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A Business Idea: Strategically Take Your Monthly Income, To A New Level!


Okay, let’s say you’re working for your boss. Your boss deals with so, so and so service or product. You’d like to take a new turn.

In order to gain more on what you earn as your monthly income, or salary, just set up a website, write good reviews and reports about his services or products, add convincing images of the services or product and run up your own marketing campaigns on it through digital systems. So, if it’s a service or product that could be retailed you could add your profit on it, and sell it your new marketing price.

So, when customers purchase through you, they buy at your price. Therefore, aside what you’re earning from your boss you could get an extra income on it, in addition to all what your boss pays you at the end of the month!

Apart from websites you could also use Whatsapp to market the products, or services! You could also personally list the services and products on Shockersale.com, Tonaton or Olx or any of these Classified Sites in the world, in your town or in your community. Yes, you could as well personally do a mini-ad newspaper by buying a rim of A4 sheet for printing the products and services on them, and doing a mass campaign on them-with your number stated on them so they get it, or sales passes through you!

Facebook ads could also be done to also reach more people if you think you have the means. So aside what you’re earning, you’ve started a new business on the side, at your own price. With part of your monthly salary you could acquire the products from your shop, and resell them on the side at your own price to your own customers.

There are times when some people petition their bosses or employers for increment of salaries, if they should do extra job in selling the company’s products and services. So you could also come into an agreement for a large salary with him.

This idea too could land you into a better marketing or employee position, in the office.

And perhaps, you could be Immediately Promoted With A Better Pay Than At First, In Your Hands!


Prince Akogo


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