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Get All The Members Of The Family To Work, Now!


Get All The Members Of The Family To Work, Now!

Yes, one of the reasons why there are financial burdens on some people is because, while they’re the few people doing all the work, the rest are not supporting the house, yet, depending on the few hard working ones who’re the ones working.

The Lord then said to me that, this has to stop. All able-bodied persons in the house (who’re able to work) should find a job and work too, to support of the house.

For a house to grow (develop) it’ll not be reasonable for just one person or for few persons to work and to bring home money, while the others are in the house, absolutely doing nothing.

And so, why are the able-bodied people in the house there doing nothing?

But, if they should also go out and work and bring home money, they’ll also help now to ease up the financial burdens on the breadwinner or on just the only one person or few persons who’re working in support of the house.

So for instance-if two bring in something, the financial pressure will be mounted on  two people, but if there are more able-bodied people in the house bringing in some stuff this burden will now be shared amongst all of them! Meaning that, all that each person will bring will become small easing up the financial pressure on  the first two people, or only on the first two persons working!

So, if I was the only one who was bringing 50 to take care of the house, it’ll be all we can spend!

But, if two or more people join the bond-wagon to work, and each should bring, lets say just 10 or 5, my burden will reduce; I’ll only have to bring 5, or 10 now.

Thus, my struggles as a bread winner will be minimized to that 5, or just 10 of the total sum.

Moreso, if I was the one bringing in 50 and now 4 more people have added up, to be breadwinners, and each also helps to bring 50, our house should now have 250 (that is 5*50) per the very same moment I was working all alone. This helps bring increase, and riches in the house and therefore, attacks the problems of struggles and lack or the issue of consistent inadequacies in the house.

So, that was why the Lord asked, that ‘What are the able-bodied persons (people) doing in the house?

Set them out to go and work, and should help pay the bills.

And so if they don’t work, they’re not helping you and they’re not helping themselves too.

So then, in that case, when the burdens are shared, you too can minimize your struggles and now can save up a lot of money.

Thanks; God bless.


Prince Akogo.


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