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Get To Become The Community’s Best Private Teacher


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You’ve finished school; so you’re a graduate.

There’s a lot you can do with what you’ve known.

Surely, you don’t have to wait for long if you’re not getting a job to do. While still applying for the job of your choice, why won’t you set up a private class for little children or for the young ones who are still in school? (It’s no news, that most of them don’t have the quality time to learn well in school, and most parents actually know that).

You could write a proposal letter, visit a ‘good’ neighbourhood and share them from door to door.

Maybe, you had high grades with a particular subject (or course) when you completed the university. So, in that case you could state in the letter, ‘ I had Grade A in English and in Mathematics,’ so I think that I can help your kids up with a private class so they can pass in these kinds of subjects as well’ And then write: ‘‘I’ve attached a copy of the Grades to show.’’

Ah, certainly no parent will see this grade A thing, and back you off! What most parents want is the best teacher-not just a classroom teacher! Yes, most of the parents know that most of the teachers of their kids in their schools are not as best as they claim to be! Other than that, why will their children be having ‘0s’ as their pass marks, in such particular subjects?

Therefore, a better home tutor (a better private teacher) who knows the ‘thing,’ will do.

I also suggest that you only try to teach these children in the subjects you know so well-yes, where you got the best grades!

Who knows?

Perhaps you’d started out with your own private job and started your own private school. I’m sure you’ll soon get a company answering your application too, in the very near future, even while you’re gaining an experience now!

Prince Akogo


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