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Home Bakes: Use Your Home Gas Oven To Bake Bread, Cakes And All Other Snacks Right Away


There are lot of items, devices and appliances we have in our homes which we don’t use for business, but we can actually use for our businesses right away.

One of them is your gas oven in the kitchen.

You bake and eat every time. However, today you claim you don’t have a job. Well, this home oven is a business machine to open a new business enterprise for you right away!

So if you don’t know how to bake, just go online to learn how to bake some new creative stuff, and how to package them nicely and neatly in beautiful packaged boxes.

(Understand that, no man has been created to do only one job in this life, so you can also bake!

Understand that, when God was also talking about the virtuous woman in the Bible, He said that she’s into many trade-of her own). Is that not what you want to be?

Moreover, one thing we must understand and know is this; there’s no rich man or rich woman who does only one (1) business, thus if you want to be rich have that at the back of your mind!

Well, I understand that ‘s not your profession but it pays to do something today, while you’re waiting to get into that thing you want! Maybe in future, when you’ve gathered some money, you could now branch into your field of expertise.

This baking thing, could have also been another side thing, so you become a virtuous woman.

However, it’s not only women who bake but men bake as well. So just bake, and add an ice cream and see whether people will not come and buy these. I also think that the first groups of people you can start taking advantage of to start selling your cakes, cookies, pastries or bread to are your family members, neighbours and all the people in your communities. From there it can grow into something big tomorrow!

So, what do you think?

Start right away!

Prince Akogo


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