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Change your leftovers Into Business


Change your leftover home food crops or items, and many other raw material substances, and waste products you have at home into a business.

-A waste product like saw-dust, can be packaged and sold to the poultry industry
-Waste papers you use at home, if you’re skillful could be sold by you, when converted into a good piece of jotter.
-Cassava and corn dough can be obtained from the leftover cassava and corn food crops, packaged well, and sold to the markets.
-Cassava chips, can be converted from cassava we leave in the kitchen instead of we allowing it to spoil.
-Coconut shells can be converted into coconut bowls.
-Palms fronds can be neatly woven by you, into baskets.
-Paint buckets, could be converted into beautiful flower pots!
-Some rubber plastics, which are waste at home, as well as papers can be converted into beads, and sold to the markets-The Fashion Markets of course. There’s demand for the goods.
-Biogas, is energy which can get you into business.
For all the things you create, all you need is to repackage them neatly, and they’ll buy! Therefore, instead of you allowing them to go waste, convert them into something you can sell, and make money out of it!

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