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Do More Than One Investment In Life


Do More Than One Investment In Life

While you’d like to expand doing one investment in your life won’t help you grow and meet your challenges if you’d want to grow and expand. As the saying goes ‘Cast your bread upon many waters for you may not know how it’ll turn in the future!

Do many more investments and expand your scope quickly!
Do many investments by opening your own businesses and investing into great financial securities as well.
It’s not advisable to do too many at a time but the ones you can start with, start, to yield at DIFFERENT TIMES of the near future, or both in the long and the short runs!

So now, spread your Investments Across The Future To Yeild At various Times, of The Year!

Now, as you cast your bread on many Safe Flowing Waters, in future you’ll then also get Many Safe Flowing Waters, bringing bread to rely on, or to have for yourself!

Thanks, and God bless You So Much!

Prince Akogo



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