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A Lucrative Business: Run Your Own Collection On Bale Products (Style 2)


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A Business Idea Which You Can Do From Home:

Well, there’s this other business you can do. So you can go to the cheap ‘cloth and shoe’ markets to pick up a bale of these products as the choice of your collections.

Now when you bring them home, select their best ones and then change their ‘tags’ to your ‘tags’ to become your own brand or collection. (Yes, you could also add little alterations to these clothings if you want, since you’re changing them up to your brand style).

(A Bale of Clothing, can cost about 25 to 60 dollars based on the quality of bale you want from their sellers). Oh yes, in the same way you could do this to shoes, watches, to raincoats, belts, scarfs and more.

People will obviously see them as your brand of clothing which we call your ‘Collections.’

If your collection or taste of products are what other’s taste are, you’re most likely to get a lot of sales for these tastes of your products or  re-branded selections of goods, yet they will not know you haven’t ever made these collections, but had just made alterations, to suite the taste of the markets or your brand-style- and had perfectly packaged them into perfect shopping bags or boxes as any of the big brands, or designer will do.

I tell you that such added-value products could sell more at high prices yet you got them at very small, or at those penny prices!

So then think about how many times you could pick up a dress or a shoe at s 1$ from a store that rejects it but creatively, you could end up selling it  at 99.99$; which will be just because you added value by reconditioning it to a ‘modern’ desirable taste of product, with a nice attractive package on the side!

Can 1 (one) dress buy you a whole new bale of products again?

We know it’s absolutely yes! Thus adding value to one of the bale products could just buy you the entire bale package again, with several left to make so much more again!



Running Your Own Collection From Home

Give Them A Special Taste Of Your Collections

No one will know you bought these whole products, at that stinking price!  

Yet, the most important thing is it doesn’t cost much often to start such a ‘lucrative’ kind of business, in which you didn’t  buy a single thread to sew the single thing!

In fact, the only thing you do is to perfectly  run it as a very good professional business as the big brands will do, with a good customer service at the back  end of it!

O yes, you can start this today right from home (or your house), as you acquire a huge bale of clothing on the markets, with a very little count of dollars!

It’s Time To Do This Lucrative Business!


Prince Akogo


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