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Do not Invest so much into Social Functions: Your Birthday Parties


Do not Invest so much into Social Functions: Your Birthday Parties.

Do not invest to much of your resources into your birthday parties

Do not invest so much into birthday parties.

The Lord said that we need not be investing too much into parties, especially into our birthday parties.

He had adviced that you don’t need to be setting up parties anytime it’s your birthday. So then, it will help you not waste money. Thinking like this, should rather help you save money.

Secondly, you do not need to overspend during birth days. All you need to do is the little you need to do; then go on.

Make it short and very simple

Life is not in the abundance of birthdays you throw, nor is it actually in the monies you spend on a birthday party.

Let’s say, at your 30th,50th or 60th birthday you could throw a birthday party to make yourself happy, as well your family. Yet, you should not overspend or throw a party at each and every day of your birth.

It isn’t a requirement for a perfect life.

Indeed, numerous of birthday parties has caused many to waste lots of monies at home and outside and afterwards, they turned up becoming needy or broke.

Brothers or sisters, you just need something little to make you the best person you are, in which you’re also supposed to thank God and your parents for all they did for you, as well as to honour and to bless your best friends for their assistance.

This as well, is also the best time to celebrate God with your family.

Understand that, sometimes simplicity is just the best. Friend, don’t go breaking your bank accounts which is for single day’s event.  Be smart; you have 364 more days where you need more money to see you through.

Anyway, become happy on your birthday.


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