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Wealth Making Idea: The Rich Clean The Environment Of Their Business Location Also!


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Wealth Making Idea

It’s good to clean the environment of your business ‘setup’ always, especially for the following reasons;

(a) By cleaning the tools and equipment every time you’ll be able to keep the tools or equipment working for you, for a very long time!

This also will well help you to save monies for a very long time. Thus, it’ll also help you to save resources, which is also a good thing. So, anytime you go to work (your business work place), make sure you frequently clean your equipment and the environment of your business, always.

(b) You’re also required to P A I N T the compound well (including the office walls) and then to dust off the dirts from each one of the furniture of your office, including your office gadgets, tools and every equipment. Yeah, we must as well, change all our leaking roofs and paint the inside walls of the office.

c) We’re supposed to arrange each of the things (items) there spaciously, for  there to be space, for them to be neatly arranged and very well kept!

Yes, we’re supposed to do this each and time, both in the mornings and in the evenings, after work.

Yes, this will help you save a lot of money in the current time or the prime moment, and in the future. Once you do this, they won’t surely breakdown very easily; and so that’s where you save to yourself a lot of money and economic resources

More so, the proper arrangement causes work to be done easily and faster, and also saves you enough time-to focus on other projects. Hence, this is why whenever the rich and the wise do these they do not to use another sort of money to buy again, ‘machines,’ furniture, and service equipment which they’d already bought or invested so much monies into, thereby, for a long time to themselves, a lot of money and valuable resources for the future.  Thus, they’ll not be replacing machines every now and then, thereby consistently not throwing important monies away!

They’re not being proud. They’re just being Wise and Prudent, through cleaning! They do it willingly! 

    1. More so, in case the business doesn’t go on well or collapses, they’ll be able to sell their equipment or assets at High Values due to proper upkeep, to get their monies back, to cut down some of their losses. That is they clean their offices always, and treat their assets just as monies!
    2. (Besides that, both of you (you and your employees) will not fall sick. Yeah, once anybody doesn’t fall sick as a result of proper hygiene, money and resources are again saved).
    3. They’ll be able to use such places as very valuable or important collateral to be soliciting for great business loans!

So clean, change, and design the environment of your business location.

Yeah, since you know you may use the business place as collateral or sell the entire business property (asset) in the future, it means that your entire business compound or environment, including all the things that exist within it must be faithfully kept well, each and everyday. Yes, do it each and every day, in preparation for the future! So, anytime you clean your business location, you don’t lose.

So then, once you’re cleaning your business premises or location each day  with your co-workers or employees, you’ll all not stand to lose anything in regards to the business, both in the long, or short-runs. Clean the compound. Design the place with colours.

Moreover, understand that our ‘human’ customers are attracted to a lot of colours as well. So clean and beautify the business location to attract the customers. Your Branding is part of money-making

Moreover, apart from selling the entire business compound or asset, you can also just decide to sell just some of the important items (tools, equipment etc) as important antiques under some ‘auction’ events in the future, at high values when they have become rare in the future!

Who said you can’t do business on a simpler side? Wisdom is surely important to profit.

Yes, in business, it’s not the service nor the product alone you sell, which brings the ‘money.’  THE ENTIRE BUSINESS ASSETS ARE ALSO MONEY.

Therefore, to clean up your assets, can or will as well make you enjoy more benefits in addition to the product you sell, or services you render.

I tell you, ordinary cleaning is one of the best things we do, in business!

Joy, Satisfaction And Blessings To You!

Yes, be wise; this is also how the rich do it to save, and not be throwing monies away, when their managing their office!

Peace Be With You.

Thank You.

Prince Akogo

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