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Business Idea: Turn Your Pain Today Into A Business


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Probably, you’ve gone through some pain and some very hurtful experiences. Why will you kill yourself for it?

Yet, there are a thousand or a million people out there who don’t know what you’ve endured, and about to make the same giant mistakes!

Probably, it’s in the field of marriage, business, behavior, or peer pressure. Instead of killing and throwing yourself away, you can really turn your pain, rather into a blessing!

Why won’t you share your experiences in what you’ve endured in a book for us to know? Yeah, you could turn it into a T.V program and make money out of it! People are very glued to stories and are keen about how it all ended; in fact, especially, a real one! 

Just try to open up Microsoft Office Word on your laptop, and then start typing. Put a cover on it, and start selling, the copies.

Okay, imagine a title like ’What I noticed in my body, when I got Aids, ‘ or another title like‘14 things I learnt in 48 years of marriage before I divorced which nobody told me about before marriage,’ or ‘How it feels like to have a cheating husband.’ O, how many people both married and unmarried who’d like to read like to pick and read a book like that, as a result of  their curiosity, and for fear that, they might be falling, in the same landmines.

As these people who visit the health and the marriage section of the bookshelf, pickup these books to read, you’ll start making money; I mean tonnes of Money!

Yes, when you do this you’ll not  only help change people and to help change society; but obviously, you’ll as well start making money.

After writing the book, say the marriage book, you could sell to singles. You could perhaps advertise the book on several facebook marriage or relationship groups or communities. You could also sell them freely on many online bookshop, who as well take a small cut, when units of your book are sold, on their markets. I know of a woman who made it like that (name withheld). She wrote a book on her marriage break-up issues, and sold more than 2000 units of ebooks on Amazon kdp flat!

O, so what are you doing with yours?

It’s lingered for so long; trust me, you’ll make light happen like that, at the end of your tunnel! It doesn’t matter what you’ve gone through!

You’re More Than A Blessing In Disguise; So You Can Breathe!

Prince Akogo

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