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Be an Affiliate Marketer From Home For The Town Companies In Your Country!


Now, one of the ways to start a business with almost no money, is to enter into the affiliate kind of business. This kind of business by a basic definition is to look for target-customers for a particular product for a given company you’ll affiliate with! 

In other words, every company no matter what their goal is, is to look out for customers or buyers for their produced products or services. Obviously marketing too is also a difficult thing for most of them nowadays.

So then what?

Well, you can go into contract with any of these companies at all, be it Big or Small to market or to look out for customers for them, or for their products!

There, you should come into an agreement with them, that with any purchase these clients or customers make through you, they can give you a cut from their profits WHICH WILL BE BASED ON THE AGREED COMMISSION ON, EACH OF THESE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES!

Of course, these products could be bags, shoes, dresses, knives, pens and many other stuffs or things. O yeah, it could be BIG THINGS as well, such as houses (or homes), cars, an expensive phone, a land, real estate building, or a television. (Of course, these ones should probably fetch you more than those pens and books and dresses, or the smaller items!

So if you want more or a quicker-big money then venture more into the big ones.

However, the small ones should earn you some quicker passive income if sales of the bigger ones are still not yet coming!                                                                                                                                             

So it’s all about you standing up and going up to these companies and deciding to go into an agreement with them, to sell their company’s products or items!

Okay, from here I’ll also suggest to you that you go online, and then read on some good marketing tips on how to sell these people’s products and services! Just google and you’ll find out some good tips or results! Of course, you may also check out for some more ideas on this site!

Understand that, even 30 minutes of reading free Master tips from here or from google could help you in selling effortlessly and selling much in no time.

You’ll surely be selling in no time! And it’ll not be only locally, but internationally!

So, though you’re not going to be the one to use your money, to make or to produce these products or services, you own is to go into CONTRACT with them, to sell their products and services, for we know that, these companies continually and badly needs sales!

So just get up and prepare yourself and go to them right now!

So, remember to go into some paper works with them and with their legal concessions start selling, or start marketing their businesses for them.

(You have become their marketing company!).

You can do it today, and there are a lot of companies out there both big and small who definitely want their products and services to be marketed for them, especially in these trying times!

Now, here are some ways which will help you to quickly sell their products and services:

  1. For instance, If you were a group of unemployed graduates or students, or citizens who’ve planned to go into this business, one of the easy ways to quickly sell these company’s products and services, is to come together and undergo into a massive business campaign on the streets, of your towns. Now, to  actually go about this, you’ll have to buy one rim of an A4 sheet paper and then print out MINI-AD NEWS PAPERS OR FLYERS with details of the company’s products and services upon each them, and then go about distributing them in the towns and in the streets and everywhere you can find people, or everywhere possible!
  2. Yet, to get many more ad-papers for your campaigns you can divide the A4 papers into halves to have the ads rather printed on A5 sizes so you can really be able to distribute more Mini-Ads Newspapers). Some of these mini-ads papers too, could be pasted around.

However, to always make sure sales passes through your end, you must add your number so that these interested customers will surely buy through you!

2. Now, this other marketing and advertisement plan I’m about to teach you, will not also cost you much money. This is to go on an Ad-Classified sites of your choice in your country, and then to list all the services and products there with descriptions, and images of sample-products! In my country, we have Shockersale.com, Olx and Tonaton.(Shockersale is a Worldwide Ad-Classified site, so you can be wherever in the world and list your products and services there on SHOCKERSALE, to get international exposure as well). So you sell locally, and internationally. (However, shockersale, is under the princeakogo.com group of companies. (We created it for you to sell right away)).

Any, which classified ad-site do you have in your country?

So then, list these products and services there with your contact numbers, so that purchases will be made through you! (After all business marketing, includes middle-men). Trust me, you’ll get calls from time to time and you’ll also start having enough money on you from time to time! Yet, when they buy the bigger stuff, you’ll be earning more commission!

  • You could start sharing these product and services images too online, on Social Media Communities, Groups, Whatsapp Groups, Forums, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram for people to know about them, while adding up your contacts.

This will all be your massive campaign on the digital platform as well were more often more people, are likely to see these products; yet it’s all free! Joining many more Facebook groups, and communities, could help you get many free advertisements.

Surely, it’s possible that business companies, by looking at your track record, could come chasing after you for great marketing offers and gigs if they start seeing you doing well of marketing of their  products!

  • Also, if you want  you could pay for Instagram and Facebook ads to be quickly seen by thousands to ten-thousands of Facebookers and Instagramers, right away. O, just imagine, if that should also bring you much more demand? 

So then this whole thing can eventually turn out to be YOUR BIG ADVERTISEMENT OR MARKETING COMPANY which can be running for various kinds of businesses!

Well, do you need to rent a whole Big Office Space, for this  whole new company, or business  of yours? Certainly not!

You should use, or convert a part of your home (or house) into that Business Company! So, as your marketing office space just use your house or a created-space in your house!

You don’t need to go about around time, paying for so much to rent an office space to start your business. You obviously should not go about paying for anything. Obviously, you an do away with that! Try, and organize a space, or a place in your home well as an office and sit at home and do this marketing job for the companies whom you have gone into this lucrative agreement with!

Even this, Get Up And Program This Business Idea Now! Obviously, it’s not going to cost you so much to do this beautiful kind of business! The business is not much at your cost!

You’ve made it!

The economy is not hard!

Do this and by-pass around it!

Prince Akogo


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