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You Shouldn’t Invest So Much Into Your Birthday Parties


Do not invest so much into birthday parties.

I had received an advice from the Lord, that we need not invest so much into our birthday ceremonies as well.

He had advised that, we do not need to hold birthday parties each and every time, the clock falls on it. Considering this, will help us save a lot of money.

Aside that, He had advised that, we do not need to overspend during such times, when we intend to hold parties on those days. All we need to do is the little we can.


Make it less expensive and very simple

Life is not in the abundance of birthdays we throw, nor in how much money we spend on each one of them.

Let’s say, at your 30th, 50th and 60th birthdays, you could throw a birthday party to make yourself happy, as well as your family. Thus, a birthday party isn’t a requirement for a perfect life.

Conducting numerous birthday parties, has caused many a lot of money. Some ended up wasting their life’s savings on them, just to please a crowd. Eventually, they ended up becoming broke. Sometimes, simplicity is safer and it’s better.

Intending to break the bank today to furnish a single day’s event, wouldn’t improve your next day’s condition. After that single day, there are 364 more days left, which equally need to be enjoyed with money.

If we do not control ourselves, we may not be able to tackle nor handle issues on those other equally important, or blessed days.

You have to be wise.


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