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A Business Idea To Start With: The Youth Must Enter Into Agriculture 


Money Making, Wealth & Business Post: Farming: The ‘Youth, must Enter Into Agriculture’’ 

The Lord said to me that, the reason why the Economy has begun to suffer is that the youth have also refused to enter into agriculture.

Children, below a certain age (say 15) will not be able to enter into agriculture (though they can start learning); and adults too above a certain age will not be able too to get into agriculture).

So, rightly, in-between those ages are the people called the youth, who’re (The Able-Bodied) and can enter into the Agric sector.

Now, this means that by that measurement, when we have an economy where the youth are unwilling to get into agriculture, there’s seriously going be an economic famine among the people, and among even the youth!

That means the only way there can be bumper harvest in a country. is when the youth (that is most of the youth) enter into agriculture.

The only reason why there are ‘economic problems’ of high food prices, high tarriffs, very high product prices, increment in road and transport fares is when majorly, there are great increment in food prices.

Therefore, Food and Raw materials (Resources), control prices.

Yet, we’re also aware that food and raw materials all come from the agric farms! Thus, when the youth who’re the able-bodied, refuse to go into agriculture then the countries, will be in tight financial and economic stances.

More so, in the event where the government would have to go to another country (economy) for both food and raw materials to feed her people and her industries, it will eventually lead to an increment in foreign exchange rates, bringing obviously, unfavourable burdens unto the country!

In the beginning God entered into agriculture when he made the gardens and called forth the plants and the animals. He also told Adam to till the ground, thus as a young man, he was called to till the ground and to follow His steps.

Now, that was when the Lord asked me ‘’Who told you agriculture is only for the un-educated people?’’

Farming is the driving force of every nation!

Without farming hunger will surely eat up the walls of the nation!

Hunger Will Certainly Strike!

Now, according the Lord If the youth will enter into agriculture He will be in it to bless them, because it’s actually one of the things He’s called us to do in life. This as well means that, we have to do something about our educational systems, if it’s not helping our economies have yield; and as far as God is concerned, every home ( everybody) must enter in agriculture-so that the entire economy will have a good future! I see it that it’ll be joy, for every family to enter into this business!

White Colour Jobs or the kind of jobs called service or office jobs, are well known, not to solve the current hard economic problems! They can’t really solve the unemployment cases and food crisis issues of the markets!

So indeed, they can’t provide jobs for everyone! Yet it’s sad, that though there are deficits of these white colour jobs, that’s where many of the youth want to go into, or have polarized themselves to do in their lives, (which is also as a result of the courses they’ve study in school). Yet, who will create these jobs for all these populace to live in?

Furthermore, if there are no raw materials or farming produces where will  the raw materials come from, for all these service jobs to render their important services over, since we can tell, that every thing that is used by both industrial companies, and service companies come from the farm,; yes, through nothing, but only by agricultural practices too!

Therefore, we have no doubt, that industrialization and all service companies cannot function without agricultural practices!

So it rightly means. that when few people are going into this sector, it will affect the economy of the country, and will affect the industrial and service businesses as well, and will finally reduce The Total GDP of the country, which is what we’re seeing now!

No matter what we may think, agriculture stands over all of them. Thus, it’s the foundation for growth for an undeveloped economy; yes, for both the crawling and developed as well, even though today, it may stand as something that may not be lucrative, or attractive to most people in the markets. In simple terms; We All (The World) Can’t Do With Agriculture!

Yet, there’s something we should know, that when talking about youth entering into agriculture we do not mean everyone should start Big. It can be really be small.

Start small, beginning with those that are low or less capital intensive such as chicken, or fowl rearing, goat, yam production, and other cash crops too as tomato, pepper, cassava, corn or maize, and others as well; and you can start them from your home (house), too!

Chicken rearing alone can produce for you,3 kinds of economic beneficial products, which include meat, eggs and manure; and they all can be sold for money. Yet, these chickens will also serve protein for your house! Yes, Three Kinds Of Economic Products!

So here, we’re not talking about going for a big acre of land to start your business. Start small, and as you go you’ll increase your yield over time!

Small browlers in my country for starting farms cost lower then 3 dollars.

So imagine you having about 30 dollars in your account, it can be possible to start a ‘chicken farm’ with 30 birds. (I think all students today have about 30$, or perhaps even more in their accounts). (If you doubt I can obvioulsy show you where you can get them; just pick my contacts!)

Thus, we don’t have to do it large from the beginning.

It’s just about having the right mind and wishing to go into agriculture, that you’re going into something that is lucrative! It’s important for the economy to concentrate on this thing, called agriculture and for the youth  to go into agriculture if today, the overall economy has to regain its stands!

Yes, even if service businesses and industrial business should yield better in all our various countries for us to be paid well, it’s still going to depend on on agriculture and on the same youth who have the energies to ‘mine the goods,’ in our world today!

Moreover, when the youth then make up their minds to enter into agriculture, it should then be the government’s full concern to help them in this agricultural sector, so that the economy can quickly stand strong by it.

Well, personally you can as well enter into it too when it’s not even your government’s primary decision to look into such exclusive matters!

It’s a lucrative business for you and I and for the economy around! Perhaps, you don’t know, or just don’t know, you can start small.

Peace up brother!

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