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Investing into Your Own Businesses or Buying Financial Securities-which Ones Are Better?


Investing into Your Own Businesses or Buying Financial Securities-which Ones Are Better?

You can actually start a business from scratch, and lose your whole money. eventually. You can equally invest into some kind of financial, and lose almost all your money when that business goes down. In actual fact, both can have high and low success rates.

You could as well start with little income or capital, and grow the business from the scratch to the top, by reinvesting your profits or as well, acquiring some loan assistance.

Meanwhile, if you should put the same little income into buying financial securities, you may not get anything substantial in return for so many years. Indeed, you can take almost your entire life for that money to mature, should it be a long term financial investment. Besides, you can’t put a loan you went for, to put into this kind of investments…where the rates of interests can be small.

This presupposes that financial securities demands, a huge sum of money to be saved by you, for quite a long period before you can truly benefit, while as well having risks.

Meanwhile, your own businesses could do well, even with little, if you should do everything. (But don’t forget, you can still lose).
So, this is how I will advice:
first start your own business, with the small capital you have. Read, Learn and acquire the necessary wisdom to enable you prosper this business.

After you’ve profited, then use some of your huge returns to invest into the financial Securities, which have lower risks, but high gains both in the long, and in the short runs. The best among which is with low risks, but with potential high gains is, Fixed Deposit.

However, if you have the money, and can invest into Fixed Deposits, and start your business right now on the go, then go ahead.

Both two ways becomes ways of making monies for yourself right now, and in the future. Just try to find about the businesses which move faster in your locality, having lower risks, and invest your money there-when investing into your personal businesses.

You should spread your capital in many of these personally business, that is, if you have more to do that.
This will help you to “save” part of your capital, if in case one business should collapses. The rich know that, it is not good to put your eggs in one basket!

Hence, doing many ”safe” businesses at a time can bring multiple streams of income (Therefore, learning to do business like the rich, is very important. The rich doesn’t do only one type of business (for security reasons)-but spread out their income out there, upon many ‘safe’ personal, and non-personal businesses, to lower the risks, of just doing one thing).

Surely, there isn’t no rich man in our world, who does only one job, or business. Yes, they all try to do this to save their investments, and in that case, minimize their loses if one should not go on well. (This is why Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, all do more than one type of business, or invest their monies into, more than one business portfolio, to minimize their losses).

And so, just as these rich men, in the future too, if you should see any other financial portfolio, which you think is lucrative, you should as well chose to invest part of your capital there. (Perhaps Treasury Bills, Bonds, and as well, Real Estate and some types of Company shares, may be lucrative in the future, apart from your own personal businesses, and Fixed Deposits (F.Ds), which by far, can be most trusted.

Therefore, in conclusion, having multiple personal businesses, with low risks, and are as well high paying, and mixing them with numerous low risk but high paying financial securities (such as FD), plus personal savings is the best.

Therefore, all financial investments can earn faster, if you should play them well to minimize risks. Therefore, learning how to do your own business, is important; and this is what is taught on princeakogo.com, as part of the helping hand, we give to people.

Prince Akogo.


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