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Money, Wealth Making & Business Tip: Do Multiple Jobs


Money, Wealth Making & Business Tip: Do Multiple Jobs

This one was to those working in a government or a private company.  

The Holy Spirit said to me that, if we want to overcome the current hurdles in our economic life today then we would have to think of probably now doing more, or multiple jobs. As a result of the current hard economic challenges one job may not be sufficient enough to take care of you!

So to handle economic challenges, when times change, you’d have to change. ‘Wisdom,’ said the Spirit, ‘Is dynamic. When times change, you’d also have to change.’’

So according to Him it would be better to take on another job to do at this time, especially if you belong to the class where one job is not sufficient to meet all your needs, or problems!

Also, at these hard economic times doing one job may seriously minimize ‘your job security,’ since employers too around this time will like to lay off some workers, to lessen down their financial problems! Hence, don’t put all your eggs or efforts in one basket; the economy has now changed!

The Lord said to me, ‘Man, is a multi-faceted being.’ Therefore you’ve not been called to just do only one job in your entire life,  as some of you have been made to think!

Who has made you believe that? Who has now limited your efforts?

 He said that it will be better to change that old and poor mentality which says, ‘Jack of All Trades Is Master of None!’

It’s right to do multiple jobs, but it’s right to do all at their own given time!

So then, it’ll be better if most people take on another job to support the current job they have. Indeed, doing this could help ease up the current economic pressure they have!

If possible do or get two more jobs in addition and squeeze up yourself in doing them!

In these times a lazy men will not overcome their economic hurdles, except the hardworking men who’re likely to go the extra mile, if one salaries or incomes does not satisfy them!

You must now understand that man, is a multi-faceted and multi-tasked creature!

One job may not be able to survive you. SO Change Up The Strategy!

Yes, if you’re an employee working for someone consider the STRATEGY! it may help you Right Now! (Maybe later, you can surely shift back to one if you want!)

Thank you and God bless you.

Prince Akogo


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