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Do Not Invest So Much Into Your Wedding Ceremonies


Ideas For Social Functions: Do Not Invest So Much Into Your Wedding Ceremonies

The wedding; it’s S I M P L E

This is the picture of George Bush’s daughter’s wedding. Rich, but he made it simple. (I saw this picture and marveled).

The Lord then said to me, that ‘Do not invest so much into social functions.’ According to the Him, you don’t need to invest so much into a social function like a wedding ceremony.

A lot of men, had invested a lot into their marital ceremonies such that, after the marital ceremonies were done they did not have much left to spend for the rest of their lives after the marriage nor for the upkeep of the house, which is where much of the burdens, are centered or much of the marital investments are actually centered.

Seriously, you don’t need to do things to attract many (all) eyes; you must do it very simple with just the few right people around, while as well, fulfilling all your marital requirements!

Seriously, in a hard economic time, it’s advisable that you need to save a lot of money, for the future.

So, on the actual wedding day or ceremony, you don’t need to spend a lot of resources or money.

Again, the Lord then said to me that rather, if in the future after He’s blessed you guys (both couples) in the marriage, and you’ve become established, then you can decide or think of buying her expensive shoes, and expensive hair products, and rings for the future glory! For then, you’re established! Yes, even then people will say that, ever since you had brought her into your house, you have been able to take great care of her. However, if during the wedding you were able to spend so lavishly on her, but in the course of the marriage, you weren’t able to take very good care of her these people will laugh at you! (Hence, wisely, don’t try to please them on the Wedding Day, even though there’s enough to do.

Marriage Is Not About Pleasure, Marriage Is About An Assignment! SO THEN KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL  AND  S I M P L E A ND  SURELY ON  LOW  BUDGETS, AS WAS IN THE PICTURE! When you have become established, spend much on her. Even then, everybody will know that God has blessed you two ever since you got married!

K E E P  I T  O N  L O W  B U D G E T  N O  M A T T E R  W H A T! (Yes, you must remember that children will be coming in).

So then, once her family understands that she’s your future partner, and God really dimmed it, that you’re supposed to marry, that should be all that matters, so that you calling in marriage will not be delayed.

Small Budget Weddings!

Yes, make it simple and save more resources and money for tomorrow’s investments 

Interestingly, A BIG OR GIANT WEDDING, can equally be ugly, with a lot of spendings or wastefulness.



You don’t need to waste your time and money on things that are not reasonable for strangers to see  The Lord said to me ‘You must all be very frugal in times of all your marital ceremonies,’ since He’s realized what we do to please ourselves and people in times under those social functions too.

We shouldn’t do that.

So then, I say to you as He said, ‘Invest not so much into your Wedding Ceremonies, or Functions Today.’

Keep it on low budget so that you can marry early.

Life must not be endured. Life, must be managed.

Prince Akogo

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