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Be Out there to meet the People During Business Marketing Campaigns


Be Out there to meet the People During Business Marketing Campaigns


Indeed, the Picture Above Shows It All.

The Lord told me that the right marketing to do is for you to go out there to the people and then to do business with them. It’s not right for the people to come to you and do business with you always.

In a way to serve them you’d have to go to where they are; yes, to their various offices and homes and give them the products, or to market it to them. Of course, you can have your office station at one place in town, before going to them.

Yes, it’s true the right thing to do is to go to them. There, you’ll be able to meet a lot of customers (people) right there in their homes, at where they live and where they work. Yet, if you’re waiting for them to come to you at your office location they may not be able to come or get to you looking at the competitions that exist along their ways!

Yeah, because of this many businesses have wasted a lot of money.

And so the Lord said to me that this was why when He called His Apostles, He told them to use the right marketing tools as well by going out there to them, or the people of the world!

Physical Contact and Physical Meeting plays a lot in Marketing!

Evangelism, is indeed great marketing! It’s the marketing of God. It’s the way of sending the free gospel to the people right to them in their homes!

Even so when the Father too had sent up Jesus the Father also made Him to go to the people, to every place, preaching the gospel (which was their product), right there to the people. And so it was noted, that ‘‘how God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and with Power, who went about doing good…..’’

He knew He had the good fruits (the gospel) but He wouldn’t wait for the people to come to Him for the message to be taught and healed! So, though knowing He was greater He rather went up to serve the people, with his teaching services, message-products, and healing services!
So he took the ministry right to them, and calling the Ministry the Father’s Business!

As a result of this, He met many people, and at that time gathered about 5000 people and even
4000 at another time! (Well, how many companies today could have done that?)
It means Christ would have done if He should have all these gadgets we have!

He wouldn’t have met all these people if He had been sitting under His tree (Jesus’ office) in Nazareth but He went out there to serve them with the information called the gospel!

And so what He Himself taught He Himself practiced and obviously won many followers (clients and customers) to actually believe in what He said and to His info-products, just as any business would have obvioulsy wanted!

This is the right kind of marketing God’s saying! It was the Best Gospel Marketing Tip we’ve ever noticed!

It wasn’t because He was poor; yet, it was the best marketing campaign or tip!
Obviously, it wasn’t because there was no money, nor boat but it was because it was the best marketing tip God The Father had loaned Him!

So yes, the uneducated Apostles who were never taught in marketing did the same old thing,
and it was said that they turned the whole world upside down.

Today, by this same foot marketing undertakings the gospel has now reached the the whole world, of clients and of customers, by this same disrespected marketing game!
To be honest with you, such a marketing tactic seems to be slow, but it works like fire!

They went to each home and gently gave a taste of their product to them! After all the people were broken and finally believed!

Well, I don’t mean to say that you should not own an office but you should try and get your
sales and marketers out there selling because sometimes the only way you may meet your target is to walk on foot! They are there but that’s the only way you can find them.

Thank you.
Best Marketing Tips.

In A Hard Economic Time, Sell Multiple Products

Do you would like to make more money in these hard economic times?

Well, perhaps some of you have been selling one product, for some time now!

According to the Lord it’s a wise thing to sell more than one product in a hard economic time. Selling one economic product in these hard economic time will not help you to actually survive the hard economic times; this is why sometimes, it’s crucial to cast your bread upon many waters!

So add more or more things to what you do!
Seriously, you must not listen to anybody; you can sell products which are not even in your industry, in such a time as this! (Who knows where the sale may come from?)
Selling one product, may slow your business.
And just make sure that, the new products you’d want to sell has much demand in your markets too so that you can get your money back quickly.. Yes, you can sell some ‘giffen’ products.

Do you know what are giffen goods or products are?

Giffen goods, are products people cannot do without, no matter how hard or easy the economy should be faring!

They’re the primary products which we cannot do without, which we obviously need in
everyday life, e.g agricultural products!
(Basically, it means that if you try to live without these things you’ll die; so though people are down with money, they’d like to buy irrespective of their prices).

So for instance, people can today do away with a phone for quite a long time, but not an everyday product like water or rice (food)! Therefore no matter how hard the economy should be customers will purchase, because they know if they don’t, they’ll die!

That means, not every product will go faster in a hard economic time but will end up selling once the economy is very okay again!

So, in a hard economic time people will tend to cut down their expenditures on some products, and settle on the ‘giffen’ products or goods-once they’ve realize that things have become hard!

Indeed, this is why some of you may not be making ‘hay’ in some businesses!

Therefore, no matter what, investing or selling many ‘giffen’ products in a hard economic time should help you sell more and should equally help you save a lot of energy, money and a lot of resources!

Lots of Thumbs-Up, & Love!

Prince Akogo


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