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Why The Rich & Wealthy Like To Clean Up Their Homes


Why The Rich & Wealthy Like To Clean Up Their Homes


Why do you think the rich wake-up early, wipe, dust and mop up their homes each  day of the week?

The reason isn’t because, they are too neat, but it is mostly because they want to be so manageable. They don’t want to invest money into what they have already struggled for years to acquire. Hence, to them, home cleaning is not only about keeping up with chores: it is for saving time, money and energy.

So, they dust the whole place, mop the windows and the floors, scrub the tiles, dust every dirt around from every home furniture and equipment, tidy up each room, just to achieve that result. Hence, we see that they engage most of their maid and menservants in home cleaning services, almost every day.

First, if they should keep their houses in good conditions, it will prevent diseases from coming into the house.

Secondly, they will be able to maintain the lifespan of each and every item in the house, in order to save money, time and energy re-acquiring them. In other words, they don’t want to lose money.

On the third point, in the event of selling their house, the property may still command high values on the housing markets. (So, imagine they hadn’t done that, how will they be able to achieve that high price result? Most parts of the house would have been destroyed by then, causing their home property to lose value.)

On the final point, some of the items can be sold as antiques, to make money in the future markets. Furniture, wall frames and certain ceramic wares, can be sold in the antique markets, in the future.

Some of these antiques can often command high values, as they’re original, compared to whatever is presented to us in future markets, making them preferable to the markets. However, how would they have done that, if they hadn’t cleaned their homes and consistently tidied up those facilities?

So, it is good to clean the home regularly, for both current and future reasons, and this is what the rich both know and do, to save or make money.

Thank you.

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