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Wise Counsel: Dig Up A Well At Home!


Home Management Ideas: Dig A Well At Home!

This is also a point the Lord raised to me concerning Financial Management.

I used to think it’s only poor people who have ‘‘Wells’’ in their homes or houses, but recently, I passed through a very rich community. In one of the houses which I admired (in the most beautiful houses I admired the most) I saw them drilling a ‘a great well’ in front their house and were tapping water underground!

Immediately, I got surprised!

It was then the Lord’s Spirit said to me:

‘‘I had brought you here to come and see this.’’

According to Him, every house or every home should be able to dig up a well in the compound of their homes or in-front of their house, to tap in water underground-especially if there’s water underground their compounds.

Yes, if everyone should have water in their homes, this will eventually lessen their financial burdens as well.

It means, they may not be paying for such Utility Bills again.

As water is a resource which will be needed, to be ‘used for’ life-time activities, and therefore can’t be done without, building yourself a well in the house will cut down a huge life-time expenses off or away, which I also suppose, that that was what that house I saw of wealth and riches, was doing in their compounds!  

Well you may think they’re rich so they don’t really need to dig up a well!

However, that’s what they were doing in the day I saw them. (And so, the Holy Spirit had brought me there to see what was a wise counsel).

Yes, and of course, when I saw even that most beautiful house, in this estate or community I marveled and realized that, honestly some things are not for the poor only, but for the rich as well!

Indeed, nowadays water is expensive in our communities, even what is being sold to us by Public Utility Corporations. So it’s better now, we take up stringent measures!

Yes, God would have done the same, if He was With Us.

God Bless.

Prince Akogo

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