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Business Idea: A Free Business Idea With Ad-Classified Sites


Now, in this type of business though you don’t have a physically located shop on your own you can as still do it.
So what do you do?
You can just go to a production house or to the wholesale market, and pick products at very cheap prices, which your ‘small monies’ can actually buy many quantities of.
(Often the production centers or the wholesale markets sell both products and services at a very cheap price (rate), than when they should pass through middle men).

Now, when you’re back home take pictures of these items and paste them on ad-classified sites like tonaton, olx or shockersale.com (A Classified Site For The World’s Trading which is owned by princeakogo group of companies).

Understand that, these online business markets which are now in town have created a ‘free’ marketplace for us already; and so, to some extent, we don’t have to rent a shop for ourselves again! 

This means, you can now be sitting at home and open your ‘shop’ on them, to directly do your business. 

Already, the average classified site has a lot of visits, throughout the world and country!

(This is why you can make all of them your  business places, without even moving an inch from home, or from your house!

So as these people come to these classified sites to post their ad, to shop, or to browse through, chances are, they may see your products, and will immediately pick your numbers, and give you a call instantly based on whatever you’ve posted!

Okay, perhaps let me show you some tips, that’ll make you sell tonnes of products on these classified sites right away, and right in the comfort of your home. 

(A) To sell faster go ahead and search by keywords, to see which products people are mostly searching for or viewing, on most of these ad-classified sites.

Surely, you can know this by the number of loves, likes and social shares on those specific products, as you browse through the pages, or click on these ads.

This can obviously help you to know which products or services you should be going for, from these production houses or companies, or from these wholesaling companies!

 Thus, this will help you get to know which obvious markets you must get into, with your small investment capital, so that you don’t waste your monies! (All you need to do, is to study the markets on these platforms!).

(B) Secondly, as you’re doing business on these sites, you may also have to update your ads-by deleting and updating them most often after every two weeks!

This plan, is to get your services and products mostly in the domain of being often seen. Thus, it should keep your ads fresh.

You’ll notice that on the majority of these ad-classified sites some ads expire at the end of a month). More so, your ad too could be buried, since there are many people, posting there! Often, classified ads are very huge markets, so people find themselves there.

(C) The third ‘good idea’ I can give to you is that, for you to able to sell more and faster at these classified sites, deem it to price your products and services at relatively cheaper prices in that particular niche, or category you’re in so many visitors may channel to yours, and buy from you instantly.

Now, this is why I said that, you should sell them at relatively cheaper prices; but the only way you  can obviously sell them at those relatively or comparatively cheaper prices, is to buy them from the wholesaling markets, or from their production companies. Yes, understand that most often that not the people who come to those classified sites are mainly looking for the cheapest and the coolest prices on these platform!

Hence, as you do this, you’ll obviously meet them at the point of their ads!

This is also a home start up business, and it’s obviously true, that you can start it!

Our ad-classified sites are the online or digital marketplaces for physical marketplaces in any place,in town!

Meanwhile take note that, you can have ‘free unlimited space’ on my international ad-classified site

Shockersale.com to begin with!

Thanks for knowing this!

Prince Akogo.


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