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Business Idea: Become A Multi-Skill Set Person As A Way Of Escape In A Hard Economic Time


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As a human being learn multi or many skills. Each skill you have (or will have) is going to be an opened window whenever or anytime this other door, or that other door closes or will close on you! (You can have other escapes).

The Lord added that the reason why many people get stucked in life is because they’ve majored or professionalized in only one thing, and so when that door closes on them (or when they are not having contracts in that job) they just get stucked up in life. (So brother, don’t do one thing!).

Then the Lord added to this:

‘‘This is why I created the earth so big so that I will give my people the chance to explore.’’

Well, do you also know why God is called a Lawyer, a Master, a Teacher, a Healer, a Doctor, a King, a Priest, a Good Father, a Businessman, a Priest, a King, and a God and many other things (titles), as well? So that He can be good at many things. This is also why He’s called Himself ‘The Infinite Wisdom.’

And so because He too can do many things, He can’t be limited in whatsoever way!

Hence, to have many ‘job-securities,’ He’s multi-talented or ‘multi-equipped’ or ‘multi-skilled!’

Hence just as God whom we’re learning from, it’s wisdom to do not only one thing! Hence, God has explored into not one thing, but into many things! This is obviously the reason why He’s been known as ‘God’ and of course, is able to solve multi-problems, at the same time.  And so, we’re the children of a multi-talented Father!

The Lord added again:

‘‘Though I give you access to explore the earth, you must explore in wisdom.’’

So what we’re saying here is that, when people are only poised in doing one thing in life, they get stucked up in life! Honestly speaking this is why people are now stacked in life, and you hear them say, ‘‘I don’t know what to do any longer’’ or ‘ I don’t have any job to do any longer.’’

The Lord says that this is why His people are stucked up in life today, but yet have not realize what He’s called them to be!

So now do many things. If one skill is not getting you a job or the contract you want the others will get you a job at that period so then you’ll become like God who’s also un-blocked or un-stucked in one area, or in any area of life. Yes brother try to be good at many things!

So then many skills will become to you and I the ‘the windows of escapes,’’ against life’s blocking situations at some given times! Each skill will become several windows to you than just to have one skill-set which may not be good to overcome the economic challenges. Each skill, will bring contracts at its own time. Thus, this is also how we give to ourselves ‘an economic defence,’ against the future, and against the times!

By the time you’re doing, or gotten a contract with one, the order too will be bringing its own contract at its own time-just after that other one! Yeah, understand that, each skill of yours should have its own seasons, and this will ensure that your life keeps going forward, even after the business in one should become slow!

In addition, they’ll eventually strengthen your C.V as a result of multiple experiences and can easily make you a better job-hot-applicant in the job market,  in case you’re even to seek for a job!

Therefore do not ever again go to school and say you’re going to learn or major in  one thing. (It’ll limit you, and it’ll surely limit your chances of survival in the coming economic darkness!

Not only that it may lead to a short-circuit of your purposes, and your pure potentials, and will bring you to the place of a mediocre spirit too, which is exactly what many people are obviously facing now!

Sadly to say, the educational systems we have today, are not being very good to us and it’s now limiting the chances of our economic survival.

So now, to be able to survive better learn many or explore many things today against tomorrow’s uncertainties so that you can’t stay out of job, or out of business! Yes, you’re also called to ‘realize’ many things, and exactly, with many people around you or around your world. Yes, understand that multiple skill-sets will then help you create various or unlimited opportunities for yourself and therefore become various escapes or windows, against modern economic mishaps, or challenges!

Yes they ensure that you never lose a job, or become un-employed!

So, the question is ”how do you start?”

Now to learn, there are already many things you can begin by learning online today, while you’re sitting at home, or just sitting at one place!

By just typing ‘’how to do this or that’’ online, or in your web browser, you’ll get many results from professionals who today have ample knowledge, in what they’re doing.

(You can equally learn from Google, and from Youtube).

(Yet, we’re also trying to bring the best results of everything you can learn and do over here on this site, so that you can get all the life supports you need so you can make it in the future). This Site Is A Solution-Focused Based Site, Or Platform and we only talk about the Solutions of Life’s Problems In A Much Understandable, Way!

We’re ever Solutions-Focused; We Don’t Magnify Problems! In fact, our everyday goal is to overcome and attack problems, With Giant Ideas And Solutions!

Now, remember that God already knows He’d created you to be-to be multi-talented or skilled just as Himself!

Yes, so being multi-skilled or multi-talented can help you overcome impossible challenges in the future, and when your governments are not doing well you’ll never be perturbed because you’ll be a Swiss Knife of Talents, To Cut Through Several Angles!

As we do this or start learning today, we’ll never ever be, stucked-up in life.

You should consider having various ‘talents’ for various escapes as times have changed or are actually changing so fast, and as well giving limited chances or opportunities to people who have only one skill, or profession!

The Lord then said to me:

‘‘Don’t believe in that saying ‘‘Jack of all trades is matter of none.’’

Well, He warned me about it several years ago and I’ve decided to learn many things just as Him-and opening several opportunities for myself which I would not have gotten, at first!

Well,  this saying is really not true and is not going to help you since it’s become the primary concept of many more people who’d decided to be in one thing, and today, had become ‘stucked-up’ in life.

Yes, with God you can have many skills and callings, under the same roof; It doesn’t matter!

Better to do that, than to be in crime. (Do You know All The Rich Men In The World, Have More Than 1 Business?)

Yeah, as you do many things, you could be able to do so many things for yourself, which you wouldn’t need others too to do for you, or to pay, for someone to do it for you! This too economically-wise, will help you to enjoy your needs even at the times, when you don’t have money.

Hence, it’ll also help you save!

‘‘Listen to me; don’t believe in that saying!’’

 Be multi-skilled or multi-talented, and be like your God who can obviously do many things when given any chance! He’s given you the right to explore the world, to become multi-talented as various windows of escapes, to life’s seemingly Great Challenges!

God will not penalize you for doing great things!

He knows that life is about learning, and development: And indeed if you were learning most things by now you’ll be self-satisfied in yourself, and perhaps there could be products you’d have personally moulded or would have personally created too by yourself just as many businessmen have done!

To be honest, this is why we’ve said that there’s really something wrong with our educational systems as it often cannot help you to harness, so many chances!

Yes, be there to explore it, and to decide to mould by yourself, and SO YOU CAN HAVE MANY GREAT WAYS OF ESCAPES TOO, AS WISELY, A SOLDIER WILL GO INTO WAR, WITH VARIOUS WEAPONS! It’s a personal economic plan!

Be there online to explore it and to read many good books and posts by yourself, and to learn how people are doing it! This should be giving you one sharp-skill, upon another!

As you can see how the economy is behaving, know that, the future of our economies does not seem to be promising, especially in the hands of a people called politicians who have their own agenda!). Therefore, you must also have an idea of escape and there are many ones I’ve stated on according to what has directed me to write! 

Its well; Peace!


Prince Akogo

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