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Business Idea: Become A Video And A Sound Editor, Right From Home


Start a Video Editing and a Sound Editing Business; it’s easy to  do that right now!

Well, but how?

First, download up some free Video and Sound Editing Softwares on your phone from Google Playstore, and from google onto your computer.

You’ll find several free video editing and audio editing softwares if you search them in the search button or box on Google PlayStore and on the Google Search.

Wavepad and Audacity, are two audio recording and editing softwares you can get in free versions to download.

For video, perhaps you could download kinemaster on you phone, and Cyber Director on your P.C.

From there, you can log on to youtube and watch good video tutorials on how to edit with these softwares, thus to learn how to edit videos and audios (sounds) respectively!

Watch the videos from beginner levels to advanced levels.

Once you master the art of video and audio editing, to perhaps, the intermediary stage, you can start using your skills as business to also start generating money, right away!

Also to get market for your business, you can post an ad on ad classified sites, do posters to paste around, do flyers with A4 sheets to share about your new business, share through whatsapp, or advertise on social media like facebook for free.

Then convert your room into a working and a sleeping studio at the same time.

In the daytime, change the set-up into your working place (environment), and at night, you can now change it to your sleeping place!

That’s just how you start Your Multimedia Business, With Almost No Money!


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