Do not Invest So Much Into Social Functions: Naming Ceremonies


Do not Invest So Much Into Social Functions: Naming Ceremonies

Like the weddings, our out-doorings or naming ceremonies (as well as any other event or social function) should be something we do on small budgets. This was also part of what the Lord shared with me.

The upkeep of the child, which will have so many responsibilities is that which matters. Yes, you don’t have to spend the ‘real money’ on what people will eat or drink which will last in just an hour or two.

Well, why should you invite all your school friends and everybody in your locality to your social function?

The Lord explained to me, ‘showing off,’ is one of the reasons why people falter from the true wisdom of life.’

So, it should just be simple. Just name your child and give him the right name that is due him or her.

Indeed, this is also a reason why God has withheld money from a lot of us, because all this ‘pomposity’ or ‘show-offs’ isn’t bringing glory to our Father, but just to ourselves. You’re supposed to live wisely or to live frugally and to make sure you’re always doing the right investments in life. In life, we rather invest more into events or projects that bring back returns.

Child-bearing wouldn’t bring you an Instant Return.

God bless you.

Prince Akogo

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