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How To Improve Upon Your Business In A Hard Economic Time: 3 Great Steps To Take

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 How To Improve Your Business In A Hard Economic Time: 3 Great Steps To Take


According to the Lord there are some major steps you need to undertake as an entrepreneur or a business person when trying to do business with people in a hard economic time.
Below are the underlying factors you need to know when trying to do business, especially in a hard economic time. These are what can make you become prosperous no time and in hard economic time! ”No matter how basic these suggestions maybe, they’re strong and good foundations for business stability, and for business growth,” said the Lord to me.


Buying Raw Materials in Bulk
Buy the raw materials for your businesses in bulk. However, in a much better way, try and produce your raw materials yourself, if you can. This will help you gain more leverage from the business you’re doing.

However, if you don’t have the money to be doing that yet, start by buying the raw materials from the farm or from their places of production and not just from around you or from just any retailer whose own could be relatively expensive than the market prices.

Thus, some of us are not growing in business because we get the resources from very expensive places, or from retailers who as well put too much profit on each unit product thus making the business become more expensive too from our end.

To be frank with you buying the raw materials in bulk is the only way you can distribute more out of what you have to get more on your profits.

Moreover too, the smaller the raw-materials for the business the lesser your profit-margin from the businesses you do.

So, remember to get the raw materials for yourself; either you get it from your own farm (in order to even get better leverage), or try to get the raw materials from well-produced places, where they have quality and as well, relatively lower prices.

Now, this will ensure that you don’t spend too much to acquiring raw materials, nor should the business become too expensive for you to do, nor for others like your clients to afford, which can obviously affect your business growth! So then it should also ensure that, the prices of your goods and services would not become too expensive at the end of your productions.

And by far getting the raw materials from production places also reduces all your production costs! (Sometimes, other businesses may come to you for the raw materials from you if they should notice the prices are cheaper, making you become a supplier of both the end-products, and raw materials at the same time! Therefore, going for the raw materials gives you (these) two benefits as well.


Point 2
Tidy up and clean-up your premises frequently:

The Purpose of tidying up a business is usually to help the business assets or machines last long. You cannot always be using money to buy equipment and as well machines, each and every time.
So every now and then you can do a tidy up of the place. Keep everything in good shape and neat after their use or else some of the machines, tools and equipment may begin to rust and will soon begin to lose their effectiveness or efficiency, to affect your businesses in both the short, and the long-runs! Yes, these would directly, or indirectly, affect the businesses you do!
So you see, dirt, sand and dust with other waste products can enter through the machine and could in the long or short run, affect the efficiency of your machines or equipment, and that’ll make them lose value.

Remember that, dirt, sand, or dust inside the raw materials and as well, inside your produced or finished product could as well affect the quality nature of the product you’re giving to the public, thus, inducing loses and will affect how much you will gain in your businesses in total.

So, this is why the business center as well as the machines or the equipment you use must be smoothly cleaned well, tidied up well, and arranged.

So, remember to clean them whenever you are done in using them, before everyone of you goes to his or her house. Yes, there must be a thorough cleaning, dusting and wiping after each of your important business operations!

In fact, the neglect of these is one reason why many factories resources, especially in terms of machinery, tools and equipment break down quickly or easily; and then they begin to lose so much money. (Unfortunately, you may even find these problems, with some of the government institutions).

However, in these times of ‘modern difficulties in business’ we should obviously try and do these crucial practices so that we will not be losing, or investing amiss into the good and creative business but rather getting much more from every single try we do, so that we can be able to survive our days that are coming-‘says the Lord.’


Point 3
Price Your Goods and Services in these modern times well to earn more
The third point is to know how to Price Your Goods or your business Products and Services well too-according to the Lord. I have said a lot about that here in which the Lord showed me how to Price Your Business usually in a hard economic time.

Apart from getting the raw materials by yourself or going to the farm to get them in bulk it is also very necessary to know how to price your goods (products) and services, so that you make much more from the business you’re doing.

In other words, don’t price your goods and services based on only the rich in the society putting huge profit margins on just, a single product. So, don’t price your business only on for the rich in your community in the economy. To get more leverage don’t do business with the rich class only-because the population in that margin are indeed few-a key to note.

And besides, not every rich person will locate you to buy from you; neither would they like to spend on buying an expensive product always-or all the time. There are still rich people who still don’t still like buying expensive products. Hence, this margin will further go down.

But according to the Lord you should rather price the goods and services in a way such that:
The average person within your locality or the economy could afford to buy. In such a way, you’ll get more numbers waiting for your ‘Bulk,’ products or produce.

Usually, you can find that by asking yourself ‘how much would the average person (being, the average customer) in the locality, or community or economy which has to do with both the rich and poor would like to actually buy it while making sure that it’s still going to give you your profit at the end- per each sale you make.

(In this case, you’ll get more of a people-margin and can even take your business to the international world where more of a people-margin (who do not usually earn much) may even see and buy from).

(This rule goes in-line with God’s rule (which is The Law of Balance) which states that anything, that’s too high is bad and that is too low, is as well bad or too imperfect); but only those ones that are on average or that are on moderate ranges are perfect or are right.

So then, the business should not be too high or too low than the average cost per product or all, would incur you some huge loses.

Now, just make sure you strike your goods and services with quality so that both the rich and poor would find a good reason to spend their money on your product or service which is also not too expensive for ordinary people.

In other words while your ‘bulk’ produce solves the issue of availability in business your good-pricing control mechanism or system ensures that the problem of affordability needed in your business is also now resolved. And Quality, then controls the skeptic minds of customers on whether your product should be bought or not or would thus even satisfy, in the first place.

Thus, or and in other words these three fields in business when controlled properly, ensures that there’re sales, no matter what. Yeah, until those three fields are solved, you wouldn’t eventually so much from your businesses.

The fourth which the Lord had also revealed to me was, how great is your customer service: ‘how great you talk to them, how you receive them too; and it boils down to after sales
service.’ You’d have to look interestingly at all of these things.

The fifth is how neat the place is.
It also talks about how clean or neat your product or packaging is.

You must know that cleanliness is about our health-and it’s about your customer’s health.

No matter how good or quality your business product or service is, if you don’t do this it will cause, many ‘skeptics’ to turn down your offer or your business.

Again, the way your sales girl or boy dresses and also on how they keep their daily composures seriously matters as well in this area and then it does include, how they talk to all your customers, in your circle of business.

(When these are in control you can actually take the business to everywhere and you’ll succeed because all your customers will get satisfied-if they try to become skeptics.
But in all of this don’t start a business without ever praying, together with thanksgivings to God!
Yes, open a prayer-room in your business location, and do the spiritual one too as well-it’s called an intercessory prayer for your business with your team-members. In such a modern day of the world you don’t know what people are doing in business besides all of the above, and you don’t even know what the near-by shop is doing.

You don’t even know what your customers may bring to your place or even to your shop.
You equally don’t know who or what you may meet on the way, during marketing!
In this modern day, you must never go beyond these, because apart from reason, prayer is part of every phase of the business!

(Satan, is very smart!). If you’ve ever entered a Hindu shop you’ll know why they pray to their gods besides all these things they do! Yet, what about the Muslims? They do the same.

(Please, today, don’t only be interested in the money aspect of your business because ‘The Lord Told Me In Clear Words That, ”Prayer Is Part Of Business,” And Even Added, That It’s The Most Important Part of Business.

Prayer Is A Very Important Part Of Business! So, you must pray as well. Even the most biggest world-wide companies, are linked to some cults for great ‘spiritual’ assistance, they need).

(The Lord told me that ‘these ‘formulae’ (call it a formulae if you want) can work for any business at all. Apart from individual businesses (sole-proprietorship businesses, joint venture-businesses, and all private sector-businesses, it can also work for all government businesses too for this modern day)

Furthermore, He had also taught me how to achieve ‘quality’ in your business products and services; yet I can’t talk about it here).

Therefore, having your resources in bulk will ensure that more people are also going to get your quality product or service. Quality controls ‘skeptics’ and helps people to spend their money, with enough joy-on your product, which should ever keep coming back for more since it has brought to them the upmost place of satisfaction.
Please, understand that in this modern day the average customer is now looking for a one-time satisfaction after having been deceived with a lot inferior products.
This is why you must hit on skeptics.
It helps you ge, or build enough good or enough reviews, to further break-down the hard knocks of thousand skeptics walking about.

Further, having your price in control will immediately ensure that the average customer can close his eyes to buy at a go, and much more classes of the economy or even beyond will see a way to buy from you.

Now, I have written extensively on your pricings, which is over here (How to Price your Good’s and Services in a Hard Economic Time), which again, the Lord had also shown us how to do that in a hard economic time! You can find it here! (It is a whole course we’re studying for the future benefits.

Now, after you’ve done all these things launch a mass campaign (or mass marketing) towards your target audience.

A target audience means the kind of people who would love your products or your services much.

( So, don’t assume that everyone out there in the markets will just love your products or services. Maybe they’ll, but not in today).

Therefore, look at the markets, and take your particular kind of food business right this instance,
to the kind of markets who love those kind of food you’ve produced. As well, take your shoe to shoe loving people, for as you know some people don’t find it fanciful to wear shoes.

Finally, the Lord finally added that when you’re launching this campaign make sure you go to the customers, but do not let or expect them to come to you! (He added that, we should do a massive evangelism or campaign toward the people).

So, you would have to reach them with your products and your services and do your service for them or to give them your products. In addition, make sure you take their contacts right then, contacting them to ‘relate with them,’ as family, later on.

God bless you, and thank you for this time with me.

God bless your life, your soul, and your businesses.
Praise the Lord for showing us all of this.

Prince Akogo

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