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Cook and Eat But Do Not Cook At Home, Frequently!


Cook and Eat But Do Not Cook At Home, Frequently!

The Lord again said to me, that, it’s advisable to cook but it’s not good to cook everyday at home. According to the Lord, when you’re cooking, cook so that your food (let’s say, your stew or your soup), can you last about 3 days! This Will Help You Save Money And Resources.

so that you can save your money and resources.Well, how do you save money, or resources because of that?

Rather cooking every time (or everyday)

  1. Causes you to spend so much money!
  2. Therefore on the other hand, it makes you spend a lot of resources (in terms of ingredients, products, or produce you’ve used). 

The other reason is that, if you cook always (each and everyday), you’ll be using more LPG gas or more electric fuel or current, that is if you were to be using an electric stove! Assuredly, using these fuels are very costly, especially nowadays.  So then, by using the same 30 minutes to make a small food, why not cook by using the same 30 minutes or a bit longer, to cook a bit more food, to last you for 3 days?

It’s reasonable to do that!

This is economically wise.

Obviously, this will help you save more money, and resources in the long run; it’ll help you to cut down an unnecessary daily expenditure! Just heat or warm the food up, and then you’re good to go.

It’s good to do that!

Lots Of Love And Thanks!

Prince Akogo


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