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Do The Plantain Chips Business


Plantain chips, or crips!

Most people eat it. I eat plantain chips. It’s so easy, to set-up A PLANTAIN CHIP business. So what do you do?

Try and go to the markets, especially the food-stuff market to buy up bunches of plantain. So then, to start the business buy them in bulk.

Usually, at the Big Food Markets of your country you may get good bunches, of these plantain at very cheap prices, either ripe or unripe. Once you’ve brought them home, with a knife, peel the shell off, wash, and then slice them into QUITE FLAT CHIP SHAPES.

(So you’ve started this business at home).

Then, dip the either the unripe or ripe chips into a salt solution when done slicing. Of course, this shouldn’t be so salty. Fry the plantain in any ordinary cooking oil. Heat your oil, before dipping them in. After they’re cooked after few minutes, bring them out. They’ll become flaky, when they’re dried up a little. Package your flakes, into your pop-corn paper colourful designed bags and advertise them on food markets.

There you go. Your plantain chips business has started, which can be served in paper bags with pepsi, or coke soda, just as how pop-corns are served. I think we’re tired with popcorn and sodas right. O yeah, why not sell easy plantain flakes (CHIPS) with sodas?!

Serve together, as your food business with a clean good price tag. ‘Start selling right from your home., or from door to door now!’

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