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Important Reasons Why The Rich Clean Their Homes


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A Wealth Making Tip

Why do you think the rich wake-up wipe and dust and clean their homes each and every day of the week?

Yes, it’s not that they’re too neat, but it’s just because they want to be so manageable.

Yeah, they don’t want to invest money again into what they’ve already struggled for years to buy, or to a acquire. So home cleaning is not for a ‘fun.’ The reason (the rich have) is this; it’s for saving your monies, and for managing the items which you already have. So, in other words it makes you save money and resources so you don’t have to waste your money and resources again.

So then, they wake up,

a) And with a Duster, dust off all the dust or all the dirt that have found themselves on their things (home products); they clean and wipe such things as their windows (all their glass windows), electronic items, their furniture, their books, and all the other things they have!

b) Yes, they also mop or sweep the floor, their bathroom (the bathhouse), the hall, the kitchen, the tiles of all the rooms or places. They include the veranda, the balconies, the hallways, and the porch. Yeah, they mop the tiles of all the floors. They as well clean their cars.

c) As well, daily, they also scrub the toilets, and then dry every place. These are all to help save what they’ve already invested so much money into.

So as a result of doing these things,= they’re able to save much money and all the resources they have invested much monies into; and so wouldn’t have to buy them over again, and again.

By doing all these things they’re also able to save for the future, and as well, later use some of these products or items as antiques-to auction them and make much money out of them in the future.

However, imagine they hadn’t cleaned them periodically, how will they be able to use them as important antiques in the future at times when these products or items have become rare, and then go ahead to sell both their homes and these items as important antiques in the future, still at very high values?

So then home-cleanings, are not just for fun! It’s the behaviour of the Rich & Wealthy! It’s so save money today, and resources-and to wait for the future, where they can also sell them at high values if the need be! This is an important Tip In Life!

So start cleaning your home now and save, for the long future!

Thank You and God bless You.

Prince Akogo


A Wealth Making Tip

#Words from the Holy Spirit.

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