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Get A Job With This Idea


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Have a good skill, but don’t actually have a job? Let me tell you what you can do today to get yourself a job.  Go to town. Look for the companies or industries in town, which you think may be interested in your skills.

For instance, if you have construction skills, go out there to construction firms in the market, and then ask them for their managers. When you meet the manager, tell him about yourself (who you are), and about what you can do(your field of expertise or experience). Now, just tell him you don’t like to be idle at home, but you’d like to work just free for the company, with your expertise or skill!

On many grounds, the manager will be really surprised on why you’d like to do that! And If he realizes the importance of the skills you have, he may like to give you a try. He may like to give you a work in which he’d like to test you to see.

However, In the first few weeks or test, make sure you work with all your heart, with all your skills and also, with all obedience! As you give your best shot you’ll be getting employed!

Chances are, the boss will rethink of his decision, and will hire you and get you paid; However, remember to not screw up, afterwards.

Okay, you know why he may employ you and get you paid? Well, this is because, most human beings are rational beings!

If they see all the hardworking time and energy you’re exerting, they know that, they can’t just let you go like that-without replenishing Your Energies!.

Maybe, you may even be doing well than most already hired employees! Nevertheless, the rule is that, don’t wait for a company to look for you, but you go out looking for them,and really smart! Well, Free, is not really free, in itself!

Prince Akogo

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