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There’s No Rich Man Who Does One Kind Of Business, Or Job: Wealth Tip!


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One  striking thing the Lord told me the last time was that,

“There’s no rich man, who does only one job or one kind of business.”

In other words, the riches of rich men stems out of multiple investments, or businesses they do!

To become rich in life, try not to put all your eggs into one basket. To become rich, open multiple businesses to generate various streams of income. This is part of life’s security, as it ensures you’re always benefiting each and every day from multiple streaming sources.

Those who benefit from one job, often  lose a lot when the business collapses. However, from multiple sources, one or many more of your businesses may survive even if one of your businesses should not survive, or should lose!

So numbers, is part of ‘Security.’

Hence, in a hard economic time, such as we find in our world today, opening multiple sources of businesses, will help you save both now and future circumstances.

So then, one thing you’ll end up becoming sure of is that, ‘there’s not a rich man who does only one kind of Business. It’s true and it’s a secret!

We found out, that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg all had more than 1 (one) business and making God’s statement true!

(No wonder, most people who’re doing governments jobs, and have been made to do that one job, are not really going to be so or extremely rich!).(Again, if also, their pensions are also going to fetch them something BIG, they may never live to enjoy it, since the the average life span, is fast dropping).

‘You can be rich with many things, and there’s more you can do than just sitting behind one job!’

Wealth and Riches, is waiting for You.You just have to look out for the most lucrative kinds of Businesses, and cast yourself into!

God bless:

Prince Akogo.

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