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In A Hard Economic Time Sell Multiple or More Products


In A Hard Economic Time Sell Multiple or More Products


Do you would like to make more money in these hard economic times?

Well, perhaps some of you have been selling one product, for some time now!

According to the Lord it’s a wise thing to sell more than one product in a hard economic time. Selling one economic product in these hard economic time will not help you to actually survive the hard economic times; this is why sometimes, it’s crucial to cast your bread upon many waters!

So add more or more things to what you do!
Seriously, you must not listen to anybody; you can sell products which are not even in your industry, in such a time as this! (Who knows where the sale may come from?)
Selling one product, may slow your business.
And just make sure that, the new products you’d want to sell has much demand in your markets too so that you can get your money back quickly.. Yes, you can sell some ‘giffen’ products.

Do you know what are giffen goods or products are?

Giffen goods, are products people cannot do without, no matter how hard or easy the economy should be faring!

They’re the primary products which we cannot do without, which we obviously need in
everyday life, e.g agricultural products!
(Basically, it means that if you try to live without these things you’ll die; so though people are down with money, they’d like to buy irrespective of their prices).

So for instance, people can today do away with a phone for quite a long time, but not an everyday product like water or rice (food)! Therefore no matter how hard the economy should be customers will purchase, because they know if they don’t, they’ll die!

That means, not every product will go faster in a hard economic time but will end up selling once the economy is very okay again!

So, in a hard economic time people will tend to cut down their expenditures on some products, and settle on the ‘giffen’ products or goods-once they’ve realize that things have become hard!

Indeed, this is why some of you may not be making ‘hay’ in some businesses!

Therefore, no matter what, investing or selling many ‘giffen’ products in a hard economic time should help you sell more and should equally help you save a lot of energy, money and a lot of resources!

Lots of Thumbs-Up, & Love!

Prince Akogo



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