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A Business Promotion Tip: Collect All Your Waste Products In Business 


Collect all your waste products In business

Once you finish each work, make sure go you round the work place, visiting each of the working rooms, to see if there are any wastes on the ground. In case you’re a carpenter, when you finish your work make sure you go round and pick up the woods ‘leftovers,’ and the nails. These could help you save money, and more resources, by going for them, and using them tomorrow.

You are not supposed to waste them. If you sell food, collect the waste and give them to the cats and the dogs. If you ‘deal’ with papers, collect from the ground the waste papers, and perhaps use them to make a small booklet! In very same manner, some of the containers of the products we bought, are important. We should check them, clean them and save them.

It’s very wise to save all these wastes, and put them together into a profitable use, for the future’s sake.

Prince Akogo

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