, it’s something we do to give respect to the State but If you want the true marriage we must find God in all of our assignments. Moreover, It’s also now surprising how some Christians take their marriages to the Law Courts (the State) to break them.

Yet, if God brought you the resources-the woman and the assignments-why should you let another ‘man and his laws,’ who doesn’t understand the concept of marriage under Grace, break up your assignments?

Seeing it’s the Lord’s interest to resolve every marriage as He had formed it, we have to be careful of how we ‘dissolve faster what God calls no one to dissolve, or we lose the rewards or the assignments in the course of that marriage.

As it has been said, what God has put together no man should put asunder. ‘If a marriage is brought by God under grace and would be put asunder, it’s God who’ll put it asunder, because your marriage, is not yours-it is for God; and your assignments are certainly from Him.

You should go back to Him, being the third chord and the owner of all such properties.

In fact, when the Lord had explained to me why He had hated divorce, I began to realize why we’ve been so much on the wrong side, for calling out divorce quickly, especially when something happens. In fact, per what I’d heard from God, if there should be divorce then there must be the death of the two parties (the husband and his wife) because there won’t be any assignment drawn for both of them anymore, since that’s what makes their living legitimate to God.

See that God’s standards of Grace, are higher than our Laws or State Laws?

So it’s something we should take caution of.

Therefore, we must be careful, for there are things we surely don’t understand, except the One who instituted it.

However, God showed me an interesting way He uses in solving marital crisis (problems), which I realize, most often we or the States, don’t do. As far as God is concerned, with every problem there’s a way out. This is why, we’re even no supposed to marry one who’s even divorced; it’s an offence, and we’ve committed the crime of Adultery, which the Holy Father told us, through Christ’s mouth!

Furthermore, we saw that some of our parents married by dictates of logics, or traditional customs which are in not accordance with God’s fine laws and principles, thus making them not fine counselors for this matter.

Some of them were married under compulsion, by traditions, being pushed into marriage, to marry old men when they were young, the aged whom they had no business with, but was because their parents needed human assistance.

Some also married, and were called to ‘Marry,’ as ‘Sex Slaves,’ who were to primarily offer sex to their husbands, or the sort of men they were to be with; yet ‘sex’ and the ‘men’ were both not the assignments.

There, they told us that the marriage was for the man, and a woman’s child, was ‘out-rightly’ to the man. And immediately a woman does not give birth (as though, she’s the author of childbirth) she’s made to come into the offence-by her in-laws. (These, are all a part of ‘our’ customs, where we think to own everyone and the purpose!

(These also show in the dowry prices, such that it makes it difficult for people to marry, and to be ‘early,’ in their marital assignments before the throne of God!)

Today, traditions have been passed on, and the beliefs continue in our social circles-with wards and children who likely practice such things, and have been perfectly misled.

However, when it comes to marriage, which actually defines a man’s entire destiny on earth, who you marry, or who becomes your counselor matters-or you may also fall into the same ditch-into those unnecessary struggles!

So let’s be careful on who should advice us, for every man today thinks he has his own ‘opinion’ about marriage, which are often borne out of selfish believes and traditions which does not necessarily make marriages good, hence, could lead to both a loss of fruits and divine rewards which we saw in the case of Adam and Eve. Hence, these counselors may not be the ones who’ll judge and test your marriages afterwards, but it’s God!

Hence, Christ said, ‘Let no man be your teacher.’

To them, we have also been giving custom to whom custom is due; but the belief is surely not right.

Finally, it has been God’s concern, that parents should take care of their children which He has entrusted into their hands, so that these children do not destroy their lives, for the devil always seeks to snatch them from their ‘future’ God-given assignments. The Lord said we should ‘Multiply’ because they’re His properties entrusted to our care, whom He’ll definitely call and use when their times are right!

If we don’t take care of them well, and should leave them to be wallowing in sin, ‘in fornication’ how would God trust us with other ones later? Christ said, that we should not prevent the little ones from coming to Him, because these are whom His Kingdom, are made of; and if a man should cause even one of them to fall it’s better if a milestone was cast around his neck and being thrown into the sea-indicating here that, there’s judgment for wrong treatment of children. These cuties, belong to God.

The act of raping the little ones is against God and God’s interests. (Children are future leaders of a country, or barrenness should have been better than childbirth).

Let us remember, that as God was interested in the lives of Cain and Abel, and so often spoke with them, so God will be asking about our children and His properties which He’s said are His, just as all men. So then, all fathers and mothers must to be on special assignments, as Adam and Eve were over-Seth, Abel and Cain rebuking and judging them. Child control is part of the assignment God has given to man which parents shall account over!

He’s instituted fathers to be ‘Prophets’ and the ‘Overseers’ over their children. Their voices, must be over their children everyday, showing them ways which are right,and leading them into God’s Plans And Purposes!

Life started with marriage making marriage one good thing God has keen eyes on.

Today, Your Assignments, Will Be All That Your Perfect Marriage, Is All Going To Be About!

God Bless That Marriage!

Lots  of Love!


Today, we have seen how marriage is an assignments, about the importance of a woman’s creation, with utmost reasons why God does not have 2 males in marriage, the reason for a man being alive, the essence of child birth, the importance of sexual organs, the core reasons for marriage, what our marriages are not, which is now different from many views; including reasons why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, His reasons for un-accepting masturbation, which has nothing near the assignments.

In all, we’ve seen, that surely there must be an assignment where our marriages are heading to, OR IT MAY NOT HAVING ANY DRIVING FORCE, which are also reasons why marriages, have run stale.

God loves us. Let’s not play with His purposes, nor the institution. God has interest in our marriages that is why He leads us to His own altar, but not our personal or home altars.

So Then, It’s Important For Us To Be In Marriage, For The Right Reasons!


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Prince Akogo

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