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A Powerful Business Idea: This Is A Candid Reason Why You Shouldn’t Throw Your Seeds Away.


Throw Not Your Seeds Away

Recently it was shown, that a woman in her prime just became rich out of following her hobby of planting yam seeds.

What did she do?

Anytime she goes to the market and buys yam for the house, she saves down her yam seeds when she’s cooking. She’ll just plant them in her backyard as a hobby. Little did she know that what she just started doing to her yam seeds as a hobby will eventually turn out to be a large farm.

She wasn’t a farmer; and she wasn’t a gardener.

She just decided to store her yam seeds anytime she cooked and then replanted them. Eventually, after some time, what she thought was a hobby turned out to be a 10 acre-plantation farm for her, and her family on the side!

When they had interviewed her, she had now been able to build her own house and had bought her car, out of being diligent to save her yam seeds and replanting them over again.

She created her own job (farm) for herself and then delivered her own house out of abject poverty. O, do you think she was formerly rich?

No, she was poor and broke; No she was never rich!

Indeed, this teaches us a lot of things here.

So then, what would have happened if we too, start saving our garden egg seeds, our tomato seeds, the okro seeds and all the other foods seeds, and have been planting them since we came here upon the earth?

We eat these foods and fruits each and everyday, but don’t make it a diligence to save their seeds and replant them, for the future use.

We cook them fresh, throw their seeds away and go back each and everyday to markets to buy new ones again, and thereby, wasting our monies, our resources, as well as time.

Seriously, all these monies we’ve been wasting on these years, of consuming these food products could have been all saved if we were equally replanting (all) the seeds of those we were eating years ago, exactly as the woman.

Perhaps, we will probably not go to the markets to buy them again, and would also have all these years, saved our health from buying these toxic and inorganic food crops sold to us on the markets.

Yeah, aside this, we would have been creating a very strong and great passive income on the side forever.

Well, how much do they sell these fruits and vegetables? And how much do they sell their seeds? Now, do you see the reason why God did say in Genesis, that each fruit, does have it’s own seed in itself; and had also communicated to men that they should replenish the earth?

Well, what was God trying to say to mankind as early as man’s beginning? They would have to grow back (replenish back) on earth, whatever seeds they’ve consumed. And, He showed them where they can find the seeds-right in there, inside their fruits.

So, they were not to consume the fruits in the farm and throw their seeds away. So, that is why He (God) made them ‘till the ground.’ 

Hence, this beautiful woman followed the instruction of God and did exactly what was instructed in Genesis; and there got all her house and baskets full, providing some to others (to all other markets).

Every seed, carries its own fruits; and every fruit as well carries the seeds that bore it-just as the woman realized, and will not buy them again.

So then, once you need them again, you don’t have to go to the market, and buy them. You’ll have to replant them. You’ll save money by replanting the seeds of the vegetables and fruits you consume-each and everyday.

Indeed, if we should do this to all our seeds which we have in our homes each time we eat, we’ll be saving all the time, and money we need, and then making money as a result of this hobby, exactly as God had explained.

Let’s stop going to the market to buy them again; yes, we should stop saying the economy is hard, and cut down the wastes. Indeed, when we keep throwing our seeds away, we’ll just be losing money.

Indeed, there’s just money around you. Just do it as a hobby and you’ll see what it will turn up for you, and your house.

You’re wasting time; just go about it now.

Yeah, these seeds are with you; the mangoes, oranges, pawpaw, pineapples, apples, and vegetables, potato seeds, yam seeds etc.

They are with you everyday! Perhaps, you just did eat one. They’re so much money for investment-and yeah, God has already shown us where all these seeds are (where He placed them); right in their fruits.

Moreover, this will help us to interact with nature, which psychologically (or health-wise) is very good, helping us to have a long life’s span on earth. With this business plan, everybody can do it!


Thank you and God bless you!

Prince Akogo

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