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Start A Real Estate Business Right From Home, With Almost No Money Today!


Property Leasing, Mortgaging (Home Loans) and Real Estate Developments, are very lucrative businesses and good for every human being to go into. 

The Lord said to me, ‘It’s very important to enter into a real estate or mortgaging business if you have the means, to make a lot of money as well.’ Indeed the real estate business is extremely lucrative especially if you make the rooms or your houses not too expensive or affordable in the markets, in which mostly, the middle income earner can afford to buy.

Entering into the ‘lease’ or the ‘house renting business,’ is also good because you’ll be able make money for a longer period without losing up your estate to the second party.

In all, if there are three major businesses in the markets which are very lucrative to go into and for that person to have a very low investment risk, according just how I have explained it (yeah, and not necessarily too expensive) then these are also the real estate development, property leasing and also the mortgaging businesses. Just don’t make them too expensive while calculating your cost well, and the masses will come rushing for it!

Ah, who doesn’t like a house of which he can really afford?

But How Do You Start, Even Though It’s Lucrative?

How can you start if it has been deemed expensive to start a real-estate business?

Assuredly, you can start from Home!

You start by sacrificing and converting a part of your house or home, or room, or your store, or a kitchen, into a good place for rent just right row, if it has enough space.

So your real estate development company is going to start from your home-or from a single room, which you’re going to sacrifice.

Now, after you’ve converted this room into ‘a good’ space enough start by advertising it!

Now, to advertise, you can post an ad of your building or converted room on tonaton. com, olx.com, shockersale.com or any other classified site you know of, in your country!

(Of course, many people go to these classified sites to look for ‘cheap’ rooms or accommodations to rent, so you don’t have to pay anything in marketing it!

Inevitably The Markets For Real Estate Housing (Buildings) Are Big Enough.

As you do this, you’ll sooner than later get tenants.

Hence, it starts by sacrificing just one room of your home, this very minute.

After you’ve gotten your first income from your first tenant, instead of spending it, you could use it to build another mansion or room.

Now, this other room too you can sacrifice, paste an ad on it, to get for yourself another tenant to occupy it.

Hence, repeating the processes of renting your new created rooms will consistently get you more additional properties, to immediately increase your property base!

So, sacrificing, will keep the business you started, to be going forward!

Therefore, the Secret Of Maximizing A Real Real Estate Business Is Sacrificing Your Initial Incomes To Increase The Number Of Your Properties.

So, just keep sacrificing your newer rooms for more income, which you’ll use in growing your property base!

Hence, a Real Estate Business does not actually start from going for something big! It starts from your thousands of repeated sacrifices to increase your property base.

Now, remember that building the new rooms, could help you get loans if you use them, as your collateral to solicit for a loan, or for funds!

So at this point, you could now be expanding your business to the top; So by the time you realize you’ll start building more mansions and properties to rent out or to lease out. Yes, it could not only be rooms, but it could now become shops, or apartment stores!

However, just take it a note that you had just started from a kitchen, from a single storeroom, from a single room of yours, or from one disrespected store!

You know, that we’re not telling you to look for a huge sum of money to start this business, but we’re telling you to sacrifice a room for it!

Start now, and list them on classified sites!

This will help you start your consistent, money-making business!

Yet, this is for those who just have ‘one disrespected space’ to sacrifice, right now!

Don’t be deceived: The real estate business starts from one room, not many! It Doesn’t Even Start From A Building!

As you start with your room, you may only have to do some small paintings right away to get started, this minute! Okay, so you’ve got a 2, 3, 4 bedroom house? Why not sacrifice just one room, so that you can get started?

So you’ve gotten a store-room,a kitchen or a boys squatters? Why not also sacrifice just one room? ‘After all, Business Is All About Sacrifice.’

You can alleviate yourself from poverty, and you can do it, right from your home!

Hopefully, for some of you it may not be your time to do this kind of business, but you’ll be able to do it sooner or later! Yes I know, you’ll be able to create ‘just one room!’

Therefore, actually, becoming a Real Estate Developing Business starts from your home.

No-no; it never starts from going for million of dollars, or from 100s of acre of land!

Ha-ha-ha; Don’t be deceived!

You can actually start from your disrespected kitchen! It’ll just be by adding value to it, right now.

Do you have an immediate ‘space?’ Just a little space to spare? Remember, your sacrificings today, will bring you innumerable mansions, a huge property base, which will everyday generate you money!

You, your kids, and your wife should think about it!

Start your mini real-estate business company right now, if you’d just want to earn by tomorrow. You’ll be earning consistently in the future, after sacrificing today!

Yes, you can do it. Everybody else can do it!

There’s no rich man who does only one type of business! They’re occasionally doing multiples!


You Can Start Even From A Disrespected Place, To Add Value To It!

 Yes, Just Do It, And Sacrifice One Room Right Now For Your, Consistently or Ever-Growing Real Estate Business Company!

That’s how come you’ll make it, Right Away!

My love to you!

Prince Akogo.


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Rest, Joy And Love!



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