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How To Get Business Ideas Almost Immediately


It’s time to go around looking for or scouting for business ideas to do.

Go around scouting for ideas. Have in your hand a jotter and a pen.

To be honest with you, I did it and I got about 10-15 ideas in one day; both small and big ideas. There, I realized that, when you sit at one place you don’t have any great ideas coming into your mind but as you start scouting and going about to places; to the malls, supermarkets, schools, shops, the roadside, walking through residents, observing nature, trees, you’ll then see ideas coming out of these ‘things’ which you’d have to jot down in your notebook.

Once you get home go through them and see the ones which needs huge or small capitals to do. Now, for those ideas (ones) which need no huge capital at all you could invest your small capital in your pocket into doing them,  so that, you start doing that creative business right away!

Yet, those with probably hard costs you could look for investors for them! So then this means, whiles you’ve started the small businesses on the side, you should equally be looking out for investors for the big ones (ideas) at the same time. (Maybe, for the big ideas you could discuss them with your friends and family members, which you can all come together to do!).

Secondly, you could as well list your big ideas, on crowd-funding sites too at the same time, to get financial supports for these ideas too, to come into fruition!

It Pays To Have Business Ideas! 

Your idea can give you all the money you want, or you may need in this life!

Prince Akogo.

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