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Seek Up A Job With This Great Idea


Seek Up A Job With This Great Idea

Now, the Lord again said to me, ‘‘Of course, two of the first groups of people whom you need to ask a job from first, once or immediately you realize you don’t have a job or are unemployed are your friends, and then your family relatives (your family relatives; distant and near!). These should really (first) understand your needs, than one who’s an acquaintance, or stranger!

Seriously, a number of them may be already working or might have already fixed themselves somewhere in the job or in the business markets, and they may obviously be of help to you!

Perhaps, they may not know you’re unemployed, until you tell them right away!

Some of them have their own jobs and businesses, in which they can ‘corner’ you there now and so can help you with a job, for the meantime!

And so, if you haven’t done that now or thought about it today, then pick up your phone and call up your friends or loved ones right away, who perhaps are having a job or may e working somewhere successfully. Well, just give them a call right away! Just try it now and right away! Just call them; r-i-n-g!  

It’s a good idea!

Yes, thank you and God bless you too!

Prince Akogo.


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