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Do not invest So Much Into Your Funeral Ceremonies


Do not invest So Much Into Your Funeral Ceremonies

We must save our monies at the funeral grounds. ‘The funeral service is actually one of the social functions where people waste a lot of money,’ said the Lord to me.

He admonished us to save our monies. We mostly know that a funeral is a type of investment which does not bring in any or much returns!

We should remember, that there are more days ahead.

Think twice.

Nobody, is requiring you to spend something huge to bury your dead-the dead which can’t speak or write or talk.

You don’t have to follow the crowd.

The dead has just gone to be with the Lord ( and that’s a better place). You just have to set up a simple ceremony, and get yourself going.  

So you don’t have to waste a lot of your money and time, in burying the dead.

We’ll have to be frugal with our savings. There are more important tasks ahead. Nobody is requiring you to bury the dead with a whole life-savings! Throwing a big funeral, is not important! Remember, don’t follow the crowd!

(It was actually one of the tips the Lord also, told me about)!

Prince Akogo

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