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A Financial Savings Plan & A Business Plan For Students To Do: God Reveals!


The Lord suggested that, students (let’s say 4 students), could come together while in school and with portions of money which is given to them by their parents, save and invest wisely toward their future.

How do they do it? These four 4, or perhaps about 6 friends could come together, register and open up an account with a bank, in their names. This will mean that, all 4 or 6 friends will become signatories to a group account (one account).

Every week, each will contribute or bring, (let’s say, $10), or depending on how much they will agree upon, which all of these four friends can afford to pay. So then, weekly, they’ll deposit their total contributions into that group account.

There are about 13-15 weeks in a semester or a term of a school. Moreover, there are 3 terms, or semesters of each academic level, or year. This means, their side-group contributions, may have a long way to go.

So while they’re in school, they could be making money on the side.

Certainly, agreement could be made by them, that at the end of each week, each term, or each year, the monies could be withdrawn, and then they’ll share equally according to their initial agreement.

Imagine these contributions could be done by faithful members who’re in school, who contribute on the side toward their future?

From here, the plan is that, each one (friend) must use his share to start a business while still in school; or they could start up a joint business on the side!

So then, it’s possible that each term, a new business could be started by each one (start-up businesses), with portions of his share, or by them, as a joint project!

This shall then immediately cause them to come out of school independent, and will overcome their chances of becoming unemployed, or job-less, in the future-economy, while they’re in school!

Thus, this will cause them to secure their own job and become ‘’bosses’’ already ALREADY, like any private sector business man (or person), whom they should, or would have gone to work for, after school!

This idea from God, is to reduce their chances of not getting jobs, where they will have to sit at home, and not be able to do anything to enhance, or to develop themselves after school!

So then, these contributions, will make them ‘Create’ Their Jobs while in school.

If they should start the business at home, they can think of employing others to look after their businesses for them, while they concentrate on the school.

There’s a lot our parents do give to us, which often, we’re not aware that we can take advantage of that, in the prime-time. Well, most of the time, School Is The Thing; but we do after school, is what matters!

There are a lot of unemployment graduate associations there, which shouldn’t have existed; and they could have overcome their problems before coming out of school!

So then, while in the school, such monies could have been making more money for them, with people working on their home-businesses for all four of them. So then, they’ll start becoming bosses, even while they’re in school, and should start contributing bigger even from proceeds of their start-up businesses, for better financial growth in their contributory projects!

If this format is obeyed, you can enjoy more benefits.


Next Level From Here:

Now, do you know that, with such group contributions, which are often done weekly, banks are able to give you Big or Great Loans due to consistency?

Your savings may be quite big or small each and every week but your consistency, may cause the bank, to give you your desired loan.

(Yeah, this is often one criterion banks ask for when giving out loans to groups, and to individuals). Besides all that, the evidences of 4 home businesses, could cause the banks to immediately grant you too ‘‘business development loans’’ apart from your saving consistencies. This means they know you people, have the capability to pay!

Most banks will respond to that, if you save with them consistently.

What then?

More so, do you know that at this next level, with your loan facility you can acquire more bigger property for your home-start-up, or school businesses (depending on what you want), for four business expansions?

Moreover, apart from expanding your home businesses, you could also invest into more additional businesses, as an add-on, with the loan facility, given.

Note; Investing into many business, could limit your chances of financial loss, than investing all monies into one kind of business. However, consider that, too many businesses too, could

If after a period, you guys do well, and are faithful in business, you could expand your start-up businesses.(Get counsel, to know how to grow your seed or businesses, before you start). Don’t forget that, as market for your products, you have a huge student population in your school, to consider to sell the business services or products to. This huge market, can make things work for four of you, very fast!

You could also consider to use you loan facility to buy yourselves a land, while in school.(Something that’s just portable). For example, one plot of land could be shared amongst four friends, and each having a quarter plot.A quarter-plot, is about 500-1000$.

(There’s a lot you can do with quarter plot, as well).

So, while in school you’ve not only just started your business (es), but you’ve also acquired a land. So yes, a land and a business, is a good way to go, at that stage in life.

Well, how will you pay the loan?

(The loan payment, will be divided amongst the four friends, who also have several, or many businesses going, as well as weekly financial supports from parents!).

With the returns or proceeds from your businesses, in addition to your weekly contributions at school (which should be from what your parents give you), you can pay for this loan while in school-just as any business enterprise does!

It means that, just four of you, are going to come out of school,

(A) Owning your business(es), and being the very bosses of your own businesses. You wouldn’t need to struggle to look for a job, in the long-run!

(B) You will also become a land owner if you thought of using your monies to acquire some pieces of land, for all four of you.

So then, if four of you had used your part of the loan to acquire a small land (like say, a quarter plot), which is very easy to pay you will also become land owners.

This means, you won’t only graduate with your own private job, but as well with your own property of land! (This is a fast head-way into your future, even before you complete school).

Hence, it starts from your weekly contributions; to your monthly contributions.

Is there any more thing you can do?

Yes, if you work hard.

All of you have the potency, to work out your way to acquire a very nice building on your piece of land before graduating!

So, how do you do that?

That is, if you people dim it right, after paying for the first one, you can use your quarter piece of land to go for another loan, you can use the second loan money to build your first house on it. Do you know, with less than 1000$ dollars, you can build your first house? Follow this link to show you how. 

Immediately you put up the house, whiles in school, rent out this room quickly to someone, to get money to pay of this second collateral loan so your businesses, wouldn’t struggle in paying for it, which should rather look at other things else!

Life is all just about planning!

Thus, if you start the project early in the academic year (early in your first year), you and your friends, can come out, to own

(A) A land (with a house on it).

(B) And own up a business(es), before graduating from college, or from the university!

(Yes, if all four of you are faithful, and diligent, you’ll be able to come through with these accomplishments). Hence, you’ll become independent right after school, and not having to search for a job.

What is left after school, is to graduate with an excellence of carrying your wife into your own home, and also into your own fully started or built business plantation (s), to continue your life with!

(By then, I’m sure your tenant, would have vacated your rented house).

This is the idea God shared with me, that it’s possible to become a home owner, and business or businesses owner, after school; and wouldn’t have to be bordered by the economy, even right after your school.

(However, remember that parents feel obligated to give you more money, as and when you need them at school for free, but for some reason they feel un-reluctant to give you that money when you’ve now graduated from school; so the earlier the better! (Yet, as a graduate when you STILL consistently get financial supports from your parents, you can consider to things so!)

So as you’re in school, take the opportunity today, and make hay, while the Sun shines, to deliver yourself from economic challenge; to become a home earner, and employer after school, which is not often the mainstream.

Students, live in such a way that you’ll not depend on the economy or on the government, once you’ve completed school.

Now, there are many business ideas you can find here on this site (princeakogo.com), which you can do after school (in case you’ve already graduated, and can’t enjoy this privilege) or can still do, while in school, with your capital, and I tell you, they usually cost very little to do. You can find them now, on the Homepage, and will soon be updated With More!

Meanwhile, (though not compulsory), the same course you’re studying in school could actually be the same field of your business enterprise, you’re actually going to invest your capitals into when you’re actually into these kinds of businesses.

So then, if you want to ‘catch’ things double, then you can enter into a business which is in the same course, or field you’re studying, or mastering, or going to master, while in the walls of the school.

The good and creative experience you get from this business, could make you pass your mastered course easily, because of your practical experience and understanding, than those of them who just study!

Moreover, you’ll not just be mastering that course, but be undertaking the practical side as well to become an experienced boss in that business, both now and in the future when you’ve completed your school. You’ll now need to use your knowledge to grow your established businesses, to grow faster after school!

Since you were doing the theoretical part and the practical part at the same time in school you’ll only graduate out as a ‘pure’ master or professional, who hasn’t just coughed out jobs for himself, out of all all his studies, but as well owns a land and a house to prepare for his young future!

When people are graduating to look for a job, you’re a job owner, who’ve already created your own job or business opportunities, and instead of you looking for a job as the norms are you’re rather ready to employ people, like a businessman who would have employed you after school.

So after school, there will now be ample time to grow this business with international standards.

You can also do away with government’s ‘weak’ provision, at this point, because you have carved out your own business or businesses.

Not just that, but you’re ready to marry your future wife into that first building right after school with a business, or businesses to take care of all things! While people are now ready to go and search for a new job to start life, you’ve already graduated YOUR SCHOOL With Enough Establishments.

And never forget, that ‘these achievements,’ as a graduate are the sure foundations required by Western Educational Systems, or Schools Abroad, to easily grant your application, and give you a full Scholarship, if it’s what you want!

Oh yes, apart from students, faithful workers in an established company can also do something, of this sort!

To God Be The Glory!

(Do you like this business idea? Do someone a favour, by sharing; Look At Homepage Or Below For More. Have any quite easy start-up business which can be started with little, or almost no money, share your ideas in comment area. (Remember to subscribe for weekly ideas).

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